I’m Going Crazy

March 11, 2008

Hub keeps after me about uploading & sharing all the photos from Costa Rica.   I prefer to actually wade through them and only upload the ones that are truly deserving of being seen and printed.   AND, I’m assuming you dear readers are looking forward to my report.


I’m not up to the challenge of deciding worthiness!    Here’s the dilemma, mostly because a lot of them are so redundant and frankly, not worthy at all.

Which of the following should I keep?  If any?!    Don’t forget… I’ve got ~700.  (Only 46 are from this puddle jumper flight from San Jose CR to Puerto Jimenez.)

boring1.jpg        Exhibit A

boring2.jpg      Exhibit B

  boring3.jpg      Exhibit C

boring4.jpg      Exhibit D

Oh, there are a few that are very VERY nice!   Enjoy this:


I even have the horizon almost level!    Woo HOO!



  1. Don’t ask me which to keep. I always end up keeping them all. I doubt that I have ever deleted a photo. I even have photo’s of my feet- you know, when you press the button by mistake. I am such a pack rat. All those photos look good to me. I do especially like A, D and the Horizon one.

    Now I finally remember you mentioning you were going to Costa Rica and here I was thinking you were sick. I’m glad you were on vacation and not sick like so many people around here.

    Can’t wait to see more photos.

    I wasn’t really expecting anyone to tell me which to keep but understand my delay in doing my travel report… Thanks for commisserating! And, I appreciate the healthful thoughts… I’m catching a cold, I think. I will be stopping by your blog for your slideshows soon, per Moonbeam’s sug.

  2. I love all of them…i am with Joanharvest, i keep all my photos i do not delete any of them….I love the last one though it could be a post card!!!!! Can’t wait to see more!!

    Yea, I have copies of copies and discsfull so I don’t lose them… I scrap book and rarely throw out the shots I don’t include. WHY is that?! maybe I have some packrat in me, too.

  3. I don’t think any of us are going to be of much help on helping you figure out which ones to trash. They’re all gorgeous! Next slideshow please!

    Oh! That reminds me! Have you seen Joan’s cool slideshows? You should do that here!

    OOO! Fab idea, that. I’ll be off to visit Joan and see how she does it….

  4. You may very well find this odd, since I’m married to someone who used to be a professional photographer…I rarely keep ANY pictures.

    Around age 40, I sat before a fire and tossed photograph after photograph into the blaze. The memories that are worth keeping to me, are the everlasting ones. And they are stored in my heart and go where ever I go.

    Keep the ones that inspire GOOD feelings and toss all the rest, especially any that remind you of any unpleasantness.

  5. lol nice pictures!!!!!!!!! 😛

  6. I wouldn’t throw out a single picture, unless, of course, you can’t even make out what it’s supposed to be. I think each picture tells a story…

    I was out of town this past weekend and didn’t get to see the “Costa Rica show” and am TRULY sorry I missed it. I’m sure my son had some of his funny stories to tell, as well as stories of very moving, personal experiences.

    So I’m with moonbeammcqueen, bring on the next round of pictures. I can’t wait to see them!

    Hi Kim! Please come back and tell me if you have a blog? I’m having a brain-lapse and can’t place you… Where did you go out of town – somewhere fun?

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