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David Cook Wins!

May 22, 2008

 For the best play-by-play of last night, click here!  Napping at Red Lights


I enjoyed the finale – I LOVED the duets:   Carly & Michael Johns (Wrote Me A Letter)  and especially, the one at the beginning with the two Davids.  Their voices are so different and yet blended in harmony WOW!   

Loved ZZTop!    Enjoyed Carrie Underwood – she’s figured out stage presence, huh?  But I don’t care for that new song (Last Name).   Momma always told me not to say mean things about other people, so I won’t mention anything about Donna Summers.   And, is it me or does Bryan Adams actually look almost good?   WHY!?  do men get better looking as they age?     

Good luck to all the contestants – I love to see what happens next.   



May 21, 2008

Apparently, sometime yesterday, my blog stats’ view count hit 10,000.
It’s a party now!   

Bummer, yesterday was also a day I could upload an image to my posts but today it’s a no-go.    I had to cut and paste the image above which means that I don’t know how to re-size it.    I’m still annoyed beyond words about the incompatibility of the wordpress editor with my PC on the linking issue crap.   I hate that I have to know/remember the code so that you can see one word vs the ugly url.   AND that it takes you away from this blog rather than open another window.     I noticed today that one of my favorite bloggers has abandoned her WP blog due to ‘issues’ and has started a new one on the typepad platform…

Anyway, please excuse the griping when I should be celebrating that anyone has even stopped by to read these words.  AND!!!  these words, too:   Tonight is the END of this season’s IDOLmania!   or, to put it another way?

What am I going to do on Tuesday and Wednesday nights?    Well… on Tuesdays?   Looks like I’ll be watching DEADLIEST CATCH.   Hub can’t get enough of it and all I keep thinking is



A Phone Call, a New Dog and a Fifth Baby

May 7, 2008

When I heard the Idol music come on, I logged off and quickly began to prepare my dinner of Grilled Swiss (2 slices)  with a handful of baby spinach melted inside and a salad chock full of more baby spinach, cherry tomatoes,celery, carrots and Romaine lettuce.   

I didn’t like DC’s first song Hungry Like the Wolf.    I got tired of that one in the 80s!   Maybe because I lived that song, it just doesn’t click with me as a good Idol song…  blech.    Sysesha did a fine job with Proud Mary and really had the moves!     Simon thought it a bad imitation of Tina Turner and yet, what I was thinking during the performance, was how glad I was the Syesha wasn’t trying to sound like TT.   huh.

I swear Jason wants off the competition.    THEN!  I had the thought that maybe AI or even some other evil entity is paying him to ‘throw the fight’!  y’know – to make it interesting.     (Paranoid mind at work?)   It was dismal and horrendous.    He was quite animated for I Shot the Sheriff (sorry, only Clapton should be allowed, imo) and it made me think of the Muppets…   Did the Muppets ever cover this song?  I mean no disrespect to Bob Marley.

  Then my phone rang.    Caller display tells me that it’s a friend, maybe the only IRL friend who knows about and sometimes reads this blog.   I would have ignored her because AI was on!  but she must know that AI is on and thus, this call must be an emergency.   So I answer.

And, even though, it’s not a crisis/bad news/emergency, it is a GOOD NEWS SHARING call to let me know that I’m a dog-aunt.   She got a new puppy, sort of.   A rescue so he’s likely closer to 3 years old.   I may even have that all wrong…    CONGRATULATIONS!   Add this to today’s to do list:   buy puppy-shower gift.

With a little red wine loosening up my talking joints, I proceed to yap with her about all sorts of stuff and managed to miss DA, DC’s second song, SM’s second song and got back to it in time to see/watch Jason FORGET THE WORDS!?!???!?!    ugh.    massacre ahead.

DA sings a fine but boring Love Me Tender, the recap plays and I feel disappointed and not inspired.   I go let the dog out, the husband called to see if I was able to start the mower (I was, lawn’s now had a hair cut) and check a few blogs…

Dog gets all commotiony, barking and carrying on –  I see my neighbors get into their van and scurry up the street.    I recognize the MIL car in the driveway…     BABY!!?!     My neighbor is due-any-sec pregnant with their fifth baby, and it looks like the wee one might be wanting to come out and play.     And, now first thing this beautiful morning, I look out the window to see if their van’s back and NOPE, MILs car is still there, alone.   so!?    Maybe baby has arrived!    

BABY MAKES SEVEN.                  wow.



Welcome to Tuesday’s RWBI

May 6, 2008

Hello All, do you have your glass of red wine?  It’s about 7:04 pm, I have less than an hour to savor my wine, eat some dinner, and blog a bit before Idol.    I’m still wearing my gardening clothes and just realized my sunglasses are perched atop my head…   I just came in from another full day of playin’ in the dirt.

I ‘ve opened a bottle of Castello di Roncade and I’m not at all embarrassed to say that the price tag says $4.29.     The year is 2006.   The website has a tab for a Bed & Breakfast and doesn’t that sound lovely?   I’m off to Italy, I’m staying at a charming little winery…   It looks just gorgeous.  I don’t read/speak Italian but it seems to be just north of Venice…     Gosh, who knew that my silly blunken drogging escapades could inspire international travel!

It’s not bad.   (the wine…)  I wish I had a nice KC strip and a baked potato with a side of steamed broccoli to go with this.    “Flaccid yet absurd.   ”  That’s what my Hub likes to say in a nasaly voice when trying to be pretentious.   (Get your mind out of the gutter.  Even tho this little quip is supposed to be humorous does NOT mean that you need to be thinking of limp dick.)

It’s not too dry, has no unpleasant after taste, it’s quite smooth, really.  (again, the wine…)   Well worth the money.

Last week, when I decided to create the acronym RWBI and then went on to really whack up the evening because I had the time wrong and so MISSED Idol and had to watch it on DVR  (thank goodness I do this),  I had something I thought was important to blog about and I believe I had grand ideas to yap about how much I love blogging and how fun it is and how cool it is that I can meet so many different people.   And yet, it’s easy to get carried away with it and abuse the concept.      Go find that post and the two that follow if you really want to.  I’m a little embarrassed to link to the evidence of my idiocy.   But NOT embarrassed to call attention to it, which really doesn’t make sense and hey – do you think the half glass I’ve consumed so far is having any effect yet?

You really should see the notes I took during last week’s American Idol show! Nah, maybe not.

So, for this week, I’m not sure what I feel must be posted.     Until… that is, I logged in and Moonbeam McQueen, one of my all-time awesomist fellow-word-makerupper FAVORITES (she has even told me that I can be on her cheerleading squad even though I can’t do cartwheels), asked me what a SWALE was.

Oh HOW FABULOUS!   Now I have a topic.

Off the track, have you ever been asked “what’s a topic?” by a five year old?    I mean, I was stumped.   I could give examples of topics but was hard pressed to figure out how to explain what the word TOPIC means.     This was after I told him I am a fountain of knowledge.  “What’s a fountain of knowledge?”    Which was after I explained to him that the few dandelion flowers we were picking would make a great bouquet for his mother.   “What’s a bouquet?”   


An elongated depression in the land surface that is at least seasonally wet, is usually heavily vegetated, and is normally without flowing water. …


A swale can be disguised as a dry creek providing interest to the landscape when dry, and acting to divert and direct water runoff after heavy rains.

Both found when I    googled  “Define Swale”.   My swale, the one between my house and the one with the question-asking kindergartner, is one of the latter.    We are only starting to get into any ‘heavy vegetation’;   today, we dug up the big rocks in our dirt around this part of the country and placed these on the sides of it for visual interest.

You should see the water that streams during heavy rains across the lawns of our subdivision which is a cul de sac going down hill.   The earthmoving boys who laid this place out were NOT landscape architects with emphasis in hydro-somethingorother.     When they first seeded the properties, the rain would wash all the topsoil and seed away.    It’s still tough to manage the water.

SO we built a ditch to try and divert the water to flow properly and not mess up the yards.   It’s been a challenge.

It has taken me to 7:45 pm to write and edit and typo correct this post and I still need put some food in my belly before Idol and me drinking any more of this yummy merlot.


ah crap!  it’s 7:50 pm, I need to turn on some lights cuz I can no longer see my keyboard, this post isn’t cooperating and I’m not sure my pic is gonna show up!    Hell, I’m hittin’ PUBLISH anyway.




May 6, 2008

RWBI = Red Wine Before Idol!   Sometime tonight!   I will try to get the actual on-air time correct this time.    (White wine is fine, too. )  

On the way to TOP THREE.   NOT who I thought or hoped would be in the Final Four but I’m a-thinking David Cook, my awesome rocker, my fellow KC Royals fan, my Blue Springs Boy…

will be safe.   

I know I could go find out what songs they will be singing but that’s part of the fun of the first show of the week.  Tonight could be anything.   In the meantime, I have been enjoying the Neil Diamond channel on Sirius radio.   I never knew he wrote this song!     And, he was kinda hot back in the day.    I will always love him for Sweet Caroline.  



March 27, 2008

I’m a little bummed that Chikezie Chikezie! was the one to get cut last night on American Idol.   I thought he had versatility.   The song he sang a couple of weeks ago for the top 12 was awesome!  But his song on this past Tuesday was a little boooorrrrrrring.

And to just go totally overboard in my love for reality TV, let me share my joy at discovering that, last night, Kimberly Locke was wearing a gown  designed by Christian Siriano, the winner of this season’s Project Runway!   Just a silly little thing you probably didn’t know, right?

To see her sing “Fall”, click here.     

My favorites are David Cook (LOOOOOVE the KC Royals hat he wears!), Carly, Brooke, and Michael Johns.    Jason Castro needs to step it up singingwise; but he is adorable…