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Pi(e) Day

March 15, 2010

Yesterday was March 14.     If you use the number notation to designate your calendar days, it would be 3/14  but you would say, “Three Fourteen”, right?   OR…  3.14.

Thus PI, π, the symbol for the mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to it diameter; the ratio of a circle’s area to the square of its radius.   [I lifted these words from Wiki:]

I love it because I love PIE and not because I’m a mathematician.

I made a Strawberry one yesterday:

Pie assembly just about to start...

I tossed in a small handful of golden raspberries that I found in the freezer.     They baked away into the gooey mess.

Before going into oven - I 'carved' a few strawberries on the top and wrote '3.14 pi day' but it's hard to read.

I also sprinkled sugar and brushed on some half-n-half on the top to make it pretty-pretty.

Oops - I put my mitted hand into it when the pie attempted to get away from me!

I had pulled the pie out of the oven and placed it on a trivet.   When I attempted to move pie AND trivet to show my guests the lovely hot pie, I turned a bit too quickly and the pie started to scoot off the trivet I was holding.   I had to put my paw right onto the top to slow it’s inevitable crash onto my buffet and into the wall.     Everyone laughs, ha ha.    DARN IT.

It still tasted good.

The hub had cooked a tremendous Irish feast of corned beef, colcannon, baked Irish cod and all the trimmings – so GOOD!   Our complementary beverage was Murphy’s Stout.    The guests brought an Orange Creamsicle Pie which was a very refreshing treat, as well.

Thus concludes our pre-St. Patrick’s Day and PI Day celebration.


White Chocolate Strawberry Pie

January 24, 2010

Save the Date

January 4, 2010

Coming soon…

January 23 is National PIE Day!

So says the American Pie Council


Women Unbound

December 3, 2009

I’m hosting a reading challenge!    OOps, I mean…  My alter-ego is.

Anyway, just had to share over here what I’m up to OVER THERE… and see if any of my friends in this slice of blogiverse want to join in a year long (plenty of time!) event to encourage reading around a certain topic:  Women’s Issues!

The rules are easy and no one is going to follow up and grade you.

So, click here —->  The Women Unbound Challenge <—

and think about it, will ya?     Or just leave a note here and tell me your favorite book that you think I should read for this challenge.   I’m already wanting to read about 75 books for the darn thing.

Also, since I’m a co-host, I’m reliving all that fun and joy of the early days of blogging.   When you would somehow find yourself on a blog and then click on someone who commented and then jump to their blog and the hop-skip somewhere else in blogosphere and discover NEW.  WORLDS.

and new friends.

and at least, extremely interesting people…




It seems that everyone’s Google Reader is so full of MUST-READS that I can’t even find time to read a book let alone comment at all my favorite blogs!  It’s just bad, I tell ya.



OK.  Anyone try any odd pies this past holiday?   I made a cranberry pecan and it was scrumptious.     🙂


Swirly Thoughts

November 15, 2009

I was bouncing around Facebook for some odd reason, chasing names from my past as if they might be real enough to click back into my life, my real live life now and then I wonder a few things.

Why now?

Why do I care?

What happened?

Stumbled upon photos from a wedding of an old friend, former friend maybe, surely haven’t talked to nor corresponded with this person in years and yet it stung.   Stung that I didn’t know about it.   Wasn’t invited?!    Deep breath, conscious wow/huh thought.

I’ve had more than a few friendships get pissed off into the ether for many unknown* and certainly unexplored reasons.     In typical self-centered reaction, I wonder what I did.   Which only leads to negative ‘why don’t they like me anymore?’ questions.

When perhaps, they are asking the same thing?  Maybe they are wondering why I don’t seem to like them anymore?

Consider all this and allow me to share my afternoon.   I didn’t want to sit around the house watching football.   I wanted to go out but Hub preferred staying in.     I could have called a few girlfriends, right?    In fact, I did dial a friend’s number to have it immediately go to voicemail so I hung up.    I looked across at a neighbors to see if her car was visible.  Nope.

So I jumped in the car and went to Home Goods alone.

Yet, it gnawed at me that at the same time I was contemplating why I don’t have people calling me to do things with, inviting me places, lunches to plan – that I don’t make those invitations myself.

Gawd, I hate self-pity even as I crave it.  Why does my brain even think of this crap?   Why am I not continually thinking about contributing my talents to the world?  or about all I have to be grateful for?   I have many things to be grateful for.    And I would even be able to count the many wonderful supportive friends I have.

I just wish I had some go-to gals to call and say “Hey, let’s go shopping.  NOW.”  or wishing someone would call me with same.   Where are they?

And it is likely that they once did and I said no?    yes, it is.

I sigh in frustration and annoyance.

I must think about something else, please.

Wonder what I got?   I bought a cool red porcelain heavy stockpot, a spatula, a few blank books, and some martini swizzle sticks.   Home Goods is just a candy store for me…

* Though I did have one friend tell me that her biorhythms and mine were in conflict and that’s why we couldn’t be friends any more.     Was she being nice?      Hurt like hell and still does.


Roasted Garlic and Artichoke Pie

June 23, 2009

Roasted Garlic and Artichoke Quiche, more like it…

For David: a virtual pie!     for a Belated Happy Birthday and Father’s Day, too.


I blended a few recipes I found online:   the first being the Simply Elegant Artichoke Quiche recipe (click here, RecipeZaar) and another much simpler recipe (click here, another RecipeZaar.)

The Elegant One had a wonderfully exciting crust!    which I only altered due to not having any apple cider vinegar onhand – had to substitute Raspberry Champagne Vinegar!    I used regular bacon and dried some of my garden sage and rubbed it between my fingers;  I have no idea if what I did constitutes ‘rubbed sage’ but whatever.    I do not get carried away about being exact with my food experiments…    Anyway, I loved the crust!   I did, however, prebake it a bit too long (oops).   Thus the crust showing in my photo.

The other changes were to use shallots sauted in bacon grease, pinot grigio for my white wine and Farmers Cheese instead of Swiss.   Swiss probably would have been better but I didn’t have any – I only had the Farmers or Cheddar and decided mild and soft was the way to go here.   Parsley from my garden is a special touch, too.

I only had 3 eggs, only about 1/2 cup of half-n-half so I added milk, too and…

here’s the kicker!    I roasted a huge clump of garlic, on the grill no less, and when I got to the construction part of the quiche, I crumbled the farmers cheese, dabbed on/in the goo that is roasted garlic, dumped on the shallots/artichoke saute and some bacon pieces and then poured on the egg mixture.

I baked far longer than the original time set of 25 minutes – waiting instead till it ‘looked right’ – so I have NO IDEA how long it really baked.

But it tastes gooooooooood!      And it only gets better a few days later…   I baked this Sunday and had a slice for lunch today – fantabuBLISS!



Pears and Pecans

June 3, 2009

I found a new ice cream flavor I had to try:   Haagen-Dazs Caramelized Pear and Toasted Pecan.


My searching for more information seems to say that this was a limited release flavor from 2007.    Eek!  and it’s just now for sale at my grocery store?   Please tell me they’ve re-released it and I’m not enjoying 2 year old ice cream.

And/but, it’s only OK.     I think it would taste better as a pie! So that’s what I’m going to do next week:   I am going to invent a Caramelized Pear and Toasted Pecan Pie.

I did find a few recipes to bounce off from when I searched “Pear Pecan Pie” but none of these required any caramelizing nor toasting, so that’s my plan!

Wish me luck.


Partial Post

April 21, 2009


I have started and deleted I dont know HOW MANY posts and thought I’d best just put anything ‘out here’.   But nothing has seemed interesting or blog-worthy.  I have been visiting you all and lurking (by ‘you’ I mean all of you who might be wondering what’s happened to me and why I haven’t posted here awhile.  You know who you are, right?!)

Allow me to give you a sample of various thoughts streaming across my consciousness:

It’s raining here today.   

I am addicted to the TV show Bones.   Anyone see it last night?!

I read 300 pages for last weekend’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon.    It may not seem like much but it probably represents about 6 hours of reading time.     So, what was I doing the other 18 hours of the ‘Thon!?     I slept about an hour and half (it was a NAP!)  and I went to yoga class for 2 hours.   Of course, there are some activities that are difficult to do while reading and I did some of those.   and the rest of it, I was blogging!   Reading posts of other readers, participating in mini-challenges to keep us all excited about the Read-A-Thon, and commenting.   COMMMENTING COMMENTING COMMENTING and all the clicks and links and reading posts to comment on.    That’s what took most of my remaining 14 hours:   cheering on the approximately 150 other participants!      It was fun.   🙂

I’m reading The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett;  I’m about half way through the 972 pages.    After I finish, I will continue to read Oliver Sacks’ The Man Who Thought His Wife Was a Hat.     And then I hope to start In the Woods by Tara French.  

If you want to know what I’m up to blogging-wise and don’t know about my book blog, you may want to visit me there by clicking here.     

I’ve made a few pies lately:    Chocolate Pecan, Orange Meringue, Chocolate Cream, etc.    I’ll be baking a Bourbon Apple tomorrow.

Oscar is the most apathetic therapy dog in the universe.    But he’s loved and beloved so I keep dragging him along on my volunteer visits.   It’s not that he is unfriendly;  more like obstinately apathetic in a cooperative kind of way.

I haven’t traveled anywhere lately but I have a trip scheduled to Phoenix in May.

I’m having lunch this Friday with my friend Teeni – looking forward to that!    Maybe we’ll take a photo.    We’ll definitely be talking about Joan

When I logged into this blog today, I noticed that a few days ago, one of my posts had 133 hits.   WOW!    It was one of my Duffy posts…    I’ve been averaging about 20 hits a day here, in case you want to compare stats…

It’s really strange how I have set up such different worlds between my blogs.    Almost like having two different residences – my summer home versus my vacation home?    Totally different neighborhoods, weather, architectural styles…     It’s just odd, in a way.    

A huge happy hip THANK YOU to JavaQueen for granting me some linky-love and giving me an award!   The one called Let’s Be Friends!!   yes, let’s!

By the way, does one’s avatar ‘go away’ with disuse?     I’ve been leaving comments under this ID but my pretty little kite isn’t showing up…

Well, just bookmark this post for when you need to get some sleep.  ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.   But, it’s SOMETHING!




January 23, 2009

Happy Pie Day!   Happy Pie Day!

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

The American Pie Council encourages everyone to enjoy PIE on this January 23rd, our National Day of Pie.

Pear, Pumpkin, Something with Meringue

Pear, Pumpkin, Something with Meringue

A great idea is to give the gift of pie to someone special to celebrate Pie Day…   What kind of pie is YOUR favorite?   Who in your life deserves a special slice of pie?

Blueberry Lattice Pie

Blueberry Lattice Pie

I just pulled out of the freezer an already-baked double-crust pie  – I think it is Pineapple.   And I might have to attempt the Orange Cream Pie recipe in honor of Pie Day, too.     As for who deserves one?     I’ll have to think on that some more…   Maybe, YOU?    If you want a specific recipe, leave me a note and I can send it via email.

Pear, Pumpkin, Cherry...

Pear, Pumpkin, Cherry Lattice...

I really wasn’t trying to create a face with one eye and one big nose…    Pear Pies are a specialty of mine.   Here are a few hit and misses I’ve created:

Sour Cream Pear Raisin Pie

Grape Pie

Avocado Lime Pie

Papaya Pie

I do not claim to be a great pie baker and I won’t even tell anyone I’m a good pie maker but I do love pie and love to try new and different – yes, even WEIRD pies – every now and again.      And I usually take a photo.

Celebrate Pie Day by telling me your favorite! kite_e


Sour Cream Pear Raisin Pie

October 28, 2008

If you are not a big fan of raisins, may I suggest GOLDEN raisins?   I prefer the golden raisins, myself.   If you seriously do not like raisins, just skip this recipe.   It amazed me how much flavor the raisins give this pie.    I am not a big fan of sour cream pies – because of the raisins! – but I was hoping the pears would give it a new texture and flavor balance.  It did, this is wonderful.   Not my favorite pear pie of all time, but I’ll make it again.

I found this at  Recipe Goldmine (dot com) and printed it in 2004.   I did not attempt this recipe until last week.   (oh yes! My pie book is packed with pie recipes I’ve yet to try. Which inspires me to consider a ‘Resurrected Recipe’ feature to this blog. Whadda ya think?)

5 Fresh Pears – Anjou*  – diced, skins on or off
1/2 cup raisins
1 Tbsp lemon juice
3/4 cup packed lt brown sugar
2 eggs, beaten
1 cup sour cream
1 unbaked pie shell

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.   

Reserve half a pear for the garnish on top.  Core and dice remaining pears (I didn’t peel the pears.)  Combine pears and raisins, sprinkle with lemon juice.  Blend brown sugar, eggs and sour cream.  Combine pear mixture and turn into unbaked pastry shell.   Garnish with reserved pear slices.  Brush pear slices with melted butter.  Bake 1 hour or until knife inserted near center comes out clean.

*  I pick the biggest pears I can find and they need to be not-quite ripe, thus firm and crisp.    The japanese pears are often great choices for pear pie, too.   Again, I used golden raisins and would even try using 1/3 cup of them next time.   or NONE AT ALL.

The quantity was too much for one pie!  Luckily, I had more pie pastry and a smaller pie pan to use.    I was also amazed how golden yellow these turned out.   Top with LOTS of whip cream!


Just a couple of other Pie Posts at Idea Jump! 

Papaya Pie (no recipes here, just pics)

Wierd Pie  (I explain my pie obsession and give a recipe)