You Think You’re Loving But…

June 17, 2008

I’m Leaving YOU for the last time Baby,

You Think You’re Loving,   But

You Don’t Love Me, 

Babe, I’ve got to be free….


SO, I bought the Duffy CD.   I am really enjoying all of it all, all the songs, singing along, etc.    Guess when I do find favorite music, I immerse myself in it.     I can’t stop singing this Warwick Avenue song (which is a WHOLE lot better than the little clip that took residence in my head the other day:   Fergie’s “She can’t help it, the girl can’t help it, OH NO!”   repeat…)

Not much of a post today.   So I’ll ask a question:   What is the FIRST album, CD, song, you ever purchased?    I know that I bought singles – would have been the 70s and I really do recall suffering over the decisions, trying to decide which ONE?!   which one to buy?!?!?!  but I can’t not think of the song that was my very first.   I thought maybe it was the Byrds Turn, Turn, Turn  but that is too early.   I’m thinking something from 1973 or 1974, something sorrowful, slow and deep with meaning, I’m sure.    I have sketchy memories of singing Doobie Brothers songs on the playground.   So what happened between that and this:  my admission that my first album was Barry Manilow Live?   1977.    I know every word to every song on that damn thing, too.   



  1. LOL that you had Fergie’s song stuck in your head – that stuff happens to me a LOT! I’m really liking Duffy lately myself, so it was nice to see this over here. My first records that I purchased were The Eagles Greatest Hits, and Lynyrd Skynyrd something. I also remember a lot of the J. Geils band.

  2. The first CD I ever bought was Vs. by Pearl Jam. My cousin gave me some money when I told him I didn’t have a CD collection yet. I was fourteen, he was twenty-five. He wanted to be remembered as the enabler/catalyst. I thought about which one to buy for a long time and I still think I chose well. 🙂

  3. Teeni – I get the worst songs stuck in my head… Oh yes, the Eagles are good. and Lynyrd Skynrd is actually one of those bands I probably only know their biggest hits. Sweet Home Alabama, right? that song actually reminds me of Mexico. Anyway…

    FW, THAT is an awesome story! Your cousin definitely knew how to make himself memorable, what a terrific gift! I’m sure you chose well. I missed the Pearl Jam music era somehow and need to catch up, I know.

  4. first album? “the partridge family by numbers.” i was about 5.
    first single? “night fever” by the bee gees. i was in 7th grade.

    you can commence laughter now.

  5. Wreke – uh oh, I was in 6th or 7th grade in 1977… I had eclectic music choices even back then – Andy Gibb to Steve Miller and then to KC & the Sunshine Band! woo hoo. Can you really not sing along with I Write the Songs, I Write the Songs – you are laughing at me, right?! I watched VH1 I love the 70s last night and I think I was only culturally aware for half the stuff, sigh.

    I almost mentioned on your Joisey post that I’ve been to Newark but it didn’t feel right to say that amongst the argument for north, south or central NJ…

  6. haha oooh this is sad-N’Sync. Could I be more predictable? Seriously though, LOVED that CD. Oh yeah, loved it.

    I saw Duffy on Regis & Kelly not too long ago, she was so cute!

  7. Heather! NSync?! really? good for you. I am so loving Duffy – it’s scary. I listened to some Pink today, too. She’s my other fave singer of the moment.

  8. […] CuriousC asked her readers yesterday what was the first album they ever bought. When I was in high school, collecting CDs was fun and grunge was becoming mainstream. As I was telling CuriousC, the first CD I bought was with money that my 25 year old cousin gave me when he found out that I didn’t have a CD collection yet. He wanted me to be able to buy my first one. I was really excited! I bought an album by Pearl Jam, but I didn’t know what the name of it was since some of the editions were printed without titles. It was known to me as the one with the woolly fenced-in sheep. I am thankful that my cousin was so nice to me. […]

    I didn’t realize I can edit and respond to these LINK-Loves! nifty. I love throwing a pebble out into the blog waters and seeing the ripple effect of ideas and great posts! Simmered up a memory, huh?

  9. Otsenka 5!

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