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Just Updating

November 4, 2008

The job interview went well.   I didn’t get asked any hard questions; it was a very nice conversational give-and-take about the industry and what I’ve done in sales and what I’m good at and how it’s a small business and the economy isn’t really an issue, etc, blahblahblah.

It went well.    The drive took only 20 minutes for the 17 miles.    The owners are going to get together and ‘talk’, decide what direction they want to go and come up with a pay number (he didn’t ask – whew).   I should hear in a couple of weeks.

Guess I better brush up on my customer service skills by studying Chris’ excellent how to manuals

I’m going to go take a nap first.    While I still have the opportunity to take naps…    I’m gonna miss that.


Get A Job, Part 8 of 738

November 2, 2008

I have a job interview next week.   WOO HOO!

For an inside sales position, doing inventory control, being nice to vendors, supporting the outside sales staff.   Not brain surgery, probably hectic, and hopefully one that is only annoying between the hours of clock-in and clock-out.   By that, I mean, that they can’t call me after hours and wonder ‘What about….?   Can you come in and fix this?’  etc.

I have no idea what they will be paying, nor if the feeling that the job is mine if I want it is a trustworthy feeling.    Also, I have no idea if I want it!    somewhat based on that pay issue, somewhat not.

I sometimes compare job hunting with that of finding a spouse.    I’ve been lucky in love and extremely unlucky in jobs.      But the job dance requires a decision once an offer is made and I will be dreading that.     Oh well.   Can’t we ‘date’ for awhile before I have to commit?    What if a better job comes along 2 weeks after I start this one?   What will I do then?

Yes, I have applied for a job with a university – which sounds oh-so-glamorous!!!! – but they are still reviewing applications.   I may not even get an interview.   But what if I do?

Stay tuned to find out what happens!