Bucket List

November 16, 2010

Make a quilt
Run a 5K
Visit Ireland (and/or Iceland, Barcelona, Vienna & Prague, Key West, Hawaii, Vancouver,…)
Go to Nantucket
Make a Dark Chocolate Cream Pie
Bake bread from scratch
Win the Academy Award for Best Screenplay
See my friend’s triplets
Wear a cool hat to the Kentucky Derby
Visit Mark Twain’s house in Hartford CT
Mosaic Wilhelmina
Make amends with friend SBS
Clean out the basement
Find more cool things to add to this list
Decide my ‘last wishes’ – sprinkle ashes in the Atlantic?
Dye my hair red. or blonde
Read all the books on my goodreads.com to-be-read list? yea, right. ha ha
Try inline skates
Fly first class


  1. I love lists. they are great organizers and fine inspiration for getting things done. I am intrigued to see your item about an award-winning screenplay. Yes! go for it!

  2. In line skates are awesome! And you would look great as either a red head or a blonde! Lucky you to have that wonderful skin color! I want to visit Iceland too but will wait in the hopes that TSA dies. Making amends with a friend is a noble thing to do. I hope the friend appreciates your reaching out and that you can put the past behind you. Hi!

  3. I love this mix! It includes things that could technically be done this afternoon if you wanted, and things that may or may not take a lifetime to achieve! Hope you’ve checked off at least a few of them in the meantime :).

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