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Photo Friday – Inspired by Art

April 17, 2008

Can you believe I’m off on another trip!?    Yes, so I look forward to reading any comments when I get back… on Monday or Tuesday…  (I say Tuesday because it’s difficult to blog when the Hub is home… Monday is a holiday here in Merry New England: Patriot’s Day)

I’m off to Nebraska to see friends and family and hopefully not bid on ANYTHING at the auction where the in-laws will be hocking off all the treasures.   I wrote a post on that;  click here to read through those thoughts…     here           And, alas – so sad, I won’t immediately be visiting all the other awesome Photo Fridays!   The theme this week is so exciting.    And I wanted to participate.   I think it’s Friday somewhere in the world, but for me, right now, it’s Thursday!   WordPress has given me the capability to prep and be ready early.
I’ve taken as my inspiration a painting of Gypsy Heart’s!  Mystery of the Woods: After Rain
So, run over to her blog and see this painting, then come back and oo-ah over my photographic creation!

To be honest, I took this photo many years ago.    When I saw the painting, I said to myself, “Self?   Doesn’t that remind you of something?   Why, yes, Counter-Self, it DOES!”

and together, my selves scampered off through my photo folders to find these:


I realize this wasn’t completed quite to the spirit of the intent!    We were encouraged to choose a classic painting and then select models/participants to pose to recreate the scene – but that’s what is so fun about such a project!   Everyone has such a different idea or perspective or tools to use to create this!   I’m sure Lou/Linda and Jan and Julie and Skywindow were able to interpret this in a variety of ways and I am looking forward to what is presented.

I feel like I cheated some since I used photos I had taken in 2004.    But the colors and the scene evoke the same mood.  At least to me, they did!  I hope you agree.    AND… my idea-wheels are turning to do this again.    


Click on the icon below to visit the origin of this fun activity; join in!
















Photo Friday: ART

April 11, 2008



well…   I’ve been attempting to upload a bigger image or just one of the blocks but alas, not gonna happen.   And my linking?  I know you’re tired of reading about that…  


Other participants of this FUN activity:    please visit them!



Photo Friday

March 28, 2008

For the originator of this fun Friday activity:   CLICK HERE or on this photo: 

Photo Friday
Photographic ART





I can’t claim credit for this one;  thank you to my cousin Diane.  It’s a kaleidoscope effect on a photo of a berry bush of some sort. 

Happy Weekend Everyone – I won’t be posting for awhile… I’m off on another fun adventure.   Til next week then!  kite3.jpg

Curious “C”                              


Meet Wilhelmina

March 27, 2008


For the beginning of this story:   New Project

For dressing her up like a doll for St. Patrick’s Day:    Happy Red Sox Fan

 I’m not sure that I will be able to mosaic her hair.   I’ll have to think up something creative.    Her face will definitely be a challenge…

I’ve been out scrounging plates at antique/junk stores and even stopped by the local craft store (chain) to see what mosaic-ing supplies they have…  I was actually disappointed to find out they have everything one would need.  Including BROKEN plates!  for $7?!?!?!   goodness, me.   That bothers me for some reason.    A lot of the fun is pulling out a funky scrolled plate from under a pile of dusty junk and deciding that it has enough flatness to it to be worthy of smashing.    But now, all ya gotta do is go to Michaels and buy the whole kit and kaboodle.   

Trust me, you can save money doing it the scrounge way.   From buying the caulking glue and grout from the hardware store, and plates from Goodwill, and even a rock or two from the yard!   I’m always finding discounted picture frames and other wooden decorating accessories – I check the clearance sections and have a stockpile of goodies to mosaic someday…

Here’s the ‘craft room’:   img_0996.jpg   And some of my tiles/odds&ends waiting patiently for me to get my nippers and hammer out to create interesting pieces to glue… img_0997.jpg img_0999.jpg img_0998.jpg            I found this cute terracotta crocodile in Costa Rica. 

She’s got some attitude, doesn’t she?  I’m still wondering if I should ‘dress’ her or go random-funk or swirly?   Maybe a combination.
There are very few human beings who receive the truth, complete and staggering, by instant illumination. Most of them acquire it fragment by fragment, on a small scale, by successive developments, cellularly, like a laborious mosaic.             
-Anais Nin

Mosaics on the Internet

March 22, 2008

I was curious to find out if my blog would be presented if I searched on the following:

”Mosaic Mannequin” 


Well, well, well!   What FUN is this?!   I found so many cool spots to give me visual treats of some outstanding artists that I must share.   However, not sure the protocol to do so, I will tease and entice you to click away on the links provided;  since, I’m sure they publish this to be found and enjoyed, I think I’m only helping with the marketing, right?


hhhhh has a feature on Ed Chapman and they describe him as “…one of the UK’s leading mosaic artists working in ceramic and glass tile. Achieving incredibly accurate results, Chapman has taken the age old medium of mosaic to a modern high standard. His work incorporates all sorts of iconic imagery and his 3-D works are exciting and stylish, as well as being instantly recognisable.”     INCREDIBLE.    And be sure to check out the mannequin (8 of 70) he has ‘dressed’!     Click here for the slide show of his work.


Another wonderful site is a wordpress blog dedicated to mosaic art, Mosaic Art Source.    They have a photographic story on a fabulous artist Nek Chand in India.    More than incredible.   MORE!    I won’t even try to describe how heart-warming this post is for me.     So please check it out.



OK, that’s enough for now.   Be assured, that I will soon be describing the process as I begin my own mosaic mannequin story.    The story of Willhelmina.


(Willhelmina’s stylist was unable to come up with any kind of Easter Holiday outfit…  sorry.)