Hot Fuzz

January 18, 2008

I had big goals for this week which means that all the stuff I intended to START on Monday, I have to do today.     Which also means that I won’t be blogging much – I’m saving it as my reward after I do what I am definitely getting done TODAY.

But I wanted to let you know of a fun happy movie watching time we had last night.

Hot Fuzz    hot_fuzz.jpg

I had assumed it was going to be one of those lame extremely crude stupid nasty joke movies along the lines of Knocked Up or even, Something About Mary.   I am really NOT into the movies/comedies that seem to make the most money and thus is assumed are ‘funny.’   AND, I assume that my regular readers here have a higher sense of warped humor.   But that’s hard to say and if you love movies like Dumb & Dumber – I can and will still like and respect you.   I just happen to not like those so much.   Although, I can sometimes contradict the category because I DO like Happy Gilmore and MeMyself&Irene.     I have never seen American Pie.     or the Scary movies…

Hot Fuzz is SMART.  and funny.  AND silly!   in a good way.    I loved it.   Corny, even QUITE violent (lots of blood & gore) but I really enjoyed this movie and kept thinking “yea!  I’m so glad I didn’t cross this off the list!”

It’s about a cop in London who is an over-achiever.   Which makes everyone look bad so they give him a transfer to a sleepy quiet country town.   He’s not happy about it, but he is a loyal and dedicated servant.

and then mayhem ensues!   

I loved it!   

I saw Hairspray the night before.   It was OK.    and while, I’m on the movie theme:    saw 3:10 to Yuma and highly recommend this AND it’s original.

Now, I gotta attack the to do list and be a good little doobie.  (and my husband is worrying about me being bored at home?!   what a clueless goof…)  kite32.jpg



  1. I LOVE Hot Fuzz! C, you should check out “Sean of the Dead.” It stars the same two guys as the main characters, and is just as weirdly fun.

    3:10 to Yuma was great.

  2. I loved Hot Fuzz too! And what? You haven’t seen Sean of the Dead? My god, now you have another thing YOU MUST DO this weekend, you must! These two guys are great team, I hope they continue making movies together.

  3. You’re right; Hot Fuzz is awesome! I love how it all unraveled at the end!

    And to the last two comments: “Sean of the Dead=GREAT”! 🙂

  4. yep, Sean of the Dead is now in my netflix queue.

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