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Little Ticked Off

June 5, 2009

Where’s my pretty kite avatar?  Hmm?     RRrrrrrrrr.    It really upsets me that my avatar is missing when I comment at your blogs!



When I hit “My Comments” to see the replies to my comments on your blogs, I get…


WP tells me that I should ‘make some friends by leaving some comments.’     Hey – I do have friends and I do leave comments.   SHOW THEM.

ratsafratsarats crap.


Random Thinking -OR- Few Word Wednesday With Artichoke

June 11, 2008

I almost titled this STILL LIFE WITH ARTICHOKE.  But that may have given someone the impression of a painting or art presentation.

I almost titled this Random Thinking With Artichoke but I don’t want this to be a cooking blog.

You may or may not know that I have another blog that is totally separate from this one.    Actually, I have two other blogs but I only update and play with one of those and have let the other languish.     If you DO know about my other blog, you’ve either been reading THIS for quite awhile and must be a big fan!  (thank you, how cool?!)  -OR-  I have accidently left a comment on your blog with my other  id and…   I had to tell you.  Only one of you has ever figured it out without me telling!    (That would you YOU “B” from SC!)

It’s almost like I’m playing in two different realities with two different sets of regulars/blogfriends, etc. 

I find it rather exciting when I see both my blogs on someone’s blogroll and I have NOT told them!    It’s rare.     And it’s fun to see my other blogfriend’s blogrolls containing one of YOU regular CuriousC/IdeaJump readers.    There are more than a few of you.

SO…. Why?    I don’t want my mother to know.

My mom reads the other blog.   It’s a book blog – where I review all the books I have read or list what I want to soon read.  (I’m getting rather exhausted with the past and future tenses of that word being prounounced differently.   I trip up.)

But what is REALLY bugging me!?!?   is that there seem to be a ton more blogspotters (the Google Blog platform) in the book-blog-world and it can be a pain to leave them comments – they seem to all have that security type-in-the-wavy-letters thing.   OR they won’t allow anonymous comments.   Or they only allow other blogspotters.     I have signed in to googleblogs so many times that I can’t remember my password and I just don’t feel like signing in to so many crazy places.

And that’s not all of it.     I suspect that those people don’t like to come to WordPress to leave comments.   

Ok.   That’s it.   That’s my rant.    Forget it – I got more!   I ran around and left 25-30 comments one day and I swear, not ONE of them ever even came by to visit me!    Oops – I think I’ve said ramblings about No-Obligation-Blogging?    Yep, I have, I know.    But you would think a couple of those somebodies would have stopped by to just see what I have a-goin’ on?!      Maybe, I’m feeling sorry for myself that no one comments on my amazing awesome insightful book reviews.     No, that’s not it.    My reviews suck.    I’m feeling sorry for myself that my reviews suck.  ha!

Which makes me SOOOOO happy that I can come here and my readers here are so lovely!!    Thank you.    I am off to go visit all of you now!

First, some “Few Word Wednesday” Photos of cooking an artichoke.

  The artichoke.

 A pretty big artichoke.

  Trimming the stem.

  Boiling the water.

 Cutting in half after 25 minutes of simmer.

I got too caught up in dipping the leaves (are they called leaves?) into melted lemon butter to take any more photos…  YUM!