Photo Friday Bridges and Arches

October 17, 2008

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I introduce to you the three bridges allowing you access across the Cape Cod Canal in Bourne Massachusetts.   First, the Sagamore Bridge:

and the RailRoad Bridge over the Cape Cod Canal (I’ll have to do further research and update this…) with the Bourne Bridge in the background.


and… GO REDSOX!!  woo hoo!  Way to go!



  1. I love that you can see the faint bridge in the background through the arch of the second bridge.

    Yes, that is kinda cool.

  2. very beautiful photos.

    Thanks! Thanks for visitin’ and thanks for commentin’

  3. I didn’t realize how much the Bourne and the Sagamore looked alike from a distance. No wonder I always get lost. 😉

    SNORT! too funny. yea, could be why you get lost. I didn’t realize they were so similar either, til I posted these….

  4. You sure are hitting home with these pics. I like the bottom one too with the faint Bourne Bridge in the background. I have to cross that bridge tomorrow and leave the Cape to go to Grampa’s funeral in Attleboro.

    That was quite a Red Sox game last night. Yay!!!!

    oh Honey, sorry for your loss and I hope the funeral is full of love and special memories.
    and oh yes! go Sox!

  5. Very cool photos!

    Thanks Julie! I’m off to see your photos NOW…

  6. Gorgeous. That second picture with one bridge framing the second is fab. Go Sox!

  7. Great photos!

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