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Pub Dogs

December 21, 2007

So, the day I had all to myself!   What to do?  What to do?    The ground was covered with snow and I, alas, did not have my snowboots.    I also became quickly aware that walking to the nearest shopping center – across the highway – would not be a great idea.     Traffic, snow, no direct path, no non-snow covered safe walking path, etc.


Oh yea!  The hotel has a pool and hottub!   photo_120107_001.jpg   This picture does not truly demonstrate the beauty displayed through these floor to ceiling windows – the thick snow glistened in the cold sunshine.   I think I killed a couple of hours, attempting laps, just soaking, and reading one of the three books I completed on this trip.

 I decided to find lunch.        I quickly decided against the nearest establishment (next to hotel) – too cowboy?    [Gosh!  It was so disappointing, I can’t even remember what restaurant it was!  Not a Longhorn but something like it…]    So, I found a stretch of businesses that included a flower shop, a dry cleaner, a Subway, and…   a Pub Dog.

photo_120107_003.jpg    PUB DOG!?    photo_120107_004.jpg

photo_120107_006.jpg  This is the place that gives you TWO beers when you order one.    They also give you two waters when you order ‘water’. 

photo_120107_007.jpg  I had a simple well-made tasty pizza with my two Hoppy Dog Ales.

And, then I enjoyed chatting with customers and servers while sipping two Thirsty Dog Ales, and I think I tasted a few other flavors before heading back to my reading.

 The bar was the central feature of the entire place; it stretched the length of the establishment.    TVs are not prominent but they do have them hanging across one wall.   Behind the bar, were booths up on a platform.     Definitely a party kind of place…   The menu was almost entirely pizza with staggering variety and all with clever names.    The servers were extremely friendly.    I’m sure I was not typical of their lunchtime clientele.

I called the hub during this to make him guess what I was up to while he was slaving away at work…   hee hee hee.

I am not skilled at beer critiquing but I can say:  the beer was good.    [If you need to know where I’m coming from in a beer taste comparison land, my favorites are Bass, Harp, Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams…    I can drink Coors Light but detest Bud Light.]

My husband is a lucky guy;   I like to drink beer and watch football.      And explore brewpubs that serve good beer!

And THAT is my beer adventure for the burbs of Baltimore brought to you by the travel-with-the-husband “What’s a Girl To Do?” Gal.