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Movie Quiz

April 14, 2008

I have 12 drafts begging for my attention yet, I don’t know what to post about…    I found this meme somewhere within the blogosphere.   Have fun!  No prizes, just self-satisfaction that you know your stuff.

I provide PLOT KEYWORDS (from imdb).   You name the film.

1.   Technology, Profanity, Dog, 2020s, Grim, Tough Guy, Rebel Leader: TERMINATOR TWO – guessed mostly correctly by AUTHOR

2.   Irish, Soul Music, Vulgarity, Elvis, The Lips:  The COMMITMENTS – solved by BoundAndGags

3.  Alligator, Self Referential, Inner Voice, Twin, Car Crash:  ADAPTATION – guessed by JoanHarvest!



About That Time

January 30, 2008

oscarstat.jpg  It’s about time that I get around to printing off and reviewing the Oscar List of Nominees.   For a nice printable version, click here.

I used to be obsessed with ALL THINGS OSCAR.    When I lived in Kansas City and my job was in the heart of the best part of the city, I had the access to and the friends to take along to the movies – almost ALL the movies – in order to meet my goal of seeing every movie that was nominated in the major categories of Best Picture, Best Actors, Screen Play, etc.   

Gosh darn nabbit, I miss Kansas City…   I miss those times.   I miss that job, I miss those friends.

Now I live in the backwaters of film appreciation.    Harsh, huh?!    It’s all relative!     

Back in 2000, John and I and occasionally S. and a few others, would scamper over to the Tivoli in Westport and catch the odd, the indie, the foreign, or limited release for whatever reason and I was able to see almost every movie in many many categories that year.     We worked at one of those relaxed places of employment that didn’t care if you left at 4:45 to catch the 5:00 movie;   Cut your lunch break by 15 minutes and all was square.  

I would say every week and sometimes twice a week in winter, we would catch the movies.

Eight years later.  I can’t even find a movie theatre within 30 miles that shows a foreign flick.   And worse, I can’t find the definitive theatre guide to tell me where I may be able to catch the rare film.   That has to be one of the biggest bummers about the hicksville area I live in…    There are so many local papers, publications, even yellow pages that are only bits and pieces.     Since there isn’t one definitive source, no one advertises in the same places, thus you never get an entire picture of services available in your 20 mile radius circle of life.

Boston might be the hub; but I don’t get to Boston – too far and too unfamiliar.   I’m blaming my locale, my circumstances, but truth is, I’ve lost the thrill of the chase.    That and the ‘others-who-share-my-passion’ issue.   I had to go see Brokeback Mountain by myself in New Bedford that year.    I see a lot of movies by myself…

Oh crap.  I’ve whining.   I’ll stop now.  

Back to topic!  THE OSCARS!!   oscarstat.jpg   If you hadn’t guessed, I’ve been thinking about how out of the loop I am for what used to be a “Very Important” glass ball I didn’t want to drop.    You know, that analogy of juggling; that you sometimes have to let a life ball drop and those need to be the rubber ones.   The glass ones – the ones you can’t drop or your life will shatter – are health, family, and….     and the movies! 

But the glass ball somehow morphed to rubber and it’s bouncing has done stopped.

Of the Best Picture Nominees:  Atonement, Juno, Michael Clayton, No Country for Old Men, and There Will Be Blood.   I’ve seen NONE.   I did read the book NCFOM…  

In fact, of the whole entire list of movies, I’m ashamed ASHAMED!! that I’ve only seen two.    2.     The Bourne Ultimatum (Film Editing) and La Vie En Rose (Best Actress, Costume, Makeup).    Interesting since the majority of movie goers probably won’t get to that one.    (Hell of lot better than Bourne Ult; but. yea, I know…)

So, it’s Oscar Time.    I now will actually read through the list again and then review my Netflix queue to see if I can catch a few more!    Eastern Promises is now up at the top so I hope to see it this weekend.   

And, maybe just maybe, I can coerce one of my real human friends to go with me to the ones still at the theatre.   I’m so tired of going to the movies alone…


OH!   If you enjoy movies, have read this far (HA!), enjoy lists, then this post is great….  About what makes a movie a masterpiece and the question of whether any recent movies might attain such a label in the future.


Snow, Movies, Football

January 14, 2008



Snow Today.
If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.
– Ludwig Wittgenstein


We watched the movie Waitress yesterday.  I love pie, so of course, I would love this movie.   It definitely has that indie feel to it – slow pace, camera angles and scene setup?   Still, I enjoyed it though I prefer movies that so engross me that I don’t stop and think thoughts like the one I just expressed.  

The Golden Globes announced winners yesterday and did this without the big glitz & glamour show due to respect of the writer strike.  I feel for the writers – I do!   Probably more so due to that being the career I would most want to be if I was a “Player in Hollywood.”   But, the average TV watcher – think about it!   Is hardly aware of it, imho.   If you adversely affect my daily life, THEN you get my attention.   But really, this strike is not disrupting me, not that I have a typical life, ahem, but I don’t know if anyone ‘normal’ is noticing.    I wish the strikers the best.   I hope it’s not a sad bust for them. 

I wonder what the Academy will do for the Oscars… oscarstat.jpg


Now, let’s talk ball:

Go Packers!  I’m rooting for Green Bay this coming Sunday.   What a fun weekend to watch football, this was, huh?   I may have a crush on Romo but I have little love for the Cowboys.   I went back and forth rooting for the Chargers, then the Colts, then the Chargers – and they pulled it off.    I would have cheered for the Jax Jags (why?  I like their colors…) but since they played the Patriots, I couldn’t not root for the continuance of this Perfect Season.    I’ll ALWAYS be a Chiefs fan, but when in Rome New England, root for the locals!

Ladies, there is something here for you, too:


kite31.jpg Happy Monday!  

Respectfully Submitted, Curious”C”