Little Ticked Off

June 5, 2009

Where’s my pretty kite avatar?  Hmm?     RRrrrrrrrr.    It really upsets me that my avatar is missing when I comment at your blogs!



When I hit “My Comments” to see the replies to my comments on your blogs, I get…


WP tells me that I should ‘make some friends by leaving some comments.’     Hey – I do have friends and I do leave comments.   SHOW THEM.

ratsafratsarats crap.



  1. Curious, your avatar disappeared when you changed the email address registered with wordpress.com. Your avatar is associated with whichever email address you log in with. Just register the kite with gravatar and you’ll have it back. It’s so neat because it’s retroactive. It’ll go back to all the comments you’ve ever made using that email address and insert your kite avatar. Good luck!

    Also, don’t stress about the “my comments” fluke. It’s not working for me either. Must be something in their code that they will fix soon enough. 🙂

    • uh…? “Just register the kite with gravatar and you’ll have it back.”

      where? how?

      When I got to settings, the kite is showing where it’s supposed to be.

      Thanks!! for helping! It’s a start!

    • NEVERMIND… it’s in PROFILE, duh.

  2. The part about “you need to make some comments, etc.” happens to me frequently. Don’t know why. It takes that “My Comments” page an age to load, and then I get that.
    I give WordPress a stern lecture: “I’ve left plenty of comments, you unfeeling smuggy bloggy thingy.” Then I hit reload. Usually works after one or two tries… 😉

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