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Friday Stuffs

November 16, 2007

a random collection comprised of miscellani:

Misc 1…     I have a new favorite ice cream:  Dove Chocolate & Brownie Affair.  doveb.jpg   I had decided that today would be an ice cream day.    I ate a salad for lunch to balance out the calories and then devoured this scrumptious delight.  YUM!   The packaging even has purple!  So, it was meant to be.     I love dark chocolate and this is the first I ‘flavor’ I discovered that has the original DOVE Chocolate.   DO NOTE:  it is topped with a Chocolate GANACHE Layer.    Oh my!   Of course, the 4 servings is laughable.    If I wanted the carton to last for 4 servings, I would buy the half gallon size!

Misc 2…    I typically edit my posts of a third of its original exclamation points.   I tend to be over enthusiastic when I write.

Misc 3…   I wonder if I should be a daily blogger or whenever the mood strikes me blogger…   Like with this one, I am teetering on posting this NOW or saving for later – hoping for more comments/viewings of the previous FREE RICE post.

Misc 4…    My mannequin came the other day.      Be watching for updates.  (It’s to be our winter project.)


Misc 5…   I have had a blogger tell me that she didn’t see any woo woo on my blog and she was surprised that I find hers so interesting!     and another fave blog I read talked about how we show so very little of our trueselves, a mere fraction!   how dare we judge or think we ‘know’ someone by their blog!    I don’t know about this.    I  wonder, I do.    I just wonder about it all.    

Misc 6…   a BUSINESS that I refer…    If you’ve read this from the very beginning, you know that I had a crash which really bummed me out.   Car crashes that do not have any physical human injury are extremely annoying.   (ones that do are scary!)   Anyway, I’ve since had the vehicle fixed and was very impressed with the  Auto Collision Repair (ACR) facility that did the work.   I’ve raved and told friends/neighbors about the gentleman in charge, the incredible service, blah-blah-blah.    and then today I get a letter.   It was a thank you letter.    Very nice, very professional.   BUT IT WAS ADDRESSED TO MY HUSBAND and not me.   My name is never mentioned or referred to .   My husband NEVER even dealt with them, never met them, never talked to them, NOTHIN.     It peeves me when a business can’t adjust to the person who is actually the client.   Hub’s name is listed first on the title? insurance policy? (yea?  so?!)   Why can’t  ACR guy change his stupid software that probably generated this letter to include my name?  or – gosh, here’s a concept – change it to ME since I’m the one he was in contact with?     I’m serious.   This crap bugs me.   

Misc 7…    I do take deep breaths when I feel myself getting agitated.    In…..    out…..      What’s it matter in the grand scheme of things?    The new energy is shifting and I must embrace the negative to enjoy the entire experience….   In….. out…..    What’s my lesson here?     Hmmmmm.

Misc 8…   I need to write my grandmother.   Her eyesight is poor and I’ve been yelled at that I’m not considerate enough of this fact.    ‘Yelled at’ might be a too strong term for the rebuke I was given, but its effect has been that I don’t want to write her knowing that the rebuker might read it.    SO, why don’t I just type it and make the font size 28 or 32?   I don’t know.     It’s been on my to-do list for months.