My closet’s quest for its authentic self?

October 3, 2007

According to Tim Gunn, my closet is having an identity crisis.    He suggests a thorough analysis and pruning of its contents.   I have dreaded this task and this blog is one way for me to be accountable to do it.

I promised in an earlier post, that I would provide a snapshot of how big my closet really is.    Keep in mind that I have only one side!   My husband gets (some) of the opposite wall.   Part of that side is shelves for my crap that should also be thrown away:   hair curlers, my 4 curling irons, bits & pieces of old/extra cosmetics, TP, sunscreens, soap, and, etc etc etc ad naseum.

Here it is!  closet.jpg  Its length is the width of our 2 car garage….  Window, two flourescent lights,  very nice. 

 I hereby set a GOAL to accomplish this task THIS WEEK, by Friday, 10/5.   I will sort my entire clothing collection and toss each item into one of the following piles:

Give Away/Throw Away

I will be ruthless and non-sentimental.    I promise to NOT get bogged down in the process of HOW to do this and veer off-stream by attempting to photo or write down lists of what I’m tossing into any pile.   I will JUST DO IT.   


  1. How’s the closet coming along? When I went through my closet it was amazing how many memories were associated with articles of clothing. It makes it rough.

  2. hi there! Yes, I’ve completed the first pass and have thrown into this first pass pile some dresses that I’ve had since my first job! EEEK. But really, the suit even has a coffee stain on it! My first ‘real’ piece of adult clothing and it was expensive. photos to come…

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