Movies I’ve seen…

Nick Cage’s Latest Treasure Hunt flick…

Only half of the Great Debaters (flt arrived early!) 

In the Valley of Elah  
The Assassination of Jesse James, etc.   YES.   I enjoyed it very much. 
ONCE – loved it.  🙂   I recommend this and I want the soundtrack.
Transformers – actually?   I kinda liked it.   Good ‘bots win – oops, did I spoil it? 
Mr. Magorium’s Magic Emporium.  – Again, ON A PLANE!  (shldve kept readin Skymall mag…) 
The Nanny Diaries – ugh.   I was on a plane… 
Michael Clayton
Gone Baby Gone
No Country for Old Men  (my review)
Away From Her 
Eastern Promises – Viggo nekkid
Shooting Fish – different, quirky.   I have a crush on Dan Futterman.    I don’t like Kate Beckinsale with short hair.
Anna Karenina 1935 with Greta Garbo
Live Free or Die Hard – almost as good as first one! 
Scary Movie – yep, finally saw this!  liked it… 
Hot Fuzzawesome!   see this if you can!   (well, of course you CAN!) 

Waitress – a slow pace, but charming.   I love pie…  01/08 
Shoot Em Up – yep, and boy did they…  shoot em, stab em, annihilate em… 
LaVie en Rose – really good.   I didn’t know anything about Edith Piaf; wow.  
Reign Over Me – another masterpiece?  I did love it…  1/1/08  great soundtrack
Talk to Me 12/07 – Loved it!  I’m a big Cheadle fan. 
Bourne Ultimatum.  12/07.  OK 
Sleepy Hollow 12/07 – so good, I can’t wait to see it again!
Spiderman3 – 12/07  ugh.
Unbearable Lightness of Being 12/07
My Wife is an Actress 11/25/27 
Beowulf 11/17/07
Knocked Up 11/14/07 – too long, amazingly crude at times, I think Seth R is kinda cute… 
We Are Marshall 10/30/07 – AWESOME! LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT.


 Movies TO SEE 2007

Into the Wild
Talk To Me 12/07
Michael Clayton
No Country for Old Men
Sweeney Todd
Hairspray  01/08
Eastern Promises

Charlie Wilson’s War
In the Valley of Elah 03/08
3:10 to Yuma 01/08
Rescue Dawn
Elizabeth – Golden Age

A Mighty Heart
Away From Her
LaVie en Rose
Gone Baby Gone
Things We Lost in the Fire
Reservation Road

 and to follow upcoming movies to look out for…  my FAVE!!!   Oscar Watch Website:   Thank you Sasha!   Favorites…  subject to change at whim…    The Final Countdown, Where Eagles Dare, Say Anything, The Nephew, The Whale Rider, Dave, The Commitments, The Quiet Man,  Grosse Point Blank,  My Cousin Vinny, The Longest Day, Adaptation, Hunt for Red October

A movie blog I want to remember: http://fergusonreviews.wordpress.com/


  1. I hadn’t heard of “Talk To Me” so I’m glad you’ve got it on your list. I’m a Don Cheadle fan, too. I love him.

  2. Have you seen “I Am Legend” yet? I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I know it got panned, but I really like post-apocolyptic and sci-fi movies so I wanted to see it anyway. I just loved it. The sets were fascinating. I ended up buying it so I can watch it over and over and over ….

    Not yet! I want to read the book, too. I’ve got Atonement and Across the Universe to watch next.

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