Black & White

March 14, 2008


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feetblog.jpg feetblogbw.jpg 

Today is Friday Photo Day over at Curious State of Affairs (wonder why I like her?  She’s ‘curious’ like me!)  Or click on the small photo at the top of this post…

I realize I’m cheating here.   I only opened & edited a color photo to make it shades of gray.    But, I like the effect.    Usually, this action loses the crispness of black and white but in this case, the shadows are more evident, doncha think?

But, what really motivated me to participate in today’s photo expose was to highlight another blogger friend’s photo work:   Thoughts-0-Dave.   

(Joan inspired this photo contribution, based on one of her comments here somewhere…)



  1. Thanks for taking part – I love the feet photo! There’s no such thing as cheating in this meme! You can interpret the title anyway you like.

    I often takes photos of people’s feet but usually when incased in shoes of some description.

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  3. Cheating? Nahhh! It’s called editing! 🙂 I especially love your picture because I am a regular taker of “foot pictures”!

    So glad you have joined us. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!


  4. Another random thought to add on this topic: I had really hoped that the photog at my wedding would have taken some shots in black and white but he didn’t even when I asked. (he screwed up other stuff, too) but black and white photos ALWAYS remind me of my wedding and the darn photos we DID get. weird, huh?

  5. Nice photo….I used to live by the beach, and although I don’t miss the smell, I do miss the sand…..squishing between my toes…and the way you can dig down with your toes when it’s hot, and find coolness!

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  7. I love the barefeet photo! I like it much better in Black and White… I would hang this photo in my bathroom!

    I am so glad you have joined us!

  8. Just nipped back to read everyone’s comments – I am loving this meme – thanks for all joining in. 🙂

    Thanks! I’m thinking up what to do for this coming Friday’s ARCHITECTURE photo…

  9. I was trying to think of how I inspired you and then I remembered (fairly unusual for me) about my not deleting photos of my feet that I take by mistake. Your feet photos were great because they were in focus. Mine never are. They are truly foot mistakes. I like the idea of photo Friday. I have a great black and white photo of my daughter and her husband at her wedding walking their dog in between the ceremony and the reception but I guess I’m too late to post it on that site because it is now Saturday.

    Yep! It was the feet picture comment!

    I would love to see the of the b&w photo of the kids’ wedding! Show it anyway. 🙂

  10. How on earth did you get that small photo link to Curious State of Affairs site? I’ve been trying to figure it out for an hour. I can be such a noodge about these things.

    Joan! Did you get it figured out? It’s the same wordpress editor button that you link with when you highlight a word to link… I’ll e/m ya.

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