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Bad Poetry Minute and Linkity Love

November 11, 2008

Inspired by Teeni…

Oscar has to follow me…
But gets distracted by dog-TV.

He stares out the window and barks at a cat
(sorry, can’t think of anything interesting to rhyme with that)

I could point out  Annie’s latest post on change
But what rhymes with that besides home-on-the-range?

Yippee that Joan’s a bit more free of teeth-pain
Cuz entertainment with her blog is always our gain.

With Moonbeam asking questions of art cut-outs
For and of her great writing, we all give shout-outs!

OK, gotta go –  I can’t think of one more thing…
And, I’ve got Alice’s Restaurant and CHER in my head to sing!!!

So, I know this poetry is really quite bad,
But on the fact that I’ve posted again, aren’t you really glad???


Bad Poetry Minute – You’ve Been Warned

January 15, 2008


 Looking out the window

What do I see?

how is it different

       than a mere


Still Waters Run Deep

       still water

reflects like glass.

Glass of a mirror.

Do I even see through

              glass or

is what the mirror

reflects back a

                   perception or


When to reflect,

is a contemplation

go over it once more

go through it

see through it

see – out there.

If I don’t know WHO

                                      I am,

                                                      who is looking

back at me?

from the reflection in my mirror.




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