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Posting Cuz I Can

March 31, 2011

So. I have an iPad and I dowloaded the WordPress App. hought I wouldtryand type up a random postidea and see how it goes.

without editing. Truly, editing oh I meantyping onthe iPad is annoying. The space baronly seems to recognize half the times I click on it.Same for the Shift key to give UPPER case.

Best to consider this a draft.

Iwatched IDOL last night and it was one of the best of the season! MY faves were Casey, Lauren, thia, Pia and Holly. My least faves: Niama, Lusk and Stefano. paul doesn’t do anything for me. Scotty is good but too country. Thia stil seems so young but I adore her voice. I don’t really have any clear favorites. James is entertaining. Guess, we will just have to find ut tonight whichtwo are off.

I don’t really know what else to chat about so I amgoing to postthis and continue my WP app experiment.

have a great day.fasd

(I will probably delete this or cleanit up later!!!)



November 18, 2010

It is so freeing to write when I don’t expect anyone to read it!   Why?  Because there is no one to JUDGE.  And yet all my lovely readers have always been so positive and encouraging…    Whatever.



Just something to jot down and get the fingers moving over a typepad, over the KEYS.  We do still call them keys and not buttons, yes?

SO, today I met an interesting lady who had 4 or more books in her walker-basket.    Maybe I should say where I was…  I was at the nursing home that is not so much nursing as not-quite-independent living home.

I commented on my friend’s books, “Oh!  You like to read!  Any of these good?”  and she replied that she reads the first page and the last page and makes up stuff for the middle.

Aint that great?   I smiled at her with comradery joy and understanding.   “I can’t remember what I read anyway.”


And then later…   Another friend who always has a smile for me;  a smile of recognition for someone I am not but I don’t dissuade her.   She tells me that her brother keeps her holiday decorations for her and brings them when it is time.  She doesn’t have room to store her angels, her 2 foot tree.  But he does and he took it on himself to do that for her and help her find the spaces and places to decorate her room in style, with her own memorable stuff.   I thought that so sweet.  So simple, so sweet.

This is that lady that assumes I gave her a violet flowering plant and always asks me if I’ve seen the blooms.   And thanks me for giving it to her.     I don’t know who she thinks I am; I did not give her the plant.  But I complement the blossoms and the caregiver – she must be so wonderful to keep that flower going and blooming and living!   and she is.  Wonderful.

I’m getting weepy at the craziest songs.    I am also listening to a lot of sports radio talk.   HUH?  Anyway, when the commercials come on – always many many minutes of penis enlargement and sales tapes to improve business yappings, I switch to my Dixie Chick CD.     Remember that song Earl?      When Earl had to die, nah nah nah nah nah nah…  etc.     The first verse describes how Wanda files for divorce  and lets the law take it from there, but Earl ‘walks right through that restraining order and put her in intensive care’…   Then Wanda’s friend MaryAnn catches the red-eye from Atlanta and I burst into tears.

What a great friend.



Bucket List

November 16, 2010

Make a quilt
Run a 5K
Visit Ireland (and/or Iceland, Barcelona, Vienna & Prague, Key West, Hawaii, Vancouver,…)
Go to Nantucket
Make a Dark Chocolate Cream Pie
Bake bread from scratch
Win the Academy Award for Best Screenplay
See my friend’s triplets
Wear a cool hat to the Kentucky Derby
Visit Mark Twain’s house in Hartford CT
Mosaic Wilhelmina
Make amends with friend SBS
Clean out the basement
Find more cool things to add to this list
Decide my ‘last wishes’ – sprinkle ashes in the Atlantic?
Dye my hair red. or blonde
Read all the books on my to-be-read list? yea, right. ha ha
Try inline skates
Fly first class


Swirly Thoughts

November 15, 2009

I was bouncing around Facebook for some odd reason, chasing names from my past as if they might be real enough to click back into my life, my real live life now and then I wonder a few things.

Why now?

Why do I care?

What happened?

Stumbled upon photos from a wedding of an old friend, former friend maybe, surely haven’t talked to nor corresponded with this person in years and yet it stung.   Stung that I didn’t know about it.   Wasn’t invited?!    Deep breath, conscious wow/huh thought.

I’ve had more than a few friendships get pissed off into the ether for many unknown* and certainly unexplored reasons.     In typical self-centered reaction, I wonder what I did.   Which only leads to negative ‘why don’t they like me anymore?’ questions.

When perhaps, they are asking the same thing?  Maybe they are wondering why I don’t seem to like them anymore?

Consider all this and allow me to share my afternoon.   I didn’t want to sit around the house watching football.   I wanted to go out but Hub preferred staying in.     I could have called a few girlfriends, right?    In fact, I did dial a friend’s number to have it immediately go to voicemail so I hung up.    I looked across at a neighbors to see if her car was visible.  Nope.

So I jumped in the car and went to Home Goods alone.

Yet, it gnawed at me that at the same time I was contemplating why I don’t have people calling me to do things with, inviting me places, lunches to plan – that I don’t make those invitations myself.

Gawd, I hate self-pity even as I crave it.  Why does my brain even think of this crap?   Why am I not continually thinking about contributing my talents to the world?  or about all I have to be grateful for?   I have many things to be grateful for.    And I would even be able to count the many wonderful supportive friends I have.

I just wish I had some go-to gals to call and say “Hey, let’s go shopping.  NOW.”  or wishing someone would call me with same.   Where are they?

And it is likely that they once did and I said no?    yes, it is.

I sigh in frustration and annoyance.

I must think about something else, please.

Wonder what I got?   I bought a cool red porcelain heavy stockpot, a spatula, a few blank books, and some martini swizzle sticks.   Home Goods is just a candy store for me…

* Though I did have one friend tell me that her biorhythms and mine were in conflict and that’s why we couldn’t be friends any more.     Was she being nice?      Hurt like hell and still does.


Annoy and Inspire

September 4, 2009

I decided this would be a great place and a good time for me to vent.   But I quickly thought I should balance this with some opposite-rant;  thus the title to this post.    I will list a few pet peeves and then counter with a few things that make me smile.      Let’s see which attitude-influencers WIN!   woo hoo!!

ANNOYING #1:    I get annoyed that people send emails with too few details.   Specifically, the requests I get to invite me to bring my dog to a pet-therapy opportunity.    Seldom do they mention what TOWN they are in!     I’ll get a quick email that announces orientation at Ayer Public Library and…   THAT’s IT!    No, grand thank you for signing up months ago to do this, just ‘hey – here are the dates’.      UM.     huh?  who ARE you?  WHERE are you?   What exactly did I sign up for made you send me this email today?!    SO, now I have to go dig up more details and I really wish I could send an email back, HEY!   WHO ARE YOU!!?!??!

INSPIRATION:     I really have to take a deep breath and just let the faint vague details come to me:    This is an opportunity for me to bring my dog to a program assisting young children learning to read.    Apparently, a child is more comfortable reading aloud to a DOG audience of one and reading scores improve with regular sessions.     I really think Oscar is an excellent calm listener and am eager to do good and help improve a young reader’s ability and foster a love for reading.     Sounds AWESOME, doesn’t it?   At least, I think this email is about that program I signed up for months ago and haven’t heard anything about since…

ANNOY #2:    Husband’s piss-poor attitude this morning.   RRRRrrrrrrrr.     It’s not MY fault you went fishing yesterday and the exhaustion of your FUN day has caused you to be extremely irritable this morning.      He is anything but pleasant this morning.

INSPIRATION:    I must be thankful that my husband has opportunities to pursue his fishing passion and that he left me alone all day yesterday.    I read over half the book I’m currently enjoying AND I got to watch Project Runway without bothering him.     And I’m really glad that he didn’t decide to work from home today.

ANNOY #3:     I get annoyed and SADDENED when people too hastily assume that all creativity and the term ARTIST only means talent for drawing!   COME ON ALREADY!!    what ARE the schools teaching these days!?    Everyone on the planet who has thoughts in their heads are creative.    CREATIVE does NOT mean skilled at pen and paper drawing!     UGH – I can’t express it enough how thoroughly irritated I get that people do not understand the word CREATIVITY!

Here’s what happened yesterday:     I got my hair cut.    I hate getting my hair cut.    I don’t feel pampered, I feel afraid.     I realize this is something I need to tweak my attitude about but it’s still a struggle to set through a session and not wish is was over about 10 minutes after the snipping begins.     ANYWAY, the stylist was complimenting her work and I sincerely said,

“I take it as a good sign that the artist is admiring her work.”

And she replied,  “Oh, I’m not an artist.   I can’t draw at all.   My little sister is only eleven but she’s really good at drawing things.”


INSPIRATION:    I love flowers.     I can see my zinnias outside my window as I glance up from the keyboard trying to find a countering inspiration to my wish that all people would consider and appreciate their own creativity…     Flowers.    Flowers, flowers, flowers…




August 7, 2009

So.   I was just coming back from picking up the pup from doggie-daycare when I had to stop and wait for a car to pass.    While I was waiting for it to move out of my way, I noticed its license plate was from the fine state of Nebraska.


Well, we don’t see too many Nebraska cars up here in Massachusetts, so I was quite curious.   Luckily? — or was it just coincidence?   fate, even? — the car pulled into the strip mall which had a store I was planning at stopping at.   So, I did what any midwesterner- transplant to New England would likely do:    I asked the guy driving the Nebraska car, “Where in Nebraska are you from?”

He said, with a European accent, “I’m not from Nebraska.   It’s just a rental car.”

“Oh,”  I said.

“We’re from the Netherlands.”  he explained,  netherlandsbefore I could explain why this nutty American (me) was so curious why he might be from Nebraska (my husband is from Nebraska).

“Oh.  Well, welcome to Massachusetts! ” I said cheerily, and then paused a bit before asking, “Are you lost?”

The Netherlandian responded with a smile and a nod, “uh, is this downtown?”

“For Lakeville, Mass, yes, this is probably what they would call downtown.   Are you looking for Middleboro?   It has a more traditional town center.”

“We are looking for a hotel.”

“Ah, THAT I can direct you to.”    And so I pointed the way to the closest option for lodging, wished them good luck and waved goodbye.

Later, after purchasing bacon to wrap striper in for cooking on the grill and ice cream for dessert (peppermint stick and “The Big Dig”, vanilla ice cream with fudge brownie chunks, caramel sauce and chocolate chunks by Brigham’s, New England’s Premium Ice Cream), I thought about how ODD my encounter was with the car that was from Nebraska but was driven by a guy from the Netherlands.    I was regretting that I didn’t give them a map – I have plenty in my car.    And I was considering that I should have at least invited them to dinner!    or gone even further, invited them to spend the night at our house.   But alas, that opportunity for a truly good deed was done passed.

And then, I had to think, was it a mere coincidence that they were indeed lost and I was the one who happened to be there for them?

Hmmmmmm.    The universe is just one big crazy place, isn’t it.


Have you done any good deeds lately?     Suffered any odd coincidences?    Do tell!


Thoughts on Subbing

March 23, 2009

More random stuff to ponder…     ♦♦♦

One kid came up to ask a question about a person in a book the class was reading about the Titanic and was wondering why the text referred to Mrs. John Smith when the back of the book list of all the passengers referred to her as Mrs. Veronica Smith  (I’m making these names up – I really don’t remember what her REAL name was, shame on me) and I tried to explain to him that old archaic system of how wives used to only be referenced by the man they were married to.   I absolutely loved that he frowned and responded, “huh?  why?”     He thought it too confusing.    Good boy.    Women have their own identities and are not just extensions of the husband.   Not that I want to start the whole debate of girls belonging to their fathers until they are married off and then belong to the husband and the convenience? of taking the guy’s name issue.   I’m OK with most of it, but let me keep my first name and let me use Ms.

I read a book that was lying on the desk of the teacher I was subbing for and now I can’t find it in Amazon in order to list it in my BOOKS-READ-IN-2009.   I’m bummed.   It was cute, too.   Something about how ‘If you think about it, all problems are math problems.’   The poor kid spends ever waking moment translating all issues and challenges of the day as a math problem until finally, he realizes that he woke up at 7 am, it only takes 3 minutes to get dressed, 5 minutes to eat breakfast, 1 minute to brush his teeth, and the bus is due to arrive at 7:42 ==>  no problem!  He’s got PLENTY of time to catch the bus.    However.  Later, the science teacher announces in class that ‘If you think about it, all problems are science problems.’   DARN IT!    very cute.

[Added later:  found it!   Math Curse by Jon Scieszka]

I actually had to teach today.   Usually I have worksheets to pass out and I’m not really involved.   But today, we had read aloud and together as a class, ask questions, let’s work through this together, go over it again, etc and then some…  My mouth went dry from so much talking; I was SOO thirsty!      Lesson was on linking verbs, predicate noun and adjectives, passive and active voice, regular and irregular verbs.     Such fun.



Photo Friday Bridges and Arches

October 17, 2008

Click HERE

The Mister Linky Link?    and/or just visit Jan/Author/A Curious State Of Affairs here.


I introduce to you the three bridges allowing you access across the Cape Cod Canal in Bourne Massachusetts.   First, the Sagamore Bridge:

and the RailRoad Bridge over the Cape Cod Canal (I’ll have to do further research and update this…) with the Bourne Bridge in the background.


and… GO REDSOX!!  woo hoo!  Way to go!


Rocks That Look Like Dogs?

October 13, 2008

I’m in a mood.   In a mood to show you some photos.    I had more titles to this post (before I typed any words) but look what I ended up with?   Should I start with the photo that inspired this title?    OK.

I like to dig up the rocks that are buried in our lands (I only have 3/4 of an acre, of which 1/3 is woods) but these are two that I dug up from the space just into the woods from the back yard.   You’ll see what I’m talking about when I show you the damn picture.    And then, I was inspired to attempt a stacking of the rocks like any good cairn appreciator might do and this is what happened.  When I look at this structure, I first thought of a cartoon dinosaur but when I google-imaged for such, the one in my imagination didn’t come up and then I thought maybe it was a dog.  or a duck.   Please tell me in your comment.

You MUST have the ability to imagine!    If you aren’t the kind of person who can lay in the grass and look for animals in the clouds, you probably can’t do it by staring at rock piles, either.   (so sad for you.)


Let’s move on, shall we?

    This is the pile of dirt from posts prior now covered in mulch (the dirt, not the blogpost…) and with a brand new arbor stuck in the middle.   On the southeast side of the caddywompus arbor, is an evergreen BRIGHTDEEPPURPLE wisteria!!!!   I’m hoping, praying that this will have enough sun to give me tons of blossoms.   And on the other side is eoponymus.   (I’m spelling that from memory but the dude at Lowe’s told me it’s ‘the cat’s meow’.  Whatever that means.)   This shot also gives you a nice glimpse of the neighbor’s house that we want to pretend isn’t there (when we play naked in the hotTub.)   The same neighbor who I had the conflict with over that orange spoon.

And then, y  Yesterday, on my good friend J.L.’s birthday, I went fishing with the hub on a lake in a state park in Natick Mass.   The fall colors OOOOO la la!    And, the light!   The sunlight was bright but I loved how it flickered through the trees on this little boat and on the water…


Happy Birthday J.L.!


and, finally, allow me to show just another photo of my dog.   This time, the light was better.

Of course, he won’t look at me.    (His name is Oscar de la Hunta.)


Meme From TVB

September 24, 2008

Meme’d from  (I’m too lazy to fix the link… sigh)

Were you named after anyone?
Yes.    My great grandmother.   However, she was called a nickname and that’s what my name is, but when she died, everyone found out what her REAL name was!    Even weirder – they carved the nickname on her gravestone so I’m really not sure if this is a true story or not.   But I like her REAL name better and as a kid, tried to get everyone to call me by that  name.   It never stuck.

Single or Married?
Married.  Will celebrate 20 years this November. 

Do you like your own handwriting?
Sometimes, when I’m careful, it looks OK.    But when sloppy, it slants every which way and is consistently inconsistent.    An analyst might say that I’m ‘untrustworthy.’

What is your favorite lunch meat?
Roast Beef.

Do you have children?
Nope.    Well, not that I’ve birthed.   But I count many of my N&Ns as ‘my children’ and spoil them often with packages in the mail.    And my bff’s kids are considered my N&N’s cuz they don’t have many ‘real’ family members, if you know what I mean…

If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
Yes, I think I would be a heck of a lot of fun to hang out with.    I’m always up for adventures and it would be great not to go alone to all the fun things I want to do but can never find anyone to go with me.

Do you use sarcasm alot?
Yep, and usually at the worst times.

Do you still have your tonsils?

Would you bungee jump?
Depends.   I would like to say I would but…    I really don’t like heights.

What is your favorite cereal?
Lucky Charms.  Just like teeveebee!   But I ate Cheerios this morning.  I never buy Lucky Charms. 

Do you untie your shoes before you take them off?
Yes, I think I tie my shoes too tight.  I have to untie to take them off.

Do you think you are strong?
Strong physically or strong personality or strong in a crisis?   nah.

What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream?
Dove Dark Chocolate.   I’d link to a post I did on this once but, again, I’m in a hurry this morning and too lazy.   You can search for it if you want.   It’s a post that gets a few hits still.

What is the first thing you notice about people?
If they have a sense of humor.

Red or pink?

Fruit or Veggie?

Who do you miss the most?
Strange question.   I wish I could see my bff a bit more.   She lives far away and is incredibly busy bizzy busy.

What color shoes are you wearing?
I’m not wearing shoes at the moment.

What is the last thing you ate?
Cheerios, skim milk, banana.

What are you listening to now?
The hum of this here PC.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Probably something in the purple family.

Favorite Smells?
Too many things have listed in my head to pick one.    But let’s say…    Freshly baked Raspberry Berry Pie.

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
My hub.

Favorite Sports?
Probably football.   But I’d rather see a live baseball game than a live football game.

Hair color?
I have dark brown hair with a few wiry stubborn whites sticking out of my part.   I colored to a warm brown wash but it’s fading.

Eye color?

Do you wear contacts?
No.  I have to use reading glasses, though and IT PISSES ME OFF!  

What is your favorite food?
I just love good food.    Last Friday, we went to a Thai restaurant and I ordered Massamon (I think that’s the spelling) Curry and it was HEAVEN.     oh, so good.   One of the dishes that I will have to order again which will make me mad because the whole menu looks terrific and I will be scared to NOT get the one I know I like but will want to try something else and I’ll be in quite the conundrum.    I recommend the Thai Spice KETTLE brand potato chips if you ever see them – WOW!!!!    I had to go back to Ocean State Job Lots and buy 3 more bags cuz…  WOW!!!

Scary movie or happy ending?
I hate scary movies.   Give me intelligent humor and drama and occasionally a silly one.   Plus romantic comedies.   I just watched While You Were Sleeping for the umpteenth time 2 nights ago and saw Burn After Reading last night.     (which was good?  but not as good as I had hoped, but still good, ya know?   Gotta love the Coen Brothers.)  

What was the last movie you watched?
Um, see prior question.

What color shirt are you wearing?
I’m wearing a black Middleboro Hockey hoodie.

Summer or winter?

Hugs or kisses?
Hugs (but kisses with the sweetie, of course…   especially on the back of my neck.)

Favorite Dessert?
Pie.  or Tiramisu.   or warm chocolate pudding just made but with a little time to have the top layer start to congeal.

What are you currently reading?
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Sparks.

What is on your mousepad?
The Dell logo.

What did you watch on TV last night?
 A bit of the weather channel and then XM’s Flight 26.   I guess that is ‘listen to on TV’.

Favorite sound?
The first glug,glug,glug of a newly opened bottle of wine.

Rolling Stones or Beatles?

Where is the farthest you’ve been from home?
When I went to Alaska and had to leave my hub at home.    Home is where my heart is?   That’s the farthest distance I’ve spent a night away from the man.

Do you have a special talent?
I can tie my shoes faster than you can.   Unless you’re the girl who taught me how to do that, I suppose.

Where were you born?
3K Illinois.

Which is your favorite chipmunk?
Don’t have one.

Do you like to cook or bake?
Depends.    I like to bake pies.  and prefer my hub to cook.