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Teaser Alert!

December 21, 2007

I really want to post one of those ideas I had awhile back about BEER.

Remember, I told you about this fab pub I found on my latest travels?  I thought I had screwed up and took photos from my phone – which is NOT good due to my being a scrooge and NOT buying email service nor the device that allows me to connect phone to PC…


I realized that I had my other previous prior cellphone with the cool camera and I already own the device that shares data between phone and computer, so I am able to share.

But I have to do it later.

I have pie to make – pie TINS to buy, a goose to purchase, some port for the goose fixin’ recipe, gifts to drop off, books to deliver, maybe a stop at the library first, take the dog to daycare, print a few more Xmas cards – address & mail, etc.  First.   oh!  crap – it’s trash day…  gotta run

SO PLEASE DO COME BACK LATER!    It will be my next post and probably will be later today.

Happy Friday, “C”