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Photo Friday

March 28, 2008

For the originator of this fun Friday activity:   CLICK HERE or on this photo: 

Photo Friday
Photographic ART





I can’t claim credit for this one;  thank you to my cousin Diane.  It’s a kaleidoscope effect on a photo of a berry bush of some sort. 

Happy Weekend Everyone – I won’t be posting for awhile… I’m off on another fun adventure.   Til next week then!  kite3.jpg

Curious “C”                              


Black & White

March 14, 2008


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feetblog.jpg feetblogbw.jpg 

Today is Friday Photo Day over at Curious State of Affairs (wonder why I like her?  She’s ‘curious’ like me!)  Or click on the small photo at the top of this post…

I realize I’m cheating here.   I only opened & edited a color photo to make it shades of gray.    But, I like the effect.    Usually, this action loses the crispness of black and white but in this case, the shadows are more evident, doncha think?

But, what really motivated me to participate in today’s photo expose was to highlight another blogger friend’s photo work:   Thoughts-0-Dave.   

(Joan inspired this photo contribution, based on one of her comments here somewhere…)