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Bucket List

November 16, 2010

Make a quilt
Run a 5K
Visit Ireland (and/or Iceland, Barcelona, Vienna & Prague, Key West, Hawaii, Vancouver,…)
Go to Nantucket
Make a Dark Chocolate Cream Pie
Bake bread from scratch
Win the Academy Award for Best Screenplay
See my friend’s triplets
Wear a cool hat to the Kentucky Derby
Visit Mark Twain’s house in Hartford CT
Mosaic Wilhelmina
Make amends with friend SBS
Clean out the basement
Find more cool things to add to this list
Decide my ‘last wishes’ – sprinkle ashes in the Atlantic?
Dye my hair red. or blonde
Read all the books on my to-be-read list? yea, right. ha ha
Try inline skates
Fly first class



February 22, 2009

Remember my glory days of blogging?  hee hee, I don’t know how you will react to that but it amuses me.    It amuses me because I realize I haven’t been blogging ‘over here’ very much and the topics I’ve posted on lately have frustrated me (movies and my lack of whatever (motivation!?) to go see any) AND – warning:  run on sentence in the midst of, we are – I’m drinking wine.

Red* wine.  markwest

fetzer Do you recall RWBI?    Well, back in the day, May of last year, I was yapping about the nights my hub was out of town and American Idol was on.   And I was enjoying a glass or five of red wine.     Click here to read the first of that glorious series.

Where was I?

Oh yea.   THE OSCARS ARE ON, my PEOPLE!    Maybe by the time you read this, they’ll be over, but I’m blogging at my breakfast nook table on my new Mac laptop watching the red carpet nonsense waiting for HUGH Jackman to start the festivities.   

Yea, I know!   Why am I not in my home theatre watching the glamour?!?!


Well, the hub is home.    He wants to watch ‘something else.’    I guess racin’ is on… 

What the __?!  what a good wife I am.    He KNOWS I love the Oscars!    He is being mean.   

I’m thinking about calling the sub coordinator and telling her I can’t work tomorrow.    Subbing is awesome, like that!   If I don’t want to work tomorrow, I don’t have to.

I did see Slumdog Millionaire.   (ROMI!  I saw it!   Yes, I agree!!   Great GREAT movie.)  

Movies I Actually Saw That Might Win Gold Statues Tonight:    Slumdog Millionaire, Wall-E.      

I think that’s it.

So pathetic.     I think I’ll have some more wine…

* Red wine is safer than white wine.   Although it can keep me awake (sulfites, they say), it doesn’t wipe my short term memory like white wine does…

** and if you’ve read this far, just want to share that we made an offer on a boat.     It was about 75% of suggested retail price, so we are waiting for a counter or a reject…

***   Hey JL!    Did you sign up?!??!    hope so!

****  OHHHHHH so cute!   They just interviewed those adorable child actors from Slumdog and they are PRECIOUS!   so cute.  I hope they are having a great time in America – what a wild ride this must be.   TDC!   Too Damn Cute.


CuriousC Sees Some Movies – Silly Adventure and Crime Doesn’t Pay

February 9, 2009

I watched Indiana Jones and the something something Crystal Skull. Very formulaic:  interesting archeological find is wanted by the bad guys and off we go on adventures to retrieve artifact and keep it out of the hands of those with evil plans. yada yada yada. It was not as bad as all the critics said it was but perhaps knowing that, I didn’t expect much? I found it pleasantly fun. A good rental; eat some popcorn, and roll with it. I do love Karen Allen – isn’t she just so sweet?

I also saw a movie that has popped up on some hate it / love it lists: Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, Marisa Tomei, Albert Finney… I know! WHAT A CAST! Stellar, even. Why, Michael Shannon is in this, too – he was nominated for Rev Road which I just might go see today. (yea, right)  msactordude

But this movie was dark, and sad.   and one big giant lesson that crime doesn’t pay.    I can’t think any positive moments in the entire film.    Two brothers need cash – one because he’s just a sad loser and the other older brother because he has a bit of a drug habit.    Appearances sake, he doesn’t look like a sad loser what with his beautiful wife and 6 figure job in NYC, but he is.  By the way, the younger brother is having an affair with older brother’s wife, played by Marisa Tomei, who is often topless.    A robbery gone wrong, somebody dies, and it just gets worse from there.     The end. 

Anyway, another not so great week of movie watching.   I was all ready to go out yesterday to the theatre that is NOT my basement but both friends bailed on me and the weather was actually nice, so I stayed home with the honey.

Have a great week everyone.


Curious Monday Movie Zilch

February 2, 2009

Boring post!  I didn’t see any movies last week!  or at least none from 2008.      I watched a lot of pieces/parts of flicks on TV as hub flipped through many a-channel:   Bourne Supremacy, True Lies, Apollo 13, Man in the Iron Mask, Da Vinci Code, Etc and I don’t know what all.

Wait!   We did watch For Your Consideration – these ensemble movies that I call “Christopher Guest Movies” although I don’t think he can be responsible for all of it, are funny to me.    and I adore Jane Lynch.

So, I’m pathetic.   My goals and my behaviors and not in sync.   I get it.    I just lollygag my days away, blogging and reading and wondering about my awesome life.        

Happy Monday.


Curious Movie Monday

January 12, 2009

Curious Movie Monday Vol I, Issue 2.   Curious “C” Goes to the Movies!   But not really – watches what she can, when she can and most are from Netflix.    Her attempt to see all the movies up for reward this award season.

This past week, I saw Empire Falls (2005), Laurel Canyon (2003) and Burn After Reading (2008 ) for the second time.

Empire Falls is terrific and terrifically acted.     I recommend the book, too – the movie is faithful to the story.

Laurel Canyon has some HOT!  scenes and I don’t mean fire.   (If you have to ask, think skinny dipping/multiple people, etc.)    Starring Frances McDormand, Kate Beckinsale and Christian Bale – what’s not to love, right?    And also Alessandro Nivola – I recognized him but couldn’t place him.   [He was Nick Cage’s little brother in Face Off.]    This story, however, about Harvard recent grads moving from hoidy toidy New England to stay with some free living and free loving musicians in LA, left me unaffected.

Burn After Reading is a Coen Brothers’ feature so I love it.    Not my favorite of theirs but ever so quirky and ridiculous and fun.      Enjoy this summation but don’t watch if you don’t like the F-word.   It’s really the only dialog here.

I have to say I’m quite excited for Kate Winslet winning the Golden Globes for both The Reader and Revolutionary Road!   Congrats Kate!!   Can’t wait to see these.    (I read The Reader – excellent book.)


Empire Falls

January 7, 2009

I just watched the first half of the movie Empire Falls and wanted to write down (type down?) a quote:

“Life is a river.  You can’t control it;  it goes where it must.”

Funny thing about this movie… Funny to me, anyway.   I read the book by Richard Russo and enjoyed it very much.      Wonderful characters, lots of good thoughts on life and what happens when you’re busy making other plans, that sort of stuff.     It’s set in one of those sad old New England towns full of the stereotypical sad people:   the kind chief of police and the deputy who is just a little too in love with his power.   The brooding high school kid who befriends the friendless and has an ex-boyfriend who is the class bully.    The mean old lady who owns the town, the wise lady bartender, the good brother with a past, etc and so forth.

Yet, it is such a great story.    And the movie is EXCELLENT.    How could it not be with this cast:    Ed Harris, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Wright Penn, Helen Hunt, Aiden Quinn, Dennis Farina (I LURVE Farina!) and many many other actors I recognize but can never recall their names.  (William Fichtner, Estelle Parsons, Jeffrey DeMunn)

Oh yea, that funny thing.   I have seen this movie before.    But I can’t recall when! Not until the opening scenes did I realize, “Hey, I’ve seen this.”    Or did I?    I haven’t had HBO (Produced for HBO Films) since living in Nebraska in the 90s;  I have had it in my netflix queue forever, it seems.     Just when did I see this?   It boggles me.

Or did I just so relate to the story when I read it that I put it all in my head?   And then found out that Paul and his lovely wife were going to be in it and that they filmed just a few towns over from where my Auntie lives.   And now it’s playing out so beautifully!    I don’t know.   I can’t figure it out.   2005 wasn’t that long ago!   I should remember this stuff.   What’s wrong with me.

Netflix delivers this on two discs.    The second half will be in tomorrow’s mail.  I hope.


Curious Monday Movies Vol I, Issue 1

January 5, 2009

Only saw one movie this past week:   Wall-E.


LOVED it!   Not my favorite animated flick, but very good.     Wall-E is a cute little garbage compactor and he is quite adorable, really.    Not being plugged into all the commercial cross-over marketing campaings for cartoon-movies, can anyone tell me if any fast food company is offering a toy Wall-E in a kid’s meal?

Also, I want to encourage those who get the DVD to be sure and watch the extra’s – a couple of the shorts are fun and the segment on Sound Design is fabulous!   Makes you realize that all sorts of geeky jobs are out there in this world…   It’s a joy to see a professional show so much passion for his life’s work (Ben Burtt).

I even ran it through for a second watch while listening to the Director overview.     I never realized how much time – how many  years – a project like this can take.

Well done, Mr Stanton; congrats to the entire production team.

I actually had a date last week to go to the cinema and watch something/ anything but when we got there, the start times did not match my expectations.   So we were either too late or too early!   (Half empty or half full?!)     Instead, we went to Borders and bought a few more books.   Sigh…

What movies did you see last week?    Have you seen Wall-E?