My Extended Blogroll of MORE Faves

** Let me explain; I have this extra page of BLOGROLL because I find myself venturing forth into blogland and losing my place. When in wordpress, I can easily ‘find my way home’ but if off into who-knows-where or in blogSPOTworld, I find that I have to go back and re-log into my ideajump dashboard, keep the blog open that I want to read again someday and then can save to my blogroll – or to this page. This really doesn’t place your blog into a separate special ‘favorite’ category… It’s been built ongoing, somewhat randomly and haphazardly. I just love that when I bounce from this page to another blog –> it OPENS A NEW WINDOW!         And there’s no order to this list, either. But yes, please consider yourself special if you see your blog here!  (and on the main page.  OR on the main page…)  I might lurk, but I do enjoy your words/photos/ideas/thoughts/etc!   Thanks.

Tis the SEASON… for AI!   http://mjsbigblog.com/

PR is over:   Bravo TV   or the PR blog…     or this?  Wine & Line Reality TV Caricature


http://www.onegirlsopinion.net/   <<– great PR reviews

Sibbia – new name? new look! 
India Ink – book designer
Erin at a Dress A Day   
Extras in Ordinary Life
Gazing into the Abyss Wolfgang
Sweet Blog o Mine   NYC Laren (Editor of Gothamist
The Naked Soul – ToBeMe aka Mark
Almost Infamous Damian
Avenue Z – Beth
The Quest for Comedic Stardom – Lucy Dee!
The Clumsy Cook
Blogher – Community of Women Bloggers
Drew Rozell – Very Cool Living Through Attraction
Zen Habits


  1. Aww . . .thanks!

  2. Hey! Thanks, Love! (Don’t know why I suddenly took on a Cockney accent in this comment.)

    But thanks for the add! Being someone’s favorite is what I aim for. Stop by again soon!

    and thank YOU! I love how you challenge mediocrity and laxy thinking – my favorite comedians make me think. “C”

  3. Did I write l-a-x-y? am I making up words… INTERRUPTION FOR QUICK GOOGLE SEARCH: no, laxy IS a word in the Urban Dictionary… (omg, I hope it’s not a BAD word: oh good – not too awful: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=laxy) I meant Lucy Dee that you challenge LAZY thinking. or laxy, it works. cool!

  4. thanks so much :))

    ===> HI WH! You are welcome. I like your attitude and fearless blogging. “C”

  5. Thanks for linking to me – have you ever commented on my site? I don’t remember your name – please do feel free to do so!

    ===> Hello SnowQueen! I don’t think I have yet commented at your site… Must have read something that I knew I wanted to visit more and didn’t want to forget where I was… So I blogrolled ya! Thanks for finding ME… -“C”

  6. I made the extended blogroll!
    I made the extended blogroll!




    ===> DREW ROZELL! wow! You are the most famous person (to me?) that has ever visited my blog! wicked cool.. Thanks so much, “C”

  7. C-C: you are a Project Runway fan?! I love that show. I never miss. Must-see appt TV fer-sher :o)

    Oh YES! VTer, I do love Project Runway. I didn’t review last episode but have covered most of them…

  8. CuriousC- If you’re not using Internet Explorer 7 or FireFox, then you’re missing out on the wonderful functionality of “tabbed browsing”. Tabs allow many open pages in one browser window. Do you have zee tabs, madame?

    Yes, (with fear that I will only add to my feelings of being a technidiot,) yes, I do have tabbed browsing. I do find tabbed browsing to provide wonderful functionality. But… do I have a setup issue? I still have to hit a button to open up a tabbed window or reg window. No new windows open if I click a link – I only travel to the new website and the prior one is still only accessed from hitting the back button, oui?

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