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Project Runway Season V

July 17, 2008

Did you miss it?!   I almost did.    I went right from PR Season IV to American Idol and was taking the summer off from TV.   What happened?   How did I miss this!?    almost, anyway.   

And I thought Nina wasn’t coming back and had been canned by Elle magazine?   I’m woefully behind with the gossip crap but at least I saw the first episode and know who is already gone.   

I’ll probably catch up sooner or later.    I love this show!      (I’d link you up but you are one of two kinds of people – admit it:   you either don’t care or have already rushed over to Bravo, or the PR blog, or….)



March 27, 2008

I’m a little bummed that Chikezie Chikezie! was the one to get cut last night on American Idol.   I thought he had versatility.   The song he sang a couple of weeks ago for the top 12 was awesome!  But his song on this past Tuesday was a little boooorrrrrrring.

And to just go totally overboard in my love for reality TV, let me share my joy at discovering that, last night, Kimberly Locke was wearing a gown  designed by Christian Siriano, the winner of this season’s Project Runway!   Just a silly little thing you probably didn’t know, right?

To see her sing “Fall”, click here.     

My favorites are David Cook (LOOOOOVE the KC Royals hat he wears!), Carly, Brooke, and Michael Johns.    Jason Castro needs to step it up singingwise; but he is adorable…


Project Runway Almost Final (Episode 11)

February 14, 2008

 [for the record, Hub called me as soon as he found the love note in his lunch box.]

So, without further ado, I write up random thoughts on the Almost Last Episode of Project Runway:  “The (sort of) Selection of the Final Three Designers”.   With 5 remaining and 2 supposedly about to get the auf, we field trip one last time to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.     (For a long time, I thought the word ‘metropolitan’ only referred to ice cream.   Then, using Latin pieces and parts, I figured it out.     

The inspiration for the last 5 designers was ART.      {Know what they call a guy with no arms and no legs hanging on a wall?  Art.}     Of course, SHOCKER! Rami was inspired by the Grecian statues; the draping, OH GOD, YES!  the draping…   I did love his purple color but did NOT like the dress.    It didn’t move;  I thought she was flashing to the camera with every step.   

Did it seem to you like the models weren’t ‘ON’ for this challenge?    I don’t think they were too excited about their outfits.       And I miss Amanda – I loved her profile!  What a great nose she sported.

Sweet P chose to allude to a peacock.   In color only, not too much drama.   She was given compliments to her ability to design and construct dresses that are ‘wearable’ which isn’t the aim of this competition.   Nor, I understand, is it the aim of ‘FASHION.’      She was our Goodbye Girl this week.   She was still able to have a show at Bryant Park;   I assume that is to throw off the spoilers who are trying to figure out ‘who is showing at Bryant Park?!’ before this episode aired.

Christian is the winner!   He does have talent and I expect he will win.   He only received praise and more praise.    He is self-confident and unwavering.    I wish him well.

Jillian also had a great design and was happily sent off with Christian to celebrate Soon-Bryant-Park-Joy.     Her design was well-crafted, had little in common with the painting she chose as her inspiration, and she suffers from too big a bite in no time to finish but usually pulls it off.   Heidi had great compliments for her being this small quiet meek lady with a big punch!   Called her ‘ballsy’, I do believe.

Then what to do with Chris and Rami?    Make them do a collection but then review and pick one right before the final show.    Ugh.   I’m not sure I would have been pleased with that.     As a viewer and fan?  OK – whatever.   More suspense, more drama.

In fact, I bet Sweet P has a lot less stress and I hope she had fun with what she got to do!

So, as you can tell, I’m assuming if you read this that you either saw the episode or will hunt it down.   Go to Blogging Project Runway to get EVERYTHING…   They do a fab job of keeping us fans in the know and they deserve applause.     In fact, I heartily recommend MTV’s Jim Cantiello’s 60-second Recap.    You’ll find it on the link I just gave you…

So, off to shock the hot tub where I just might get some hot hot tub foreplay/luscious nookie/sex/whatever tonight if I don’t drink too much red wine.    I did a silly thing and bought a box boxwine.jpg instead of a regular size bottle. botwine.jpg  Could mean trouble.   Or should I take the time to post that photo someone requested for me in the new hideous awesome orange plaid pants capris?   

Yea, OK,  then here it is:




 I told you a little snug still…


Happy Valentines Day!   valday08.jpg Love & Kisses, Dog-O


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

February 14, 2008

  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Yesterday was my biggest hit day according to my stats page.     And yet, viewings of my main post counts 11.    Hmmm.   The Orange Plaid post shows 34 viewings.   Whatever.

FYI – American Idol has the top 24 ready.    Here’s why I like it:   I’m thrilled that such talent that may not have an outlet to be shared with the world may come to light.    It’s the “rooting for the little guy and he prevails” feel-good feeling.   Yea, so, the exposure and style of the show and its process can be seedy, but I still love the happy parts.    I’m in love with the Archuleta fella.   He’s just adorable and his voice is so dreamy!



I have yet to watch Project Runway from last night.  I DVR’d it and it’s waiting patiently for my date with it later this morning while I run/walk on the treadmill;  I promise to review this afternoon.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I snuck a cut out heart with “I love you!  XOXOXOX,  CuriousC” into my hubby’s lunch box this morning!   This is amusing me then, now and will until he calls to tell me he found it.   And if he doesn’t call me, then my afternoon will turn into me being even more amused wondering what he has in store for me, knowing that it is driving me crazy that he hasn’t called me yet!     Ah, love…

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy Valentines Day!

kite3.jpg Curious “C”

Project Runway – Lady Wrestlers!

February 6, 2008

OK – I soooo picked the winning tiers and the losing tiers tonight!   Hub is OOT  (Out of Town) and I had a beer.   a FEW beer(S).

And was so wise to remember that it was, again, a Project Runway night!   I did NOT remember that Wednesday is my day to water the houseplants, however.  oh well.

SO….    I loved Jillian’s!   Loved the Royal Blue!   LOVED the sportiness of it!   and agreed with the winning design for Chris.   Based on how much it fit not just physically but in style, too, and how much it was loved by the lady that was the inspiration.

I was worried about Sweet P.   and then….   NOT.   A gal with tattoos?!  not loving and embracing this challenge?!   Why that blows all preconceived notions about gals with tattoos enjoying a little wild-side.   Doesn’t IT!?!!?!!    This should have NOT been the stress test that she made it out to be.

                         [I’m sorry….  too many punctuations?]

SO….  again.   SO….   this is the beer talking…

Which, btw, I’m currently in love with Sam Adams WHITE, which requires a slice of lemon.  In a frosty mug.    AND also Guinness Extra Stout – low calories and yummy!

Where was I?   Drunken reviews of Project Runway, oh yes.

Rami’s pink disaster.  ugh.    If you didn’t know before, you could have picked it was his.

AND?!   How cute were the guest judges?  (Maybe ‘cute’ isn’t the correct word here…)    Another terrific reminder that success and what you really want to do is not at all worthy of considering what other’s think of you.  And I mean that in a good way.   Glitter!  Makes me smile.

Well.   That about covers this episode.

G’nite.  kite32.jpg


Project Blahway

January 24, 2008

Missed my reviews, have ya?   Well,   I will attempt to recap Episode 8 AND Episode 9 for the 3 of you who might remember that I watch this show and enjoy yapping about it.    (That would be Hallie, Vermonter, and YOU.)

I plan on few words for Episode 8.   Planning and executing have a tendency to not be related so bear with me!     Few words —>   I fell asleep watching this and missed the first 15 minutes.    I haven’t even bothered to go catch what I missed from my DVR.   What does THAT tell you?    OK, and my final reaction is:   WAH!  BOO HOO!  I miss KIT already!  WHY oh why was she the one to get the boot!  I’m sad.     [55 words.]

Now, I will attempt more words to recap Episode 9.   It’s fresh in my mind!   I was able to walk 3.5 miles during the less than one hour (I speed-zapped through commercials!)

I even had an idea to take notes but…. nah.    I don’t know, for some reason, this season isn’t exhilerating me like last year… sigh.

I was disappointed with the results;  I didn’t have a favorite design with the denim!   However, at the start, once the challenge was explained, I was hoping for a great show on style, execution and originality.   This use of denim promised wonderful possibilities for an even playing field and super opportunities for us to REALLY see what these designers can do!      

But, I wasn’t thrilled.   And at this point in the game, I can sense my own prejudices against certain designers just because I don’t like them.   Eeek – that’s NOT being fair.  I am bored with Rami and didn’t like how he treated Sweet P in Ep 8 so I didn’t want to like his design in Ep 9.   But I did – it was OK.  In fact, I was somewhat amazed that he was able to drape it at the collar just to get in some of his trademark moves!    

I was SO rooting for Sweet P and was worried about the mis-match of the dark patches to light but it ended up working out well and balanced.   Again, the design was alright but not thrilling.  

Chris’ dress… again – it was OK.    And as for the winner, Ricky:  STOP CRYING!    He deserved the win; it was my favorite IF I had to pick one.   (Did anyone notice the comment that his model looked like Any Winehouse?   I can’t get that Rehab song out of my head…) 

Finally, the two coats by Jillian and Victorya were both a mess.   And I agreed with the AUF, but I could be influenced by my wish to see that result happen!   Jillians tried to do TOO MUCH!   and Victorya’s didn’t look like she did much at all.   I don’t like Victorya and have been rooting for Jill since the beginning of the season.

Oh, I can’t help wondering what glorious art could have been executed by Kit if she was still on the show!    So sad;  she’s missed.

Oops – I haven’t mentioned Christian.   He IS ‘fierce’, he is talented, he is fun to make fun of…    He DID create something extreme, unique, and evident of his skills.   But I didn’t ‘like’ it.   so there.

[wow, long post…]

Did anyone else catch a comment by Michael Kors about something being ‘John Cusack from Working Girl’?    I surely didn’t hear that right, did I?    OH… JOAN Cusack.  Ok, nevermind.   Makes sense now!  

OK – back to work (gathering receipts into excel for the tax man….)


PR Episode Seven

January 10, 2008

This is dejavu…  I think I dreamt about chatting this up with a few of you!   I know I was talking on the phone with Moonbeam’s avatar (Theda?!), anyway…   And I believe we were in agreement that RICKY SHOULD HAVE BEEN AUF’d!  oh well.

Go here to cast your vote:   Blogging Project Runway.

My opinion is that Sweet P got herself back to solid ground after a few weeks of dancing on the frozen pond of possible tragedy.    She should have won.

It’s common knowledge if you’ve been reading this blog, that I’m from the EARLY 80’s fashion frame.   (No, Madonna’s influence was later 80s,  I’m from the Alex Keaton preppy time when we did NOT show cleavage in high school!!!  In fact, we wore big crazy cut up sweatshirts so you could barely notice we had boobs at all.    Or at least, the good/nerdy types like me.)

And I think prom dresses should be floor length.    I loved the color of the champagne, too.   

Ricky’s dress was too short, too pale, too unflattering.   It looked poorly constructed.  

I will miss Kevin.

That’s all I gotta say – I’m late, I’m late, for a very important appointment. 


Yea! We’re Back!

January 9, 2008

I have taken enough time off from my favorite Project Runway.    Bravo did it to me – they inflicted a 2 week hiatus and then I got all messed up attempting to DVR and… well,  anyway.   Runway is back, my fave producer Rucker is visible on the Bravo website (but still not quite accessible) and I am back here to review and prepare.

First, thank you thank you THANK YOU to the awesome fashionTVreporters at the blog of ALL THINGS Project Runway.   They do an excellent job at keeping me in the loop.    In fact, while I’m thinking it, I really don’t need to do anything more than point you to directly to them.   I have little to add.   Only my opinions and quick recap.   They do a phenomenal job and gathering EVERYTHING you’d ever want to read about the show.

I give them the credit for this photo I swiped off their blog:  pollresultsepisode6.jpg

The winner of last week’s Hershey Challenge was Rami.    Slick, well constructed, it presented fresh and lively!    Elisa was the one to leave with a ‘hot mess’ of velvet brown but Sweet P (it’s her creation here to the right of the winning design) is on extremely thin ice.   I like Sweet P but she has been hanging on the loser side of this show for awhile now.     And just because I like her does not mean I disagree with people who say she is doubtful for the top tier at the end.

Jillian hung red licorice Twizzlers from her dress like fringe and I liked it.   I also liked that she commented that her design ‘smelled good’!   Yum!   Christian is getting tedious to me, Kevin is real world and presented strong, Victorya is exasperating.    With fewer designers, we get to see more creative process, more detail, AND we get to endure more personality and resulting clashes between the contestants.

The next show is tonight and they have teased us with a guest judge/muse being someone young and DEMANDING?   The forum is abuzz that the design challenge might be a PROM dress or something else cute for an even younger age starlet.     Oh god, kiddie pageantry?     10 pm EST on Bravo.   Be there.


Project Runway Tonight

November 14, 2007

Maybe this is why my Hub seems in a bad mood.    I will demand the big screen tonight! 

on Bravo, Season Premiere, Wed Nov 14, 10/9c.  For all things PR – check out this website/blog:

Top 10 Reasons I enjoy this show:

10.  Outrageous personalities.    Such passion, talent, positive/negative, some are ‘real’ and some are just ‘way beyond my experience’.    I enjoy the middle of the show best, when we get to really know some of the players.    Near the end, I tend to want more fashion and less bickering and at the beginning, it’s almost too much just to get everyone and their designs displayed…   But I’m hooked, gotta watch!

9.   Eveyone gets the same ‘theme’ – and yet, widely different and amazing results.    PR showcases and defines individuality.

8.   Education – I learn so much about sewing, fashion, trends, etc.

7.   I adore Tim Gunn.    He’s a fairy Godfather?!    See this  NYDaily News article on why we love PR…   and a previous post of mine on how Tim is helping me with my closet…   also, here.

6.  Project Runway annoys my Hub.   Extremely.   If it was on ESPN, he might watch it.   Nah.    I should have him give his top 10 reasons he HATES the show…   

5.   Inspiration.   I have what my unmarried friends call ‘married woman’ style.    I’m still not sure what that means exactly but PR inspires me to be a little more wild in my clothing choices.   Be BOLD.

4.   Inspiration & motivation, some more!   I am inspired to learn to sew!  To make my own clothes ?! or even only to sew on missing buttons.

3.   Heide Klum fascinates me.    She is so beautiful and her attitude contributes to her image.   She has such an ‘I’m up to something’ smile, don’t cha think?

2.   Gives me a show of my very own to watch.   This gives definition to my week, a schedule, if you will.   I always know when it is Wednesday…   I little more exciting than knowing that Friday is Trash day.   Yea, I don’t have enough to do!   I realize that.

1.  TALENT!  and unique talent at that.   Not only do you have to be quickly creative, you have to have the sewing/construction skills to create the concepts.    Time limits, materials cost constraints – wow!  

I can’t wait!