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July 24, 2008

I was going to post about my reactions to all the gender in blogging comments I’ve been reading of late, but it’s already 9:25 am and I have GOT to attempt to rein in this blogging addiction I have!  (my butt hurts from sitting in this chair the last 3 – THREE!!! – hours and I haven’t even peeked at what’s rockin’ on my book blog yet.)

SO, I’m going to tell you just a bit about a movie I saw the other day:   Penelope.      I saw this solely on the idea of my nose being my least favorite body part.    Cursed!!

I have two words:   JAMES.     and     McAVOY. 

I didn’t even realize he was in this!     I want to see Wanted  with Angelina Jolie, I swooned for him in Atonement.    It seems like I just saw something else with him in it but the list isn’t helping me recall what:   (his page on

He was Mr. Tumnus in The Chronicles of Narnia – LOOOOVE this series…   Apparently he plays a doctor in The Last King of Scotland and YES!   (you have to ask?)  I will see Becoming Jane !!!  (I’ve seen the trailer a bunch and as soon as hub goes on another work trip, I’ll watch the whole thing a few times – I watch a lot of my chick flick choices when he is out of town.)

He has that unidentifiable MUST-WATCH quality…   

Another actor in Penelope that I think is good is Peter Dinklage;  see The Station Agent.    One of those movies I could watch over and over.


OH, I’m sorry.   You want to read a review of the movie?   It’s about a girl who is cursed to have a pig nose and what she has to do to be ‘beautiful’ again.    It’s good, it’s fun, but not great.


No Country for Old Men

February 18, 2008

No Men for Old Country.   No, that’s not it.   I kept saying it, though, so often that we started to laugh and just mix it up more…   No Old for Country Men.   Old Men for No Country.    Ok, maybe not so funny.

Hub and I traveled all the way to SANDWICH MASSACHUSETTS!  to catch this flick in a butter drenched popcorn serving theatre!   (don’t you love to spell it theatre and not theater?  I do. )

I had read the book and I adore ADORE the Coen Brothers so I insisted that we go to the cinema to see the film.   Having read the book, I knew how a few scenes might play out but the screenplay had enough differences that I was riveted throughout and was amazed at how well a book that included so many thoughts inside the heads of the characters could be translated to the screen.   Very well.   [I must recommend you read the book; it’s not better per se but more layered and much more philosophical, still stark.]


Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role:  Javier Bardem

Achievement in Cinematography:  Roger Deakins

Achievement in Directoring:  Joel Coen/Ethan Coen 

Achievement in Film Editing:  Roderick Jaynes

Best Motion Picture of the Year

Achievement in Sound Editing

Achievement in Sound Mixing

Adapted Screenplay:  Ethan Coen/Joel Coen from book of same title by Cormac McCarthy

This movie is about a rugged independent kind of guy (with a smart cookie for a wife*) who stumbles upon a drug deal gone bad.   Since fate has dropped two million dollars into his lap, he feels he might as well find out if he can get away with it.    Unfortunately, a man who can’t be bargained with is after him.   And then there is the Sheriff of the County who wonders if he’s getting too old to play cops and robbers.   He wonders if crime is getting worse, or if he’s just getting too old to keep up.    

SPOILER ALERT!  (but not really…)

So, Friend-O, if you love the Coens, you’ll love this!     STOP HERE if you just don’t want to know…    If you love suspense and abrupt endings that don’t necessarily have things tidied up all happy; you’ll appreciate this!  If you love sweeping Texas scenery, you’ll  see some here.   If you need to have all crazy psychopaths get their comeuppance, you’ll hate it.    

I figure if you don’t like movies like this, then you’ve already figured out that you don’t need to see this.      AND, if you love the Coens but haven’t yet seen NCFOM then you just haven’t gotten ’round to it YET and this review won’t have any impact whatsoever anyway…   Am I right? 

Tommy Lee Jones is awesome, too.    Javier is just scary.     Josh was incredible, too, but I think I had such respect and awe for his character from reading the book, that I was influenced in the positive to love him in this.   [and why did I think he was so much older than he looked?]     Now that I think about it, I’m not sure the movie gave me enough of Llewellen Moss.    Again, I am not one to say that ‘the book was so much better’ because I think I know and I do respect what filmmakers have to do with written source material.     Coens did a terrific, masterful, artsy job here.   I knew I would love it and I was not disappointed.

* Kelly Macdonald  played Carla Jean Moss and I loved her performance.   I get bugged when I recognize an actress but can’t think why!  in what?!    And, then to go to to see the list of work and not remember if I’ve seen any of the movies.   I must be recollecting her role as Peter Pan in Finding Neverland (2004)!    I will have to rent that again…    I had this same crisis for Michelle Monaghan in Gone Baby Gone.    That review is coming soon. 


Hot Fuzz

January 18, 2008

I had big goals for this week which means that all the stuff I intended to START on Monday, I have to do today.     Which also means that I won’t be blogging much – I’m saving it as my reward after I do what I am definitely getting done TODAY.

But I wanted to let you know of a fun happy movie watching time we had last night.

Hot Fuzz    hot_fuzz.jpg

I had assumed it was going to be one of those lame extremely crude stupid nasty joke movies along the lines of Knocked Up or even, Something About Mary.   I am really NOT into the movies/comedies that seem to make the most money and thus is assumed are ‘funny.’   AND, I assume that my regular readers here have a higher sense of warped humor.   But that’s hard to say and if you love movies like Dumb & Dumber – I can and will still like and respect you.   I just happen to not like those so much.   Although, I can sometimes contradict the category because I DO like Happy Gilmore and MeMyself&Irene.     I have never seen American Pie.     or the Scary movies…

Hot Fuzz is SMART.  and funny.  AND silly!   in a good way.    I loved it.   Corny, even QUITE violent (lots of blood & gore) but I really enjoyed this movie and kept thinking “yea!  I’m so glad I didn’t cross this off the list!”

It’s about a cop in London who is an over-achiever.   Which makes everyone look bad so they give him a transfer to a sleepy quiet country town.   He’s not happy about it, but he is a loyal and dedicated servant.

and then mayhem ensues!   

I loved it!   

I saw Hairspray the night before.   It was OK.    and while, I’m on the movie theme:    saw 3:10 to Yuma and highly recommend this AND it’s original.

Now, I gotta attack the to do list and be a good little doobie.  (and my husband is worrying about me being bored at home?!   what a clueless goof…)  kite32.jpg