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Annoy and Inspire

September 4, 2009

I decided this would be a great place and a good time for me to vent.   But I quickly thought I should balance this with some opposite-rant;  thus the title to this post.    I will list a few pet peeves and then counter with a few things that make me smile.      Let’s see which attitude-influencers WIN!   woo hoo!!

ANNOYING #1:    I get annoyed that people send emails with too few details.   Specifically, the requests I get to invite me to bring my dog to a pet-therapy opportunity.    Seldom do they mention what TOWN they are in!     I’ll get a quick email that announces orientation at Ayer Public Library and…   THAT’s IT!    No, grand thank you for signing up months ago to do this, just ‘hey – here are the dates’.      UM.     huh?  who ARE you?  WHERE are you?   What exactly did I sign up for made you send me this email today?!    SO, now I have to go dig up more details and I really wish I could send an email back, HEY!   WHO ARE YOU!!?!??!

INSPIRATION:     I really have to take a deep breath and just let the faint vague details come to me:    This is an opportunity for me to bring my dog to a program assisting young children learning to read.    Apparently, a child is more comfortable reading aloud to a DOG audience of one and reading scores improve with regular sessions.     I really think Oscar is an excellent calm listener and am eager to do good and help improve a young reader’s ability and foster a love for reading.     Sounds AWESOME, doesn’t it?   At least, I think this email is about that program I signed up for months ago and haven’t heard anything about since…

ANNOY #2:    Husband’s piss-poor attitude this morning.   RRRRrrrrrrrr.     It’s not MY fault you went fishing yesterday and the exhaustion of your FUN day has caused you to be extremely irritable this morning.      He is anything but pleasant this morning.

INSPIRATION:    I must be thankful that my husband has opportunities to pursue his fishing passion and that he left me alone all day yesterday.    I read over half the book I’m currently enjoying AND I got to watch Project Runway without bothering him.     And I’m really glad that he didn’t decide to work from home today.

ANNOY #3:     I get annoyed and SADDENED when people too hastily assume that all creativity and the term ARTIST only means talent for drawing!   COME ON ALREADY!!    what ARE the schools teaching these days!?    Everyone on the planet who has thoughts in their heads are creative.    CREATIVE does NOT mean skilled at pen and paper drawing!     UGH – I can’t express it enough how thoroughly irritated I get that people do not understand the word CREATIVITY!

Here’s what happened yesterday:     I got my hair cut.    I hate getting my hair cut.    I don’t feel pampered, I feel afraid.     I realize this is something I need to tweak my attitude about but it’s still a struggle to set through a session and not wish is was over about 10 minutes after the snipping begins.     ANYWAY, the stylist was complimenting her work and I sincerely said,

“I take it as a good sign that the artist is admiring her work.”

And she replied,  “Oh, I’m not an artist.   I can’t draw at all.   My little sister is only eleven but she’s really good at drawing things.”


INSPIRATION:    I love flowers.     I can see my zinnias outside my window as I glance up from the keyboard trying to find a countering inspiration to my wish that all people would consider and appreciate their own creativity…     Flowers.    Flowers, flowers, flowers…




June 24, 2009






June 6, 2009

Mystery plant at the neighbors…



Thanksgiving Alphabet of Gratefulness

November 25, 2008


A – Apples, attitude, ancestors, automobiles, autocommentarianism, the alphabet

B – Books, Blogs, Book-Blogs, BlogBuds, bees, balls, balloons, beer, baubles

C – Chocolate, caramel, coffee

D – Dogs

E – Energy, electricity, exclamation points!

F – Friends, flowers

G – Gardens, the words go and golly, goodness

H – Health, hearts, hands, happiness, my husband, the word hootenanny

I – Imagination, ideas, my Intuition shaver

J – Joy, jumping, jolliness

K – Kindness, kissing, kites kite_e

L – Light, love, left turns with no traffic

M – Money, music, marbles

N – Nice people, noodles

O – Opportunities, oranges, Oscar

P – Parties, panthers, plumbing, pie

Q – Queen Elizabeth

R – Rascals, rest and relaxation

S – Sunshine

T – Trees, travel, trust, toes

U – Understanding

V – Volunteering, velocity, the words: very, vroom

W – Wonders of the world

X – XRays? Xylaphones?

Y – the color yellow, YES!

Z – the words zippy and zowza


Photo Friday – Colors of Fall

September 27, 2008
Click HERE

Click HERE


My neighbor’s butterfly bush that is threatening to overcome the entire front of the house…

Autumn Sedem

My next door neighbor’s gardens with the musical frogs.

An annoying pesky weed that actually looks pretty in bloom.

The blooms of the Hydrangea that fade to purple – I love purple!

It’s hard to be MUM about these bright flowers!

One of the biggest Chrysanthemum plants I’ve seen.

And finally,  this next photo is a big yellow reminder that Fall is here…


It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life…

– PD James

* I apologize for my tardiness.  I don’t get access to the PC on Fridays if the hub works from home.  (I know, LOUSY excuse – I could of prepped this on Thursday…)   and it rainedRAINEDrained all freakin’ day.    I spent most of my time reading and baking pies and cooking up a scrumptious dinner.  


Quite Serious

August 20, 2008

“For millions of years flowers have been producing thorns.  For millions of years sheep have been eating them all the same.  And it’s not serious, trying to understand why flowers go to such trouble to produce thorns that are good for nothing?  It’s not important, the war between the sheep and the flowers?  It’s no more serious and more important than the numbers that fat red gentleman is adding up?  Suppose I happen to know a unique flower, one that exists nowhere in the world except on my planet, one that a little sheep can wipe out in a single bite one morning, just like that, without even realizing what he’s doing – that isn’t important?”  His face turned red now, and he went on.  “If someone loves a flower of which just one example exists among all the millions and millions of stars, that’s enough to make him happy when he looks at the stars.  He tells himself, ‘My flower’s up there somewhere…’ But if the sheep eats the flower, then for him it’s as if, suddenly all the stars went out.  And that isn’t important?”

 – From The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

May you love a flower on a distant planet, a star, all your own.



July 30, 2008


Random scattered thoughts like clouds and one specific zucchini.

I had more fun thinking up a title to this post (randomocity?  randomidiocy?   randomidiocity?    randomocary?)    and now I’ve just spent 3 minutes with fingers hovering over the keyboard, “what to write, what to write?…”    Best advice is just to start typing words of any kind.   Describe what I’m doing – just did that – and now watch the letters and spaces spill out onto the screen!  a delight.    

When creativity gushes turn to drought and negative maudlinism rises to the surface of the muck in my brain, I usually grab the camera and start wondering what is photo-worthy.    I present to you today, what I found.


First Zuc

First Zuc

Planted from seed, the packet gave a days timeframe of when to expect shoots poking up through the dirt and when I could expect my harvest.   This gorgeous guy was ready a week before the note on my calender said we would be introduced.    He was picked, sliced and thrown into my crockpot of hamburger-potato casserole.  

The Zuc Plant

Here’s the plant from whence he came.     

and the next one to be picked: 



I had poor planning or had poor results and failed execution for colorful flowers at this time of the summer.   Many of the annuals I planted earlier can not handle the heat stress this time of year and I got lazy on my deadheading and my zinnias dried up, too.   My favorite nursery is closed July and August so I’m not sure where I need to go to buy some 8-10 inch zinnias but I need to start thinking about them.   I love the color and boldness of a crop of zinnias…

But the clouds against this morning’s blue sky were quite striking and gave me the push I needed to write a post…    Enjoy and may you have mild temperature, plenty of sunshine and a pleasant breeze for your travels today.


Just For Fun

July 20, 2008

[This was the post I originally posted for last week’s Photo Friday…     I had the theme a little mixed up but thought this was JUST BRILLIANT!  (ha, yea right) and want to post it anyway.   I had so much fun thinkin’ it up and then a whole lot of embarrassment…   Point is, I’m inspired by all the comments to Moonbeam’s lastest post about blogblock and blogging obligations and self-censoring, etc.    I again realized that I do this silliness for ME, damn it.   Not you.   Or maybe I need only redefine who YOU is.   the universe?   But of course, I very much looooove the feedback and participation I get from all of you. (“you” being you readers & bloggers, but not necessarily the ‘universe’; does that make any sense?)    AND, I am also inspired to use this blog to be the better me that I want to be.   Not dreck and dross about lost spoons – although that, too, was me using this medium to force out negativity and it DID work.   I hope to rechannel my focus to help me explore more the relationship I’m having with my world.  You know, purpose crap, passions and all that.

oh – and an update:   Got the Orange Spoon back!   found it in my mailbox.   What?   You are wondering if it came with a note?  nope.]  

Ok, read on my original 7/18 PF ==>


Usually the first thing I think of upon waking on a Friday is ‘Today is Photo Friday!’    I realized this particular morning that I had not yet looked at the theme.   I was hoping that I would be able to find something in my photo file folders that would be appropriate since I had not done my typical Thursday prep for this auspicious occasion.    I admit that I felt a bit guilty in that I had not yet checked on what the topic was to be and the very first  window I opened was Jan’s A Curious Affair blog to find out.

OK, then.   JUST FOR FUN.    This can’t be too difficult, I thought…    I finished up my daily&Friday morning chores of feeding the dog, making the coffee, picking up dog poop and taking out the trash.

And finally, to publish this post.    

Of course, by this time, I had decided to grab my camera and create something specific and unique just for this theme rather than wade through whale photos, cairn pics, and the other stuff that occupies most of the space on my hard drive…

Liatris:   OO La la!  Look at me!  I’m so pretty!  and you, poor POOR Hydrangea – what’s this?  only one wee flower to show off?   and it’s not even very blue, but faded.

Hydrangea:    [silence]

Liatris:  My official name is KOBOLD Blazing Star.   Quite bold and fancy, doncha think?    In my Blazing Glory!  Ah, so nice to be here with my brothers and sisters, soaking up the sun, attracting me some butterflies…    

Ya know, Mistress of the Garden planted my mother only last year.  and now look at us!   I have many siblings sprouted here there and everywhere.  And you?    Just one of you and only one bloom.   Tsk, tis a pity.   Oh, I’m sorry – you DO have a sister.  Way over there across the bed, between 5 or 6 of my brothers.   Goodness – does she have NO blooms?    If I wasn’t so joyful, I’d be so sad for you.

Hydrangea:  [silence]

Liatris:   And my colors!   So much brighter than lavender – more a pink violet?   FUSCHIA!   yes, yes!!   And look how TALL I am!    Just me alone, I have three tall stems of flower.  I’m a STAR!   

Hydrangea:   PBPBPBpbppbbBBTTHSTTHSTTHh.


Alphabet of Gratefulness

June 26, 2008

I have a thing for the alphabet.  

I am grateful for:

A – Apples and Angels

B – Beauty in the world:  butterflies, buttercups, bluebirds

C – Cake, courtesy

D – DOGs

E – Elephants

F – Flowers

G – Giraffes and the flavor Ginger

H – my House

I – imagination

J – cranberry JUICE

K – kindness and Krispy Kreme donuts (and the fact that I don’t even think I can buy them around where I live, whew!)


M – my mother

N – nickels?

O – oranges

P – purple flowers

Q – the word queue (I think it is a cool word…)

R – Rachel

S – sprinkler systems

T – time for travel

U – understanding

V – the word VERY

W – whispers in the dark

X – ugh, I can only think of xylophone

Y – bright YELLOW colored…  FLOWERS

Z – my Zany Zazzler highlighter collection.


Gotta do this as fast as possible so you don’t think too hard!   Happy Thursday… “C”



My Pup in Pictures

June 23, 2008

I chased the dog around the yard the other day with a camera.    Enjoy.

 Oscar de la Hunta

 Oscar is a 3 year old Griff.   I don’t think I realized what setting my camera is on.   Apparently, it was not the AUTO setting;  these all look a bit grainy.

 Oscar!  Look at me!  (notice cairn in background)

  “Griff” is short for WireHaired Pointing Griffon.   We had never heard of it, either.   This breed was recommended to us by one of those online “Find which breed is perfect for your family” surveys.   I think it was

  The newer Cairn.

  Oscar and my feet (pre-pedicure.)

 The iris.

  For Moonbeam.