Random Thinking -OR- Few Word Wednesday With Artichoke

June 11, 2008

I almost titled this STILL LIFE WITH ARTICHOKE.  But that may have given someone the impression of a painting or art presentation.

I almost titled this Random Thinking With Artichoke but I don’t want this to be a cooking blog.

You may or may not know that I have another blog that is totally separate from this one.    Actually, I have two other blogs but I only update and play with one of those and have let the other languish.     If you DO know about my other blog, you’ve either been reading THIS for quite awhile and must be a big fan!  (thank you, how cool?!)  -OR-  I have accidently left a comment on your blog with my other  id and…   I had to tell you.  Only one of you has ever figured it out without me telling!    (That would you YOU “B” from SC!)

It’s almost like I’m playing in two different realities with two different sets of regulars/blogfriends, etc. 

I find it rather exciting when I see both my blogs on someone’s blogroll and I have NOT told them!    It’s rare.     And it’s fun to see my other blogfriend’s blogrolls containing one of YOU regular CuriousC/IdeaJump readers.    There are more than a few of you.

SO…. Why?    I don’t want my mother to know.

My mom reads the other blog.   It’s a book blog – where I review all the books I have read or list what I want to soon read.  (I’m getting rather exhausted with the past and future tenses of that word being prounounced differently.   I trip up.)

But what is REALLY bugging me!?!?   is that there seem to be a ton more blogspotters (the Google Blog platform) in the book-blog-world and it can be a pain to leave them comments – they seem to all have that security type-in-the-wavy-letters thing.   OR they won’t allow anonymous comments.   Or they only allow other blogspotters.     I have signed in to googleblogs so many times that I can’t remember my password and I just don’t feel like signing in to so many crazy places.

And that’s not all of it.     I suspect that those people don’t like to come to WordPress to leave comments.   

Ok.   That’s it.   That’s my rant.    Forget it – I got more!   I ran around and left 25-30 comments one day and I swear, not ONE of them ever even came by to visit me!    Oops – I think I’ve said ramblings about No-Obligation-Blogging?    Yep, I have, I know.    But you would think a couple of those somebodies would have stopped by to just see what I have a-goin’ on?!      Maybe, I’m feeling sorry for myself that no one comments on my amazing awesome insightful book reviews.     No, that’s not it.    My reviews suck.    I’m feeling sorry for myself that my reviews suck.  ha!

Which makes me SOOOOO happy that I can come here and my readers here are so lovely!!    Thank you.    I am off to go visit all of you now!

First, some “Few Word Wednesday” Photos of cooking an artichoke.

  The artichoke.

 A pretty big artichoke.

  Trimming the stem.

  Boiling the water.

 Cutting in half after 25 minutes of simmer.

I got too caught up in dipping the leaves (are they called leaves?) into melted lemon butter to take any more photos…  YUM!


  1. LOL! Another blogger with a divine discontent (the 3rd I’ve visited today!)

    The artichoke looks yummy.

    I know, I know, wasn’t I just saying the other day, “get over myself already!” But, if it’s going around, I guess I caught it.

  2. I’ve noticed that wordpress bloggers are much more into commenting and replying to comments and repaying visits. When I comment on a blogspot post, the hosts/authors don’t reply. It’s eerie like a ghost town. Maybe their dashboards don’t tell them about recent comments so they can’t keep up? I don’t know, but I agree with what you’ve said!!!!!

    Well, it I must admit, it is VERY nice to go see ‘My Comments’ and be able check if the blogger has responded. and that only works within WP. I know that blogspot has some different and cool stats.

  3. Aw, I’m sorry. It really can be so disheartening when you leave so many comments and make so many visits but seem to not get many in return. But no worries, they may just not blog every day so give them time.

    Also, I LOVE artichokes. My absolute favorite vegetable – or is it just because dipping them in lemon butter is sooooo bad that I enjoy them so? Although I’m not completely vegetarian I would suggest that an artichoke is the vegetarian’s version of lobster. LOL. I saw you cut yours in half – does that make it easier? I’ve always just steamed mine and after pulling off and scraping the leaves with the yummy lemon butter, then sort of dug/scooped to the heart at the bottom.

    Ah, Teeni, thanks for the comforting words. It’s nice that I can come to this blog to bitch and not that one! But sometimes I want to yell “HEY – WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!”

    Artichokes are so good. Actually, I was following instructions on how to cook the darn thing and I should have NOT tried to cut in half. Your method is how I will do my next one. And I’ll cut the whole stem off vs trimming it.

  4. Artichokes are not something I normally cook. I don’t know why. Anyway, at my birthday party my wasband’s ex-girlfriend brought one with her special sauce for it. It was soooo good.

    I have a few blogspotter friends and I like the way wordpress is set up much better. I know it takes time to leave comments and leave comments on comments but that’s how you get to know people and actually become friends. I like the interaction. I know I spend way too much time doing it but what else would I be doing, watching TV? There’s nothing on. Blogging makes me laugh and cry way more than TV except for American Idol.

    Joan, the grocery store had the BEST produce last time I was there! And you are absolutely right about how the blogging interaction is what makes it so fun. If you, Javaqueen and Teeni ever host a workshop on “How To Leave Terrific Comments”, I promise I’ll show up. I sometimes feel like I’m on stage on a particularly great post and everyone elses comments are so good, that I can’t think of anything to say! Silly, huh?

    How did the wasband’s ex-girlfriend prepare that artichoke and WHAT was the special sauce?!?!

  5. I haven’t a clue as to how she cooked it or what the sauce was but I will find out. She is the one sitting next to me as I opened up the present on my birthday post. She’s a great person. His new girlfriend couldn’t come because she was in Indiana. I wish she had then all three of us would have been there with the wasband. That would have been funny.

  6. Joan, Oh goodie! DO find out. (I think it’s great that everyone gets along!)

  7. Eep. I’m horrible at this, especially lately, barely responding to comments on mine 😦

  8. It’s wild that I saw a display of artichokes at the grocery the other day and thought, “I’ve never made one, I wouldn’t even know where to begin,…”
    And, here you’ve posed a “how to”! I do like artichokes- I’ve ordered the spinach artichoke dip at restaurants as an appetizer; but never had it in anything else. Interesting. I learn something new every day in the blogosphere!

    It is a pain to leave comments in other blog types. I agree, and I also have another blog (just two total) and I accidentally left a message for one of my blogroll peeps signed in as the OTHER! I was embarrassed but it never came up….

    I’ve got ‘cha in my reader and love it when you’ve written a new post so I’ll be back to comment more hon 😉

  9. I’ve always done my artichokes this way –

    After washing, I trim the bottom stem – don’t cut the whole thing off or you may lose the heart of the artichoke!
    Then I use kitchen shears to go around and trim all the barbs off the tips of each round of leaves – those little suckers can hurt!
    Next, I steam them in a big steamer pot (the one with the strainer basket inside so they are easy to lift out) while I melt the butter for the lemon butter.
    They’ve always come out really well with steaming (except for the time I cut the stems too short – lesson learned). 🙂

  10. Thank you Teeni for the thorough and helpful tips on how to steam an artichoke. I need to get a steamer pot…

  11. Why didn’t I know your birthday was on the ninth. I must be a moron. We share the same birthday?? I knew you were a Gemini but somehow my brain didn’t connect with the fact that your birthday was the same day as mine. Happy Belated Birthday!!

    You don’t remember our email exchange? not a big deal! You are NOT a moron. Don’t forget next year, tho. hee hee!!

  12. Sometimes my memory just isn’t there.. I don’t know where it is but it’s gone. It annoys the heck out of my daughter because she will tell me something and the next day I don’t remember it at all. But I can tell you exactly what is in the fridge and how much of each thing I have left. I think I have ADD. I’ll remember now, I hope, maybe.

  13. I think the only vegetable I love more than artichokes is eggplant. Oh wait, eggplant is a fruit. No matter. I could eat it every day.

    Re: commenting … I know what you mean, but the infinity of blogs out there makes it almost impossible to keep up. Especially if one has a day job. It can really get out of hand. I could see spending 4 hours a day on it without even noticing. But I have a job to go to, bicycles to ride, gardens to weed, etc. It’s nothing personal, and I feel really lucky to have found this little blogoshpere. There’s so much CRAP out there in the web ocean.

    Thanks for blogging C. 😀

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