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Dear Potential New-to-Me Doctor,

May 15, 2009

Dear Potential New-to-Me Doctor,

I found you in the list of doctors that accept my insurance.   I liked your name and the fact that you are close to my age and have been an official doctor for almost 20 years.     What else do I have to go on?!     They should make you list favorite color, astrological sign and if you prefer pie or cake.

I am writing to you because I have made an appointment and wanted to save the who/what/where/blahblahblahs so we may have a productive meeting.   I have no physical complaints to present to you and I hope not to have any in the near future.

Also, I’m curious if you will respond.   Knowing you are busy and my letter to you a bit unorthodox in the ‘Choosing-A-Doctor’ process, I wonder if you will write me back.   I’m enclosing a SASE to make it a bit easier.

I’m giving you the opportunity to NOT ACCEPT me as a new patient if you decide I’m not someone you want to know.

Let’s start, shall we?     I have no kids – never quite got around to it and have since decided that our family of wife plus husband plus adorable dog is just fine.     I work out occasionally, would love to lose 5-10 pounds but don’t really care, I try to eat right, I admit to smoking cigarettes on occasion but can easily go weeks or months without one, and I partake more beer and wine than is recommended.    I’ve just started yoga and I’m liking it way more than I expected to.    Over all, life is really great and I have no complaints.     Other than my hypothyroidic condition and nasty cold sores on my upper lip every so often, I’ve got nothing wrong with me that I know about.

I love to read – do you?    What’s your favorite book?    I am recommending The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein, especially if you love dogs.    Do you like dogs?     It was just a wonderful read.     I’ve set a goal to read 100 books this year and not sure I’ll make it but I’m reading quite a variety – it’s fun.      I work as a substitute teacher because I love the flexibility and because it gives me something to say when people ask me what I do.     I also volunteer at the nursing home and do free tutoring through the library for math, language and computers.

So, is this enough?   Would you like me as a patient?   If not, please save us both the time and effort and send this back with a big red line thru it.     Or fill out my little survey.     Click the appropriate circle:

O   –    Yes, would love to have you as a new patient.    I will remind myself to read this again as your appointment nears.

O   –     No, you sound really weird.     Find somebody else.

O  –      I’m passing this around the office and we’re all getting a good laugh.

O  –     Do you have no idea how busy I am?!   I’m an extremely important health professional and I do not have the time to be writing patients or filling out silly forms.   I’ll just hand this to some poor sap in the office and see if they will fill it out.

Thank you for your being open to my process of finding a good doctor.  I would love to know more about you and your philosophies of patient care and personal health and well-being.      Do you think you would be a good doctor for me?




Photo Friday: ACTION!

November 7, 2008

Today’s Photo Friday theme is action shots…  which means that I have MORE photos of my wonder-Pup Oscar!   At times, he goes into a mode we fondly refer to as ‘devil dog’.    This is Oscar being wild.

Click HERE
Click HERE













Essay: What I Did This Weekend

October 6, 2008

An essay in photos.    I had 9 yards of dirt delivered last week and I moved most of it.    We planted a few trees and then celebrated by spending Sunday at the Boston Boat Show.   Good times.   I’m sore;  I’m tired.

         This is where that dirt went.   We built up 2 sides with railroad ties so that we didn’t have to dig as deep a hole for the Cedar tree nor have to buy a more expensive taller tree.   We are hoping this guy (the variety is ‘green giant’) will block our view of the neighbors so we can play naked in the hot tub.

          This is a less caddywompus view.   Anyone know how to spell ‘caddywompus’ correctly?

     Trees were 50% off so we bought this birch tree, too.    This spot should make for very happy tree – lots of wet land here.  And blocks the view of our neighbors playset.

  Then…  BOATS!!!!!

                   Any of these will do.   The one on the right is preferable…   Unfortunately, not as affordable.

  We completed our day with a lovely mid-afternoon meal at Anthony’s Pier4.   I had the Fish Chowder – yum!!   Then back home to watch football.   And the poor Red Sox.


Fun Bits and Pieces

September 16, 2008

The best advice for writer’s block (blogger-block, in this case) is to just lay the fingers on the keyboard and start typing.   Anything.

… ♦ …

I’m drinking cinnamon flavored coffee from the fill-the-bag brand (which I can’t recall, Java something?) that is for sale at the local Stop And Shop grocery store.    Sometimes I mix it with Dunkin Donuts regular flavor and sometimes with that AND hazelnut from Eight O’Clock coffee.

The husband was underfoot yesterday so I didn’t have much time to play on the PC.    Crazily, when he tries to work from home, his PC works much faster if the home PC is OFF.   Whatever.   I actually get a lot of house stuff done or I leave and go shopping.   (I bought a bunch of LLBean lighted hats at the outlet for Holiday gifts.   Yep!  I start  E A R L Y)

… ♦ …

Today is Maid Day.      Employing a cleaning service is something that I’m mildly embarrassed to admit.   But that is silly.    We got addicted to having a clean house on a regular schedule when I was working full-time as a computer programmer while also selling cosmetics.    I would rather have a cleaning service than cable TV and probably internet service.    I’d give up beer first.    I could think of tons of expenses that are frivolous compared to my clean floors at someone else’s labor.     Plus, I can feel good giving a person a job.    I would feel horrible if we had to fire her.   

It’s that regular thing that gets in my way when considering the concept of cleaning my house myself.   I hate to clean floors.   I don’t mind toilets and showers and mirrors.   Dusting doesn’t bother me.  But I abhor sweeping and mopping.     Plus, it takes me 4 times as long to clean as it does my Martha.     And, I tend to put off to tomorrow what won’t get done today, so the time between cleanings gets stretched.     It’s just better for everyone’s peace of mind and comfort to hire someone to clean.     Have I beat this horse enough?   Oh, it being Maid Day means I have to spend an hour or so ‘picking’ up and doing a few rounds of laundry.   all good.

… ♦ …

I love days of white snow on the calendar.   That’s what we called it on during my direct selling days.    When you have nothing going on, nothing is written on the calendar and so it’s like being blinded by the white snow!   Which usually disorients you and causes shutdown.   NOT a good thing.   Best to have a busy calendar.   But, since I’m not actively selling (I AM passively selling, so if you ever need a lipstick, leave a note.) I absolutely LOVE not having anywhere I have to get to!     But come to think of it, I do need to run over and buy dog food.   not a biggie…

… ♦ …

The funeral on Saturday was nice.   Despite the area getting deluged with rain the day prior, the cemetary wasn’t washed out and was amazingly dry!    I ended up switching my heels for flipflops anyway, but the sandy soil was held together quite nicely with weeds and occasional grass, so all was good.   The sun was warm, the service short, only a few tears.

I enjoyed listening to my cousins recap the days before Grandma slipped away and very sad I hadn’t timed it right to visit myself.     Grandma was worn out, her body couldn’t take living any longer.    Her mind was sharp but she was content that it was time to say goodbye.     Apparently, she had a grand time regaling all her grand and greatgrandkids with ‘off-color’ jokes and they had a laughfest only a few days before she died.     

Again, back to central Kansas:  only a few tears, a lovely parting service, and good Lutheran hymn and a lots of cake back at the church.    

… ♦ …

I can’t describe the confusion and thinking that results when someone tells me “I’m sorry for your loss” when loved ones die.   I realize it’s what you are supposed to say?   but my heart can’t or won’t ‘get it’.    I mean, thank you, of course, it’s nice of everyone to express, but.   BUT.    Death isn’t always sad.   Death is a part of life.   Why do we have to be sorry for it?     I might have regrets that I didn’t get to see Grandma in her last days but I did send her a beautiful letter expressing my love and sent pictures and little {hug} squigglies but I won’t be obsessing about my physical energy not being there right then.   I guess I believe energy takes many forms and I’m not sad that she is gone from my current dimension.    I’m glad her health struggles are over and I believe she lived a long time (age 93) to see many cool things and have an amazing impact on this world.    Four kids, seven grandkids, seventeen great grands, and eight great GREAT grand kids!     

She made the most heavenly fried chicken.    One of my cousins spent a whole day practicing with her a few years ago, attempting to recreate it.   She thinks it’s close.    

Anyway, thank you again, everyone who expressed nice thoughts when reading that I was attending a funeral.     This blogosphere is full of nice people, I do believe.   Thank you.

… ♦ …

Like everyone’s family, we do have some interesting characters.   That’s all I really need to say.     And if we’re going to talk about family and food, I have to mention that one of the very best things about the funeral was the home grown tomatoes served at the luncheon.     Nothing quite as wonderful.     

… ♦ …

I have read six books in the last two weeks, I think.   Yet, I can’t seem to write ANY reviews, or even sum up my thoughts and reactions.   Or tell you WHAT they were about.    It’s not that I don’t remember; but that I’m stumped for the right words.    It’s maddening and frustrating.   So I keep reading.   and thus, my to-do list of reviews-to-write keeps getting longer…       I’m losing the whole idea of why I love to read!

… ♦ …

I picked up the dog from the kennel (which isn’t really a kennel – too wonderful to use that word!) and he was so delighted to see me!    Or maybe he feigned it well.    Oh, what human characteristics we give to our fur-babies…     Oscar is my third dog and though the other two each have a special place in my heart,  I truly treasure this one.   He’s such a lovable goof ball.     When I brought him home, he inspected the place to make sure it was as he left it.   I was unpacking groceries and I could hear him touring the upstairs, jumping on the bed, running around in devil-dog mode, and then coming back to sit and stare at me, as I continued putting cans away.     He’s a dear.

… ♦ …

I’ve been invited to a party!   It’s called…      “Highballs and Hobnobbing”     Did you raise your eyebrows, like I did?   Yes, of course, I’m going to go.   

… ♦ …    I guess I’ll go change my meez…


Photo Friday: Step Inside

September 12, 2008
Click HERE

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Later Alligator

September 7, 2008

I will be off on an adventure and not returning until Monday Sept 15, which by the way, is the date that Costa Rica celebrates as a Independence Day.   I may or may not have a few posts to publish while I’m away – it all depends on what all I get done today in prep!

In the meantime, please enjoy these photos from Costa Rica.     

[updated:   I’m flying to Kansas THIS trip; these pics are from a trip last February….]



Bucket List Meme

August 12, 2008

Teeni has yelled TAG!!!!  YOU’RE IT!!!  once again and so I’m jumping to it…   It’s the Bucket List Meme and the idea is to list at least 8 things I gotta do or want to do or WILL DO? before I kick that bucket.    

I actually have a list somewhere but I’ve misplaced it.   I think it still exists somewhere in my crap but looking for it will distract me – I will end up organizing all my papers and scrapbooks and start reminiscing and who knows when I’ll wake the hell back up to remember I have a blog post to finish!

I wrote it in college after reading that goals WRITTEN DOWN have a much better chance of happening. So from memory:

1. Go to Europe. Got this one done in 2000.

2.  Make a quilt.    Still fixin’ to think about getting started to attempt to learn to sew…

3.  Pet a baby seal.   I realize these cute little fellows are on the endangered list but maybe a zoo will let me do this.  

Well.   That’s all I got from THAT list.   Let’s keep going with my here&now.

4. Finish Wilhelmina!    to meet her, click here.

or here since I’m being told the link above doesn’t work…

(perhaps one of my bucket list points should be to upgrade my PC so this isn’t so difficult…)

5.  Spend at least 2 weeks aboard some kind of watercraft – just me and the Hub.  (and the DOG!!!)  It’s a dream that I keep thinking we can break down into “Shouldn’t We Just Try It For a Little Short Piece Of Time Before We Buy One?”     I keep wondering what would happen if I posted an ad “Naive Couple Hoping To Someday Own A Big Boat Seeks Fun-Loving Couple with Yacht to Host Weekend Excursion Offering Beginnings of Beautiful Friendship.”        This is who would respond, of course: 

6.   Visit every state!   I need Hawaii.    I have been to a few states that might need a re-visit.   My only time in New Jersey was a 2 hour layover in Newark Airport.   And I can’t remember if Mississippi got much of my attention, if any? so we need to explore that fine state.     and believe it or not?!   Vermont deserves more of my time, too.   It’s so close, I could probably do that one day when I’m bored!    But, I’m never bored….   Hey Teeni?  road trip?   I’ll pick you up and we can go have lunch in VT?

7.  Ugh.   I can’t think of any more.    I mean, I can – I’ve got lots of silly stuff popping into my head but nothing that has that burning desire of inspiration.   I almost typed up ‘Climb Mt. Sunflower’ but, really, that is laughable.   It’s just one of those places in Kansas (highest elevation in Kansas) that makes me smile so maybe I should do it someday.   I think we have even driven by the road you have to take to find Mt Sunflower but Hub kept going…   He’s not much of a stop-at-roadside-attraction kind of guy, especially or because of the fact that I frequent yell:  “stop!  a roadside attraction!!”  But, really, there are tons of things I’d love to do ‘someday’ but nothing is catching my attention in the gumball machine that is my brain today.

8.    I hope to attend all the weddings (or whatever the kids will call these in the future – I don’t care if they get married or to whom, but I’m not invited to some kind of party by their age of 30, they will have to host me for a fun weekend.) of my nieces and nephews including all the little kids I call nieces and nephews who aren’t blood relatives.     SInce some of these critters were born in 2008, this should count as my longevity goal…

9.   Right NOW, this second, here’s the places of the world I want to see/visit/experience (after the states listed in #5)   Key West, UK, Prague, Barcelona, Greece, Nantucket, Fiji Islands, Australia and New Zealand.

and I hope to get to Colorado before this year is up.   I want to see my grandma.  This is quite doable and I think I will start emailing my cousins to pick a when and where…

hey!  how did I end up with 9?  oh well.