Happy Day of Gratitude

November 25, 2010

I made pie!   Of course.

I made a peach pie and a pumpkin pie but the crazy-stupid thing is that I FORGOT to add the secret ingredient to my pumpkin pie and it just really bothers me.   I was so bummed that I couldn’t even find the will to make another!

So.    Such an attitude is inappropriate – I must skew and twist my thoughts back to the reason for the season ponderings…   Let’s do the alphabet!

A is for ATTITUDE because we do have the power of control on this powerful mental tool.

B is for BOUNTY.    We have so much.    So much, too much?

C is for COMPASSION.     I need to grow this in my heart.   I’ve got some but could use a bit more.

D is for DEAR HUSBAND.   He’s the very bestest awesomest.

E is for ESTHER, my new baby puppy.   She has won me over all the way.

F is for FUN.    We can always try to have a more fun-filled approach to everything.

G is for gravy.    DH is making today’s gravy with the turkey giblets.   Mmmmmmm.

H is for HEALTH.     Really, I pray all of you keep healthy throughout the coming year.   (go away this start of a cold I feel;  I said GO AWAY!  😉  )

I is for IMAGINATION.    I love to be creative and the power of this I word is astonishing, at times.

J is for JOY.    Despite knowing a person named Joy that I tried to like but found it difficult, I still love this word.

K is for KINDNESS.    I love seeing kindness in others and in myself.  I need to practice this more.

L is for LOVE.    “The greatest of these is love.”

M is for Mom.   She and Dad are here to celebrate Thanksgiving and I’m grateful they are able and willing to make the trip.

N is for …    Well, I couldn’t think of anything for N!   what came to mind was napkins.   Am I really thankful for napkins?!   So I asked DH what word that stars with N is he grateful for and he says ‘Non-union work shops’.

O is for Oscar.   Big brother to Esther.   He’s still my baby.

P is for Parsley.   I have bunches of bunches growing in my garden and it puts a smile on my face!

Q is for Anna Quindlen.   I want to read more of her books.

R is for RESPECT.      and the Blues Brothers for putting that song in their movie.

S is for Green SPINELL – a gem that my DH gave me for my 22nd wedding anniversary.    He is such a sweetie!

T is for TRAINS.    I hope to take a train to NYC to go to the Pinstripe Football Bowl!   Maybe…

U is for UNDERSTANDING?   Sure, let’s go for that.

V is for VERISIMILITUDE because I think it is the coolest word!

W is for  WEALTH.    Practicing the art of the power of positive thinking and Laws of Attraction here.

X is for xylaphone.   Really, I guess I could be happy about XRAYs, too but I’m not really thankful for TSA etc…

Y is for YELLOW because it is a happy bright color.

Z is for ZEBRA.   I’m thankful for zebras.



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