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David Cook Wins!

May 22, 2008

 For the best play-by-play of last night, click here!  Napping at Red Lights


I enjoyed the finale – I LOVED the duets:   Carly & Michael Johns (Wrote Me A Letter)  and especially, the one at the beginning with the two Davids.  Their voices are so different and yet blended in harmony WOW!   

Loved ZZTop!    Enjoyed Carrie Underwood – she’s figured out stage presence, huh?  But I don’t care for that new song (Last Name).   Momma always told me not to say mean things about other people, so I won’t mention anything about Donna Summers.   And, is it me or does Bryan Adams actually look almost good?   WHY!?  do men get better looking as they age?     

Good luck to all the contestants – I love to see what happens next.   



May 6, 2008

RWBI = Red Wine Before Idol!   Sometime tonight!   I will try to get the actual on-air time correct this time.    (White wine is fine, too. )  

On the way to TOP THREE.   NOT who I thought or hoped would be in the Final Four but I’m a-thinking David Cook, my awesome rocker, my fellow KC Royals fan, my Blue Springs Boy…

will be safe.   

I know I could go find out what songs they will be singing but that’s part of the fun of the first show of the week.  Tonight could be anything.   In the meantime, I have been enjoying the Neil Diamond channel on Sirius radio.   I never knew he wrote this song!     And, he was kinda hot back in the day.    I will always love him for Sweet Caroline.