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Lobster Santas

December 11, 2008

When I think of Christmas, I think about Lobster Santas!


Don’t you?    Don’t you think about lobsters?

Don’t you want to lounge about in your lobster santa pajamas perspj and in your lobster santa socks and drink hot cocoa from your lobster coffee mug?

img_05531(and these aren’t my only pair…   the others are similar but not the same…)

THANK YOU TO MY DEAR DEAR FRIEND JIMMI for giving me these pjs, one of the most exciting gifts I’ve ever received.  (You didn’t give me the socks, tho…  Did you?  I think I got those from B.)


And yes, if you must know, I DO have a lobster Christmas tree…   I collect lobster Christmas ornaments.   Another photo for another day.

* Pajamas are by Nick and Nora…


Photo Friday: Hats

August 22, 2008

and some scary “terrible fluidity of…” self-revelations!     If this Self-Portrait Friday didn’t show you how I look, this will….


First, let’s get the admin crap (I love you Jan!) out of the way.   Click here to get the officialness of this auspicious occasion…

and the logo:


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and a quote?


No man can reveal to you nothing but that which already lies half-asleep in the dawning of your knowledge.
Kahlil Gibran


Project Runway Season V

July 17, 2008

Did you miss it?!   I almost did.    I went right from PR Season IV to American Idol and was taking the summer off from TV.   What happened?   How did I miss this!?    almost, anyway.   

And I thought Nina wasn’t coming back and had been canned by Elle magazine?   I’m woefully behind with the gossip crap but at least I saw the first episode and know who is already gone.   

I’ll probably catch up sooner or later.    I love this show!      (I’d link you up but you are one of two kinds of people – admit it:   you either don’t care or have already rushed over to Bravo, or the PR blog, or….)


Monday Musings

July 7, 2008

I want to establish some more disciplined blogging habits.   I hope to actually visit the “My Comments” section of the dashboard BEFORE I do anything else, then respond to comments here (thank you!) and then visit the bloggers blogs that have stopped by and then visit my must-visits faves, then other blogs in my roll at random (hey – wonder what THEY are up to these days…) and then post.

But I’m not disciplined.

I usually go bounce around and leave a few comments and when I do go visit My Comments, it’s always the comments I just left 2 minutes ago.  

Then I remember my google-reader and get overwhelmed how many blogs I’ve added to this service, how many posts the count is up to, and then I go do some laundry.


Did anyone watch Wimbledon?!    wow.   WOW.      I do admire the male tennis player physique…

While on vacation, no – while on the drive BACK from the holiday to the neighborhood, I was writing in my journal about all the fun things I am inspired to do!     I must be more disciplined to ACCOMPLISH and get the mosaics COMPLETE.  DONE.   I want to get back to scrapbooking.  First I must re-organize my craft room.    I want to sew.   I want to design or take apart a few dresses and recreate in other more fun fabrics!     I have curtains to hem and hang that have been patiently waiting for me for 14 months now.    I have a camera that I really should sit down with the book and understand what the thing is doing (at those times when I get the display chart and can’t get it to go back to ‘next photo ready’ aim.   I always turn it off and turn it back on.  sigh.) 

And, now, I have so much to do today that is just life stuff.   laundry, groceries, my volunteering – I’ve got 4 appts today.  TODAY!

  The latest CAIRN.  Before the 5 year old thought it was cool to knock it down…

I have company visiting later this week and I need to get ready.     Just so you know, I won’t be posting much on the ol’ blug during the next fortnight or so…

Happy July!Yours truly, Curious C


Follow Up and Then Some

June 12, 2008

First.    Hmmmm, I don’t know what to address first…   I want to respond to a few of the comments to a few of my latest posts.   

Ah, let’s address the question of Wilhelmina.    A few of you will remember Wilhelmina, yes?    I had posted about her, oh back in February?   And then zipped off to Costa Rica, got obsessed with my tan, flew to AZ, Palm Springs, involved with a wedding, and of course, my favorite time filler:  blogging, and.   well…   Wilhelmina has ended up like this:


So, sndra of no link, I can’t show you ‘how it turned out’.   I have only the heart I glued on and maybe, not sure the pencil marks will show up in the photo, but I drew on her to get an idea of how to map out my idea.    I have collected a few more items that are concave and convex to attempt a ‘fit’ with her curves, and that’s about it.   Guess this calls me a procrastinator.   Have I ever told you about the Christmas stockings I was cross-stitching for me and Hub?   I got one done a couple of years ago.   The other is still only a half way stitched design and I started these is 1990.     I have dresses cut with their patterns still pinned waiting for me to just sew up that were begun in 1993.    Which means that the cross-stitched stuff has been stored in SEVEN houses, and the sewing project has been following through my last FOUR houses.   Did you all know that I move a lot?    Yep, I am living in my 7th house.   in under 20 years.    It was a much worse average before the last 3 houses but the 6th house was lived in only 4 months so maybe not?   whatever.

My messy craft room, Wilhie up close:

      I glued the ♥ a little too high…

Second, on my artichoke post, JavaQueen mentions that she saw artichokes in the store and wondered how to cook.    Honestly, my first thought is RUN TO GOOGLE and look it up?!     What I really did was actually open up the WordPress search and entered How to Cook Artichoke and found some good resources.    Whenever anyone asks me “How Did you Know…”, I can usually always answer, “I GOOGLED IT!”    Ok, somebody tell me what you call a word that has been watered down to mean the universal non-specific noun/verb and not the brand?  ie, Xerox, kleenex, etc?   ‘Google’ is becoming such a word, don’t ya agree?   (crap, they are going to come look for me now and demand a nickel.)

and Lastly and or Thirdly, my rant about commenting in the first half of the artichoke Wednesday post, was in no way to admonish any of YOU to leave me a comment (or I won’t visit you.?!  ha)   That is SO not the case!    I was only expressing a slight dissatisfaction with a particular activity on my other blog that is supposed to inspire community (duh, comment-leaving) where I felt I did MY  duty to the others and got no love in return.   It would be similar to my Photo Fridays if I always posted, commented on the other participants’ photos and NONE – ie, NO ONE, in the 6-7 weeks of ‘sharing’ – EVER came by to say hi.     And I can only assume it’s due to the variety and thus ‘chore’ of commenting on so many types of blog platforms.     (oh, PFers!  I love our sense of community but I know it’s not always possible to visit everyone each and every week, especially when we start getting hundreds involved, right?   good.   AND, btw, the theme tomorrow, FRIDAY the 13th, is UNLUCKY.)

Please, comment when you want to, don’t when you don’t.   Really, it’s OK.   I’m a big girl and I will get over it, and move on.    LOVE YA!    

OH, you didn’t think I was done, did you?!    I just HAVE TO SHARE THIS!   I planted zucchini!    Last FRIDAY!  and now yesterday they are not just babies, they are toddlers!!


  Yes, I know, I KNOW I planted too many.  I’ll thin the grouping down to one eventually, which is sad, maybe I’ll transport some instead.



Five Fluffs Meme

April 29, 2008

THANKS JOAN!  for including me and being such a great visitor to my jumpy idea land…

5 Things Found In Your Bag  – I have this pink nylon-y purse with lots of zippered pockets and places for stuff.   It’s just about the right size.  I can cram my notebook in if I have to and the strap adjusts which I seem to do often…    Plus it’s pink with chocolate brown – my favorite fashion color pairing du jour.   

  • Pink wallet & checkbook
  • Cool new Mary Kay compact
  • Aleve, Oatmeal Raisin Granola bar – just in case I’m hungry
  • Coins, Pen
  • Sunglasses.   (who knows WHERE I left my keys!)

 a glass table was not the best idea.  See Oscar with his chipmunk under?  or through, whatever.

5 Favourite Things In Your Room

  • Heart Pillow with pocket to hold my dreams – made for me by a dear friend
  • Puppy!   on the bed, of course.  On MY bed, his is in the room; it’s in one of the next photos…
  • My bathroom and JACUZZI TUB!  Love it.   Here’s also the latest garden statue for my tub.   I decided to run around and take all this pics while the tub was filling.    I love to read in the tub.
  • Folding Screen to match my curtains (I heart my mom-in-law for sewing these)   See Oscar’s bed in front of the mirror?   Oscar’s reflection in the mirror?   The white and black stuffed animal my Hub won for me (or for Oscar?) at that restaurant with the games…   Dave and Barry’s?  or is it Steve and Barry’s that’s the sports shirt place.  I get em confused.   Anyway, we named the big stuffed puppy ‘woofus’.   clever, huh?   Oscar was all big-eyed and we were afraid he’s tear it to shreds.   Once he realized it didn’t smell like another dog, he’s ignored it.
  • Closet?   Can I count that?  I love my closet – it’s huge!  I get one wall and half of the other.  Hub getst the rest. 


5 Things You Have Always Wanted To Do

  • Ride in an air balloon
  • Do a cartwheel – never could figure it out as a kid…  😦
  • Visit the UK, Germany, Prague & Vienna, Spain, Greece
  • Visit Banff; ride the train through British Columbia
  • See what I’d look like at 120 pounds and fit enough to run a marathon.   (very doubtful, this one!)    I used to have a grand list of things to do before I die and I just now thought of it!  (while I’m editing and improving this already posted once post.)    Let me see, I know there are more things – I wonder where I put that piece of paper…   Pet a baby seal, sew a quilt, write a book.    

5 Things You Are Currently Into

  • Blogging
  • Reading – TMBTLT
  • Mosaics – actually, I’ve been neglecting this, haven’t I?  Must get back to WIlhelmina soon.
  • Gardening – I so love spring!
  • Volunteering
  • 5 People You Want To Tag

    Hallie, Fool, Stiletto Elizabeth, WrekeHavoc, Fighting Windmills – no biggie!  Just thinking about you…  🙂   [I’m not going to link or even tell you, well, maybe I’ll bebop by and say something…]  Do if you want/don’t if you don’t.   And anyone else is welcome to join in, too. 


    Bad Poetry Wednesday

    April 16, 2008

    Bad Poetry Wednesday

    The following is an original composition from today’s and yesterday’s search terms used to find my blog.

    Once the fog rolled in, I knew  

    That skipping quotes and ball dresses in orange


      Would only remind me

    That I love you


    But would the brooch of wordpress

    Give me Dove Chocolate

    Or only Ice cream

      Surely not the Mexican Rotel

    Nor the Ranch Style Beans


    Why a Taxi Drive should not wear shorts

    Now, I must know!

    Do you love me Question Mark?


    Cherry Chocolate

    April 4, 2008

    cherry_chocolate_label.jpgHas anyone tried the Limited Edition Diet Dr. Pepper CHERRY CHOCOLATE flavor?  I’m diggin’ it.

    Which is kinda strange.  I rarely drink soda, let alone purchase it from the grocery.   But, there it was, enticing me…   A quick glance at the Dr. Pepper section and WHAM!   chocolate!

    I don’t even like those Chocolate Covered Cherries that inspired it…    Strange, huh?




    Oh well…   I wonder if I should stock up.    Could this be a perimenopausal symptom? kite32.jpg




    March 27, 2008

    I’m a little bummed that Chikezie Chikezie! was the one to get cut last night on American Idol.   I thought he had versatility.   The song he sang a couple of weeks ago for the top 12 was awesome!  But his song on this past Tuesday was a little boooorrrrrrring.

    And to just go totally overboard in my love for reality TV, let me share my joy at discovering that, last night, Kimberly Locke was wearing a gown  designed by Christian Siriano, the winner of this season’s Project Runway!   Just a silly little thing you probably didn’t know, right?

    To see her sing “Fall”, click here.     

    My favorites are David Cook (LOOOOOVE the KC Royals hat he wears!), Carly, Brooke, and Michael Johns.    Jason Castro needs to step it up singingwise; but he is adorable…


    Happy St. Pat’s!

    March 17, 2008

    100_5131.jpg  100_5130.jpg100_5132.jpg

    Happy St Patrick’s Day!

    To celebrate this craziness, I offer you a glimpse of Wilhelmina O’ Hannigan in all her holiday finery.   (Yes, she seems to be a Red Sox fan…)

     And, also, to recommend a favorite libation:  The Black & Tan.  

    A few of my favorite beers are Bass, Harp, and Guinness.    Though it’s undocumented, my Hub has some Irish blood in his veins.  I base this purely on how his mother looks and how she can behave (which is probably extremely politically incorrect) but I KNOW she is Irish!     She was adopted and has zero papers nor leads on where she came from.   She only knows her mother’s name was Mary.   

    Back to the beer:    According to this website that I found when I googled ‘How To Pour a Black & Tan’, there is no definitive correct interpretation of what beer is required to make a true Black and Tan, so feel free to use Bass or Harp or Smithwick as your ‘first’ beer.

    This source claims that the Bass/Guiness combo is referred to as Black & Tan, and a Harp/Guinness combo is called a Half & Half.     As long as you use a pale ale and then a dark stout…    Wikipedia gives a very good description of the history of this drink and other stuff… 

    I will quote the Wikipedia HOWTO here:

    “To prepare a Black and Tan in the American way, first fill a glass halfway with the ale, then add the Guinness Draught (from the can, bottle, or tap). The top layer is best poured slowly over an upside-down tablespoon placed over the glass to avoid splashing and mixing the layers. A specially designed black-and-tan spoon is bent in the middle so that it can balance on the edge of the pint-glass for easier pouring.”

    Please enjoy your beer responsibly and have a great day.