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Bucket List

November 16, 2010

Make a quilt
Run a 5K
Visit Ireland (and/or Iceland, Barcelona, Vienna & Prague, Key West, Hawaii, Vancouver,…)
Go to Nantucket
Make a Dark Chocolate Cream Pie
Bake bread from scratch
Win the Academy Award for Best Screenplay
See my friend’s triplets
Wear a cool hat to the Kentucky Derby
Visit Mark Twain’s house in Hartford CT
Mosaic Wilhelmina
Make amends with friend SBS
Clean out the basement
Find more cool things to add to this list
Decide my ‘last wishes’ – sprinkle ashes in the Atlantic?
Dye my hair red. or blonde
Read all the books on my to-be-read list? yea, right. ha ha
Try inline skates
Fly first class



March 3, 2009

It’s 8:14 am on Tuesday as I type this sentence.

I just bebopped back here to post this awesome award I just accepted from my friend Teeni:



I love sunshine and this does mean a lot.   Thanks!   

Usually, I graciously accept my awards and move on with little fanfare, no crowing on my own blog and no passing-it-along.   Not that I don’t have tons of favorites – I have way too many!    So, if you are reading this and you ‘know’ me and thus are probably on my blogroll or are on a blogroll of one of these on my blogroll (Reader has severely diminished my use of my own blogroll as a way to find  you all….)   FEEL FREE to accept, claim and pass it along!    Do go read Teeni’s post and follow the bread crumbs for how SHE got it, though.    Common courtesy thing I try to encourage.    If you’ve ever commented here before (or might) and I didn’t (or won’t) delete it as spam — ha!!   then feel free to accept some sunshine.   🙂

I’ve been up since 4:30 ish.    Hub had a plane to catch.   The one he should have been on yesterday but was cancelled due to weather.    Good thing he was home – a check arrived I needed his signature to cash.  I mean deposit.  [another snort.]

I made coffee and confused the dog by giving him an early breakfast.     

And I waited for the phone to ring to invite me to substitute teach.    The call could come as early as 5:30 so I got in and out of the shower before that.

Yea, they didn’t call.

RRrrrrrrrrr.     It really can be annoying that you don’t know if you might have to work.    Of course, I could say NO if they call, but if the day might as well be stuck in a classroom earning some dollars, I might as well be ready, just in case.     But now I’m ‘ready’ and wish I could crawl back in bed.  

Yea FLEXIBILITY!   waving my pompons!   woo hoo!

I haven’t ‘worked’ in 3 weeks.    But thankfully, I do know that I will work tomorrow.    The coordinator called up with a few advance notice assignments last week and one will be tomorrow.   I’ll be at the high school working as an aide with the special needs department.     It’s not bad.     I seem to like the assignments no one else feels comfortable with.   I like middle school and I like being an aide.    I REALLY disliked the younger elementary grades.     Just 45 minutes as the ‘reading’ teacher in a second grade class and I achieved out of control chaos in 28 minutes.   Scary!     They’re cute but menacing.

My newly decided to do list for the day is…

Finish this post.   Finish a review of Coetzee’s Life and Times of Michael K at the other blog.    (you DO know the link, right?)   The book was simple and complicated.    I’m still thinking about it…   Go to the bank.    Call for a slip reservation at the marina, decide which marine surveyor to hire and give calls back yea and nay, and take a nap.    

I wish you all a day full of prosperous joyous sunshiny smiles.


Thanksgiving Alphabet of Gratefulness

November 25, 2008


A – Apples, attitude, ancestors, automobiles, autocommentarianism, the alphabet

B – Books, Blogs, Book-Blogs, BlogBuds, bees, balls, balloons, beer, baubles

C – Chocolate, caramel, coffee

D – Dogs

E – Energy, electricity, exclamation points!

F – Friends, flowers

G – Gardens, the words go and golly, goodness

H – Health, hearts, hands, happiness, my husband, the word hootenanny

I – Imagination, ideas, my Intuition shaver

J – Joy, jumping, jolliness

K – Kindness, kissing, kites kite_e

L – Light, love, left turns with no traffic

M – Money, music, marbles

N – Nice people, noodles

O – Opportunities, oranges, Oscar

P – Parties, panthers, plumbing, pie

Q – Queen Elizabeth

R – Rascals, rest and relaxation

S – Sunshine

T – Trees, travel, trust, toes

U – Understanding

V – Volunteering, velocity, the words: very, vroom

W – Wonders of the world

X – XRays? Xylaphones?

Y – the color yellow, YES!

Z – the words zippy and zowza


Setup For Friday

April 9, 2008

The upcoming Friday Photo theme will be Photographic Art.    I want to provide an introduction to what I will post on Friday so that day’s post will be simple.

Awhile ago, I came to the conclusion that I have some deep-seated heretofore unexamined and troublesome philosophies about money.    The problem was exasperated by not knowing how to investigate this dark section of my psyche in order to ‘solve’.    

An unexamined life is not worth living.    Socrates

Shunning the concept of professional help via the mental health route, I decided a prosperity coach would be more financially acceptable – I could then write off the cost of this from my taxes as a business expense since I was self-employed.  BRILLIANT!

Perhaps harboring suspicious thoughts on ‘psychiatrics’ is not so healthy, either.  Oh well.    I once had a doctor – family practice, I believe – who told me it is NOT a good idea to get any kind of notes on your medical files concerning depression, etc.    Interesting, huh?    I don’t mean any offense to anyone on this issue, I just have not been brave enough to consider it for myself due to that stupid stigma crap.   And cost / insurance issues.      Having known a few life coaches, I have bought into the idea that counselors never ‘fix’ anything and coaches get you moving and growing and … etc.    Anyway…  

The point of this post is my experience with my prosperity coach and how that relates to Friday’s Photographic Art.

We chatted about fun things I like to do and how I could possibly turn these activities into money-making ones.   We discussed my love of snapping pictures – mostly flowers, architecture, and/or whatever catches my fancy.    I often make my own greeting cards but do not get terribly elaborate or creative.  (for example, I don’t have Photoshop…  why?  don’t know – haven’t gotten around to it…)   This does not mean that I don’t get compliments and encouragement from friends about how ‘amazingly creative’ I am.   I eat it up.

And then one day, I’m sitting in a restaurant when the sunlight steaming through the window casts a shadow on the wall that catches my eye.    I whip out my camera and snap a picture.

I go home and play with the photo manipulation software that I do have and I print off a composite of ‘effects’, print on photo paper and frame it for my friend that was with me for lunch that day.

“OH!  OH!   OH!    You must SELL this to the restaurant!    They would buy it, I’m sure!!”,   says the friend.

My prosperity coach agrees.   This is a good idea.   It will FORCE me to confront my unwillingness to appreciate my talents and assign monetary value to these talents.    It will make me face the concept of money as it relates to WORTH.    I must consider the exchange of my talents given to the universe and be willing to receive DOLLARS as reward.

So, off I go to pitch the ‘art’ to the restaurant…

Part 1 of 2 or 3.    We’ll see.


Last Night’s Class

January 25, 2008

Last night, a friend and I enjoyed a class brought to us by the area’s community learning center.   The class was advertised as being based on the book “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn and promised to go beyond where “The Secret” left off.

I have not read Ms. Grabhorn’s book.  I have not read The Secret nor seen the movie.   I did see one of the Oprah episodes that discussed it and I have read numerous pro & con opinion articles.   I own the Hicks book with LOA in the title but have yet to even open it.  I have seen movie What the Bleep Do We Know and found it the most fascinating of all; probably the science of it.

The Law of Attraction.     A law similar to the same fact-based law-ness (I know, but I love adding ‘ness’ to words!) as the Law of Gravity.   Probably like Murphy’s Law, too.   I am not meaning to dispute or prove LOA.   Personally, I believe it – which also runs counter to it being a ‘law’; it either is or is not without my ‘believing’ in it one way or the other.     Apples don’t fall from the tree depending on my believing in gravity or not.

My own person experience has proven this law both positively and negatively.   I, however, do not have a 24-7 consciousness of its application in influencing my life nor have I ever stated this to be a goal of mine.   I just find it fascinating.

My friend, an extremely bright friend whom I admire greatly, knew next to nothing about LOA, the Secret, etc. until we discussed this class and decided to sign up for it.    [Funny how people can be up on some topics and so out of the loop on others, isn’t it?  Anyway…]  

The logical judging side of my personality found the class and the presenter woefully lacking.   Misspelled words.   egad.    Misspelled words and what THAT means as a representative of quality?!   Frowns of disapproval.   I was even harsh in my assessment to the physical being and how this physical being was dressed and groomed.   Sad indeed.  

However.    My gentle fun-loving WTH side of me rolled with it and happily engaged in the connections presented.

Only 4 people attended the class.   I found myself taking notes and writing EVERYTHING down just to keep my thoughts on NOT-JUDGING.   The presenter jumped right in, was extremely enthusiastic and admitted times of personally needing better attention to this topic.     Which was good since I had almost started writing down every time I heard “It’s hard to believe…”    um.     What are we supposed to be learning here?

Wierd fact #1:    One of the participants was ALSO in my Adult Lit Training from Tuesday!!   What does THAT mean?   (and do I really want to know?)

Wierd fact #2:   One of the participants admitted that LOA has worked for her in an amazing case.  (We hung on every word!)   She had meditated for 2 weeks that her broken down truck would somehow become a brand new one and THEN!!!!

BAM!!!   Her father bought her a truck.  Out of the blue.   Mean old bastard, too, from what she was saying.     and he never knew she had been ‘concentrating’ on receiving a new truck!

I loved it!   Truly, truly!   I am sincerely thrilled for her.    [Realize if you don’t already know….   LOA says there is no such thing as luck and no such thing as coincidence.   Only like energy attracting like energy.   I failed to mention that earlier, didn’t I?  oh well.  That’s the gist of LOA.]

Quick Nuggets from my notes:

We are born creators.

Needs are fear-based; desire is from excitement.

The KEY to having whatever you most desire is finding a way to feel GOOD about it.

Joy radiates.

The universe ALWAYS delivers.

Expect what I want to happen to happen.

I have to know what I have to know.

How you spend your days is how you spend your life.

First and foremost, be happy.

Great stuff, huh?!    It surely did take me back to my rah-rah “BEE POSITIVE” days in Mary Kay…    Good times, mostly.     And, again, it brought me back to those thoughts of

“Hrmph.   If she can do that, I can do that.”

But…. do I WANT to do that?   That always seems to be the question.

In the end, the class was a fun way to spend an evening.    My friend and I are thinking about re-dedicating ourselves to the book club idea (not self-help books!!) and I did spend positive thinking time feeling extremely appreciative of the life I am currently enjoying.

Now, I just need to send those happy energy vibes out into the universe so it can deliver lots and lots of cash to me in a fun and frequent manner with no-attachments what-so-ever.   


Goals Just for TODAY

January 2, 2008

SO, let’s celebrate a new year.   This is the day that we can brag that already this year, I’ve walked 2 miles EVERY SINGLE DAY this year!  Haven’t missed a day, yet.  AND… not only that, but I haven’t missed a day yet in taking my multivits.   Very good, very good.

I’m excited to say that I expect this will hold true tomorrow, too.

What I would love to say, speaking of health-goals, is that I could/would/should run a marathon.   Aint gonna happen.   I follow a blogger who can proudly say she’s run a marathon.  And her story says the ol’ “IF I can DO IT, so can you!”   I read her story, but I don’t believe I can do it, no matter what she says.   I won’t set myself up for that, because I really don’t want to run 26 miles in one attempt.   Main reason is, I hate the cold.   I cannot stand being outside exerting, sweating, yuck, in the cold air.  It’s just not going to happen.   so, my training schedule is kaput, right there.    

And, that’s OK.   I am happy with a goal of walking at least 2 miles every day, on my inside, room-temperature treadmill.     Goals are supposed to be a stretch and yet possible.   This is possible.    What’s also very possible is the skipping of one day.   That turns into 5 weeks.    So, it’s not a distance thing, it’s an EVERY DAY thing.

I hear all of you who don’t do the resolution process, but I personally love it.   I love January.    For all of these reasons: the promise, the hope, of NEWNESS!   And, I actually can work myself up into setting this feeling of hope and promise and newness (do I repeat myself?) on a new MONTH and often, on a new DAY.   

Since, this rambleness is getting excessive, I will end with a quote from a movie.   From an overlooked movie starring Julianne Moore, The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio.    I LOVED the can do, overcoming, positive thinking mindset and what it can bring, LOA idea of this movie.  Actually, forgive the resigned sense of fatigue that this expresses, it really does have a positiveness to it; start fresh again tomorrow – when this day fails to bring you what you needed…

I’m tired of this day, I’d like a new one.

I’m off now to get on that treadmill, read my book, slam down those vits, and get on with this beautiful day and if I need this quote later, that’s all good, too.  SMILES!!   🙂  🙂


Quote for Today

December 20, 2007

Look, I really don’t want to wax philosophic, but I will say that if you’re alive, you’ve got to flap your arms and legs, you’ve got to jump around a lot, you’ve got to make a lot of noise, because life is the very opposite of death.                        – Mel Brooks

I entered ‘Mel Brooks Christmas’ into the search box and found this!


Not Enough TO DO.

September 7, 2007

OK, I admit it.  I do not have enought TO DOs on my TO-DO List.   But then, forgive me, I do have a ‘hurry up and wait’ kind of job that I’m quitting once this current assignment is completed.    Which could cause me stress because I can’t DO anything to make it hurry up and BE concrete!  Just sit here and hope that I get the phone calls from the decision maker – who/whom I don’t even know by name because of how amazingly complicated and %^&*$ it has become – and so I don’t go to the beach and enhance my tan because I might have to run to the office and fax something.    OK.   I can do much better than this.    Change subject.  SEE – easier to avoid.

SO, my to do list:   1.  return shirts to Kohls.   2.  fill truck with full tank of gas.   3. treadmill 30 minutes.   4.  post on my blog.   k’ching DONE!!      5.  Gather O’s papers for getting him pet-therapy-certified.    Have already taken out the trash so I can cross that off the list.

RESPONSE – ABLE.   Responsible.     Googling ‘irresponsible’ gives “showing lack of care for consequences” .   SO that isn’t me.   (ok why did my font size just change and how do I get it bigger again?)   RESPONSE – ABLE.   Responsible.     TRICK it – copy and paste and thus reset my font.   gotta be in here somewhere….    and then defining ‘responsible’ gives me “worthy of or requiring responsibility or trust”.    I’ve always hated when I get a form of the word I’m defining in the definition.     Point is…   I do care about the consequences.

Worthy of trust.  and there it is.   I just don’t trust myself.    and that is how other’s don’t can’t won’t trust me.   and it’s not that I’m untrusting.   It’s that sense of inauthenticity.     Great word.    Hard to put a finger on; vague, uncomfortable.   

I got an awesome compliment yesterday from a coworker that really just thrilled me.    and yet, my hope was that my boss would pick up on it and elevate her sense of my ability.    Abilities.     And with what aim of that?  I don’t know.    “I can not control other’s perception of me.   I can only control how I am presented.”   THAT was from last night’s Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.   I just love Tim Gunn and the Bravo channel!    

I had grand plans for today’s blog.   Was going to comment on the wild ride I’ve had tripping thru this blogosphere.   The amazing – endlessly amazing posts on topics that I am clueless on!    and how and why I add some of these to my blogroll and how/why I continue to check/lurk…   I think it is a trust.  That intuitive, I sense something here I need to learn.   or kindred spirit.   or…    

I’m blabbering/meandering on here with no focus.   Going to jump back to my to do list.  and get on that treadmill.   


Adding Money to My Prosperity Gratefulness List

August 31, 2007

Guess I best create a Prosperity Gratefulness List before I brag about an addition!   My Prosperity Gratefulness List is an acknowledgement of the many wonderful blessings I enjoy frequently, daily, minute-by-minute for most of the spokes on my circle of life.   I am amazingly blessed with a husband beyond description.   I have my health, I have the legs and balance to walk, the ears with hearing and often the wisdom to listen, I have eyes that are aging but gave me great vision for my first few decades, and I breathe clean air.   I assume it’s clean.    Cleaner than in some areas of the world.  

Do I digress or should I just keep going?   (I love that word digress!   First time I heard it in a meeting, I was enthralled.    Oh, now I REALLY digress!  snicker) 

I have fun clothes to wear and quirky earrings  & bracelets to adorn with.   I’m not in too awful shape, but I don’t obsess with my looks.    I have a cool car to drive and I can afford to fix the poor thing after my accident the other day.   Wow – 2 weeks ago already!   My husband and I enjoy a fun and interesting part of the world to live in.   We have fun friends who invite us to fun events.   Tomorrow we are attending a Lobster Fest!  How COOL is that!?  I have more house than I need, a nice house.   A roof over my head and truly, I must say one of my top 5 blessings to be thankful for is running water and that toilets were invented before I came along.   I don’t think I could have been a country girl in the 1800’s out on the prairie.   Running water is the best!     Maybe a Roman in the really old days with the aquaduct;   those times MAY have worked out for me…  I have the support of a loving family with little to no drama there.  (boring!?)     I enjoy many hobbies and crafts, I get to travel to interesting places.   I have an awesome life.

So, today.  TODAY.  I am thankful for the 6 hours I am putting in at the office and the $10 per hour I am being paid to sit here (and read blogs!)    So-what that I had a goal to get my 2004 year of photos scrapbooked by the end of August.  Such high and lofty goals.    No, I am thankful that I will have some inflow of prosperity in the form of a check (not cash, no biggie) which I can convert to cash easy enough.   OR I could apply these 6 hours of answering the phone and directing callers to voice mail (I’m the only one here!) as credit to my monthly office fee.    Seems like a swell swap, to me.

I just wonder how I let the thrill of earning $60 in exchange for 6 hours of my life… be a thrill at all!?    Am I thinking too low?   Do I need better focus on my mantra “I am worthy and have MUCH VALUE-ADD.   The universe recognizes my worth and wisdom to recirculate the resource of money TO me and THROUGH me in bountiful quantities.   I have more than enough to pay to supply my needs and more continues to pour into my coffers and grow in my bank accounts.”   DO I circumvent this when I think small or maybe just don’t believe enough.   Is ‘believe enough’ like the word ‘try’?    When Yoda from Star Wars says there is no ‘try’, only did it or not.  do it or not.     Is believe a black & white or gray concept?    Boy, I am falling into a deep abyss today…  or am I setting too low and silly goals for my TIME.   so how can the universe recognize my Value ADD?   sigh.

So…  I AM grateful that my office is willing to hire me to cover today’s shift.   I am happy to help.   I had no other income producing activities planned that I can’t also do while in the office covering the phone.  so WIN-WIN.     Be grateful and acknowledge this blessing.   and work on growing it so that a few more zeros follow that dollar sign!! 


So much for ‘goin with the flow’…

August 20, 2007

Well, earlier today I posted that I was going to ALLOW, relax, go with the flow of the universe.   And what happened!?   I thought the car in front of me started his ‘flowing motion left’ and out of my way and free-ing open my wish to go right…  and I rammed my car right into him!   His car:  broken tail light,  a dent and paint scrape.   Mine?  I will need a whole new piece to that bumber, it pushed in the metal that holds that crazy expensive piece of plastic and bent good the driver side front panel!    My headlight is only very minor scratch so, whoo – still intact.  No injuries, no airbag deployment, and hurray – my door wasn’t bumped or smooshed or anything.   But I see $$$$ being needed and I am bummed.   Just told the hubby, too and now he is bummed and won’t be able to see the damage for another hour.     I THOUGHT THE GUY MOVED!  ADVANCED! GOT OUT OF MY WAY!!!!    nope.   so what did I think about to attract such a (admit it, minor…) crisis?      ugh.