I’m Addicted

May 19, 2008

I’m addicted to this song.



(wp isnt’ cooperating today?)



  1. I had never heard of or seen this person. She has a really nice voice and now I like some of her other songs that I found over on Youtube too!

  2. Hey C,
    I get the blogger’s blues sometimes too. Inspiration doesn’t always show up, huh? It’s moving toward summer and it’s good to be out in the sun and watching butterflies, reading while sipping your starbuck’s at an outside table. Gee, I wish I was there. And if you ever see anybody you think is me, please do come up to me cuz I’d be tickled to death.

  3. omg, ME TOO! they play it all the time on the radio now, and my 9 year old is the one who got me hooked. so 60s!

  4. I can see why! I’ve never heard of her before either. I listened to more of her songs and liked all of them! She’s different and I like different…especially to paint to. 🙂

    I marked it in my favorites so I can come back to listen more. Hmmm…maybe I’ll buy some of her music.
    Thanks for sharing her!

  5. Very nice song/video, CuriousC. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I LOVE this song!!! I’ve been hearing it on the radio but didn’t know who sang it….

    It’s definitely Dancing Queen music 😀

    OH GOODIE! I was hoping you’d see this post. I just knew you would enjoy the beat!

  7. […] am still addicted to that song Mercy by Duffy:   SEE POST HERE.     I was at the garden center a few days ago and the car next to me was running, the driver […]

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