July 24, 2008

I was going to post about my reactions to all the gender in blogging comments I’ve been reading of late, but it’s already 9:25 am and I have GOT to attempt to rein in this blogging addiction I have!  (my butt hurts from sitting in this chair the last 3 – THREE!!! – hours and I haven’t even peeked at what’s rockin’ on my book blog yet.)

SO, I’m going to tell you just a bit about a movie I saw the other day:   Penelope.      I saw this solely on the idea of my nose being my least favorite body part.    Cursed!!

I have two words:   JAMES.     and     McAVOY. 

I didn’t even realize he was in this!     I want to see Wanted  with Angelina Jolie, I swooned for him in Atonement.    It seems like I just saw something else with him in it but the list isn’t helping me recall what:   (his page on imdb.com)

He was Mr. Tumnus in The Chronicles of Narnia – LOOOOVE this series…   Apparently he plays a doctor in The Last King of Scotland and YES!   (you have to ask?)  I will see Becoming Jane !!!  (I’ve seen the trailer a bunch and as soon as hub goes on another work trip, I’ll watch the whole thing a few times – I watch a lot of my chick flick choices when he is out of town.)

He has that unidentifiable MUST-WATCH quality…   

Another actor in Penelope that I think is good is Peter Dinklage;  see The Station Agent.    One of those movies I could watch over and over.


OH, I’m sorry.   You want to read a review of the movie?   It’s about a girl who is cursed to have a pig nose and what she has to do to be ‘beautiful’ again.    It’s good, it’s fun, but not great.



  1. Ha! I’ll have to see this when I’m looking for something light to watch.

    Yes, it was sweet.

  2. I fell for our James when he was in “Children of Dune” They did a remake of “Dune” on the Sci Fi channel and then they did an original of “Children Of Dune”. James had the lead and it is one of my favorite movies though it is best to watch “Dune” first and “Children of Dune” second. If you can rent it I would suggest watching it. It is based on the famous Frank Herbert Novels. Here is a link about James Playing the part as Leto in “Children of Dune” http://www.scifi.com/dune/about/cst_leto.html

    Check it out. He is excellent in this movie.

    I WILL check this out – thanks. a very long time ago, I attempted the book Dune but didn’t get very far with it.

    I saw him in Narnia and The Last King of Scotland. He’s not only cute he is a wonderful actor.

  3. I found the book difficult too but I loved the movie which was actually a miniseries.

    Good to know. I can’t put any more books on my toberead stack. But I can always seem to find time to watch a movie.

  4. I was wondering how that movie was…like either amazing or “okay”, and it looks like it’s more on the “okay” side..

    PS: OMG….I watched Becoming Jane twice in one week…he…was…AMAZING…and Anne Hathaway was really good in it too….WATCH IT!!! 🙂

    It was OKAY in a good way and not the just okay like ‘not good’. I know you know what I mean. You are welcome anytime to stop by and watch movies with me.

  5. Oh C, you’re such a nut. That is one good looking boy though, I have to admit I could easily drool. So, the movie is a rental, eh? I had a feeling…;)

    I DID write the post of the response of my musings to your gender in blogging topic. (uh, that was quite a string of words…) but I don’t know if I’ll hit the publish. Maybe someday.

  6. He is oddly appealing.
    My children liked the movie. i thought it was a little long and a bit too sweet for my taste, but at least it wasn’t godawful like so many movies.

    Oddly appealing – yes. Sometimes, I wonder if he’s really all that good-looking but definitely attractive. sigh…

  7. Wooow! I had no idea that kid was in so many recent movies. I just saw “wanted” too (btw, umm CRAZY) and thought he was pretty awesome at the acting thing. Guess I’m behind the times here!

    Hey you. Keeping busy this summer!?

  8. I also learned recently that he was in Wimbledon…the movie, not the tennis game. My crush for him in Atonement was so big that I ordered the book just to see him on the cover.

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