Posting Cuz I Can

March 31, 2011

So. I have an iPad and I dowloaded the WordPress App. hought I wouldtryand type up a random postidea and see how it goes.

without editing. Truly, editing oh I meantyping onthe iPad is annoying. The space baronly seems to recognize half the times I click on it.Same for the Shift key to give UPPER case.

Best to consider this a draft.

Iwatched IDOL last night and it was one of the best of the season! MY faves were Casey, Lauren, thia, Pia and Holly. My least faves: Niama, Lusk and Stefano. paul doesn’t do anything for me. Scotty is good but too country. Thia stil seems so young but I adore her voice. I don’t really have any clear favorites. James is entertaining. Guess, we will just have to find ut tonight whichtwo are off.

I don’t really know what else to chat about so I amgoing to postthis and continue my WP app experiment.

have a great day.fasd

(I will probably delete this or cleanit up later!!!)

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