About ME: CuriousC

OK – it’s now been a few posts since I wrote the stuff below.  I’m still only slightly more experienced with this blog stuff and am becoming seriously addicted to bouncing around and reading a VARIETY of posts from extremely interesting bloggers.    Really is like a box of chocolates.  Wow.  I can’t believe I just wrote that.     I do prefer to read blogs rather than explore better posting technologies;  I am somewhat shy to comment just for the sake of commenting.   It is fascinating to realize that people are here and reading MY blog.  Woo hoo!    I do hope you leave a little note.  

Anyway,  I like the inspirational and thought-provoking metaphysical stuff as well as the random day to day ‘life is fun and full of adventure’ blogs.      I have another blog under a separate ID that I tell my friends and family about.  It is a LOT more boring than this one.  I prefer to stay anonymous here even if a few friends do know who the C is who says she’s ‘curious’.     Not that this is terribly exciting.    Just a place to scream and share and sort things out, I guess.  


Greetings.  I am excited to ease into this blogging phenomena and do hope to NOT create undue expectations.  This is for me.    I am in learning phase – which I guess should be all the time.  I want to learn how to WordPress with a basic ability and once there, either decide to continue or set goals to be ‘proficient’.   I’m learning to participate in this new big world out there.    Goal: have fun! 

Unemployed/underemployed/job seeker/purpose seeker/slaving as a Realtor/considering a job at Lowe’s…    I like to read, am working on getting my pup certified/authorized to visit nursing homes, I scrap book, LOVE the BEACH, I write a lot of letters to friends & family…  and I journal.   I have a degree in engineering but have never really worked in any job with that ‘title’.    I often say that I am technical roadkill and hope that blogging captures my enthusiams for all these bits and bytes.   Ones and zeros…

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