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Photo Friday: Doors, Doorways, Entryways…

May 16, 2008

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Today’s theme is Doors, Doorways and Entryways.   To the house, to the soul, whereever…

This week, I wanted to take some FRESH photos.   Allow me to set the scene:   on my walks down an old town byway, I see a nice farmhouse and between it and the street are these extremely interesting evergreens with boughs that dip and look so original!   Perhaps, a long long time ago there was a fence that was built right over them and they had to bend and move to re-orient themselves to reach the sky?

THAT is what I had a hard time capturing – the bendies!   But that’s not the theme – it’s the way the owners have a path THROUGH the bendies that give this the coolness aspect.

First, the shot taken from the rockwall across the road:

Zooming in…

and now, the grand finale!





Plus, a few other fun photo shots of other paths, doors, etc…

 Not gettin’ to THIS door, huh? 


This one is my ‘to the soul’ exhibit:

 Ah, lush green….


Compared to the image in my mind’s eye, what the digitals caught is not as impressive as I had hoped.  Oh well.   I love taking pics of doors and have many many from my visits to various places over the years.   I have the idea of framing a bunch of these and have yet to get around to it. 







March 21, 2008



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Last spring, Hub and I took a fabulous vacation to South Carolina.   I took so many pics of architecture, front doors, flowers, gardens, fountains, everything!    We had a lovely time.   I like the color contrast, the elegance of this peek through the iron gate, to the exquisite front entry to a home in Charleston.

[Now, here’s the problem I was having…  I attempted the cut&paste route with this, but it wouldn’t let me.   I had to upload and store, then hit the button to add to my post.   I do what I know how to do.]