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Happy St. Pat’s!

March 17, 2008

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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

To celebrate this craziness, I offer you a glimpse of Wilhelmina O’ Hannigan in all her holiday finery.   (Yes, she seems to be a Red Sox fan…)

 And, also, to recommend a favorite libation:  The Black & Tan.  

A few of my favorite beers are Bass, Harp, and Guinness.    Though it’s undocumented, my Hub has some Irish blood in his veins.  I base this purely on how his mother looks and how she can behave (which is probably extremely politically incorrect) but I KNOW she is Irish!     She was adopted and has zero papers nor leads on where she came from.   She only knows her mother’s name was Mary.   

Back to the beer:    According to this website that I found when I googled ‘How To Pour a Black & Tan’, there is no definitive correct interpretation of what beer is required to make a true Black and Tan, so feel free to use Bass or Harp or Smithwick as your ‘first’ beer.

This source claims that the Bass/Guiness combo is referred to as Black & Tan, and a Harp/Guinness combo is called a Half & Half.     As long as you use a pale ale and then a dark stout…    Wikipedia gives a very good description of the history of this drink and other stuff… 

I will quote the Wikipedia HOWTO here:

“To prepare a Black and Tan in the American way, first fill a glass halfway with the ale, then add the Guinness Draught (from the can, bottle, or tap). The top layer is best poured slowly over an upside-down tablespoon placed over the glass to avoid splashing and mixing the layers. A specially designed black-and-tan spoon is bent in the middle so that it can balance on the edge of the pint-glass for easier pouring.”

Please enjoy your beer responsibly and have a great day.