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You Think You’re Loving But…

June 17, 2008

I’m Leaving YOU for the last time Baby,

You Think You’re Loving,   But

You Don’t Love Me, 

Babe, I’ve got to be free….


SO, I bought the Duffy CD.   I am really enjoying all of it all, all the songs, singing along, etc.    Guess when I do find favorite music, I immerse myself in it.     I can’t stop singing this Warwick Avenue song (which is a WHOLE lot better than the little clip that took residence in my head the other day:   Fergie’s “She can’t help it, the girl can’t help it, OH NO!”   repeat…)

Not much of a post today.   So I’ll ask a question:   What is the FIRST album, CD, song, you ever purchased?    I know that I bought singles – would have been the 70s and I really do recall suffering over the decisions, trying to decide which ONE?!   which one to buy?!?!?!  but I can’t not think of the song that was my very first.   I thought maybe it was the Byrds Turn, Turn, Turn  but that is too early.   I’m thinking something from 1973 or 1974, something sorrowful, slow and deep with meaning, I’m sure.    I have sketchy memories of singing Doobie Brothers songs on the playground.   So what happened between that and this:  my admission that my first album was Barry Manilow Live?   1977.    I know every word to every song on that damn thing, too.   


I’m Addicted

May 19, 2008

I’m addicted to this song.


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