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The Search

July 13, 2009

As I sit at the desk and wonder what to do with myself today, as I reflect on an awesome weekend we just had, I recall that one to-do thing that should be on the top of my list is to search for lost money.

I can be, at times, extremely well organized.   I can, at other times, be a bit of a slob.    And, on some counts, I could be accused of being scatter-brained – especially, on issues of fiscal responsibility.

For example, the thing I need to do today.    I can’t remember if I was paid for my last two weeks of substitute teaching.    The school says I was.     I, however, don’t remember picking up my check.   The school says I did.  (They can’t afford stamps to mail and direct deposit must be out of their techno-capabilities.)

So I have to search for the pay stub.    I’ve already checked my deposits at the bank to see if anything fits the time period but I didn’t have any.      That means that I cashed the darn thing – if, indeed, I received it.

I had been SO GOOD in January and February!   I would come home and make a copy of the check before filing it, before taking to the bank.

But by the end of the school year…   Well, I don’t even recall what system I was or was not adhering to.   The amount is approximately $100 – that’s another thing I have to check.   Uh, when exactly did I work?!

So.    What are YOU doing today? Anything fun?  (besides blogging, of course.)


Friday To DO

February 15, 2008

kite32.jpg  My Friday To Do List, smittdots are starred.  [smittdot = six most important things to DO today..]

    Find out code to make little stars and boxes…
    USA Today Daily Sudoko to wake up brain.

ah, easier to scan the real list (which has the boxes…)    Bye, I’m off to check these things off!  Woo hoo!  Happy 3-day weekend everyone!  Happy Presidents Day(s)!  


I figure that I will see it more if I just post this darn list since I check my blog so damn often….