C Goes All CURIOUS in Costa Rica

March 14, 2008

Two weeks ago from the time I write this, I was boarding a Nature Air flight from San Jose, Costa Rica to the small town of Puerto Jimenez to enjoy a spa (fishing) resort called Crocodile Bay Lodge.    Click here for a map of this beautiful part of the South Pacific. 


Very beautiful country!   beautiful people, beautiful weather (at least in the dry season….), beautiful trees and flowers and birds and butterflies and animals…     An amazing trip.

Moonbeam suggested that I take a cue from Joanharvest and present a slide show!   I’m not sure, as I write this, in what order these photos are, so I will chat up what is being shown in a general fashion…     A few pics here and in a prior post, show the flight into the resort town but most are of our Eco Tour zipping through the rainforest.    I know one is a disappointing shot of a banana plant pod that extends from a cluster of bananas – I got the plant from faraway but in my attempt to zoom in, I missed the bananas!  DOH.    I have the view from one of the 8 stops in the zip tour, and a view up from the ground to show how high the over 125 ft up was the platform.    (sorry English teachers, that sentence was rough.)    The longest zip line was 300 ft.    They are currently building one where the shortest will be over 300 feet!   EEEK!   It was thrilling;  we all really enjoyed it more than we expected to.   No, we didn’t see any animals…  Other than the cattle and their egrets (so cute!) on the way to the zipline start.

Most of the resorts in the Osa Peninsula are more eco-oriented but our resort, Crocodile Bay, catered mostly to the fishing enthusiast.   Hub and Bud caught 9 sailfish between them; the biggest being over 150 pounds.   Needless to say, they were THRILLED.    Bud’s wife and I enjoyed only one of the all-day fishing excursions and enjoyed our double catch of Mahi-Mahi.    On the other fishing day for the boys, we girls enjoyed the spa.     I had the 2 hour Hot Chocolate Rub and Hot Stone Massage.  AAAaaaaaaahhh.  

Not to say that this was merely a fishing lodge.   It really was fantastic!   The service, the opportunities to do so many activities, the food, the spa, etc.   All WONDERFUL.   Decor wasn’t the grandest (except the new spa building is elegant), but I have no complaints at all.    Who cares about art on a wall when you have a pool with a bartender and the Scarlet Macaws squawking at you?!    (They were very cool.    Only ~800 in the world and this is the only area you can find these particular color…)

Tomorrow, scenes of the sea…  or maybe the monkeys!



  1. WOW!! it looks awesome!! Now i think i want to go on vacation!! Great pictures!

  2. Fabulous slide show – I soooooo feel like a holiday some time soon!

  3. Great slide show. My wasband and my daughter went to Costa Rica a few years ago. My son wants to move there for the fishing. I’m just happy I drove over the bridge to go Plymouth yesterday all by myself–first time in 25 years. I need to go just a little past Plymouth before I head for Costa Rica.

    and I meant to congratulate you on driving over the canal!!! WOO HOO! WAY TO GO!! I have on my ‘what to do when I’m really bored and have time to kill and gas to waste’ list to drive the Sagamore stuff now that it’s all non-rotary. I also have that beach over there to visit someday… Scusset, I think.

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