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October 13, 2007

Something different, change of pace and topic!  Um, yes, a distraction.  🙂 

From cleaning out my closet (an ongoing theme, first here and then update here), I thought I would share my FAVORITE shoes!   and a few odd ball dresses s that I can’t seem to throw away but I NEVER wear, either…  

crazyshoes.jpg  These go with my orange dress that has little gold balls sown all over it!  100_4528.JPG

 snakeshoes.jpg These are HIGH for me and kill my feet;  I wear them every so often with a pant suit that looks pretty good, if I must say.   Which I must, since I just did.    

And for the dresses…   First, allow an explanation.  I love lobsters.   Have lots of lobsters on dish towels, plates, etc.   Mostly kitchen stuff.   But I do have a few cool items of clothing that feature lobsters, too.   And this dress, happens to be one of those finds that I couldn’t resist.    favedress.jpg   Tiny lime green lobsters and little white daisies embroidered ALL over it.    From Lilly Pulitzer…   Cost me just a few pennies.   But it is TOO short on me and really doesn’t flatter me.     So I don’t want to get rid of it.                                             

Finally, this thing dates me…  An 80s party dress.   baddress.jpg  NO, really, one of those pseudo garden party aka sorority RUSH parties!   It’s comfy, I’ll give it that.    Can’t seem to think of good reason to keep it but am reluctant to throw it into the rubbish pile.    Save it for another 50 years and it’ll be vintage?  laughable.   Is it even pretty?   I do love the colors…