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Bucket List

November 16, 2010

Make a quilt
Run a 5K
Visit Ireland (and/or Iceland, Barcelona, Vienna & Prague, Key West, Hawaii, Vancouver,…)
Go to Nantucket
Make a Dark Chocolate Cream Pie
Bake bread from scratch
Win the Academy Award for Best Screenplay
See my friend’s triplets
Wear a cool hat to the Kentucky Derby
Visit Mark Twain’s house in Hartford CT
Mosaic Wilhelmina
Make amends with friend SBS
Clean out the basement
Find more cool things to add to this list
Decide my ‘last wishes’ – sprinkle ashes in the Atlantic?
Dye my hair red. or blonde
Read all the books on my to-be-read list? yea, right. ha ha
Try inline skates
Fly first class



August 7, 2009

So.   I was just coming back from picking up the pup from doggie-daycare when I had to stop and wait for a car to pass.    While I was waiting for it to move out of my way, I noticed its license plate was from the fine state of Nebraska.


Well, we don’t see too many Nebraska cars up here in Massachusetts, so I was quite curious.   Luckily? — or was it just coincidence?   fate, even? — the car pulled into the strip mall which had a store I was planning at stopping at.   So, I did what any midwesterner- transplant to New England would likely do:    I asked the guy driving the Nebraska car, “Where in Nebraska are you from?”

He said, with a European accent, “I’m not from Nebraska.   It’s just a rental car.”

“Oh,”  I said.

“We’re from the Netherlands.”  he explained,  netherlandsbefore I could explain why this nutty American (me) was so curious why he might be from Nebraska (my husband is from Nebraska).

“Oh.  Well, welcome to Massachusetts! ” I said cheerily, and then paused a bit before asking, “Are you lost?”

The Netherlandian responded with a smile and a nod, “uh, is this downtown?”

“For Lakeville, Mass, yes, this is probably what they would call downtown.   Are you looking for Middleboro?   It has a more traditional town center.”

“We are looking for a hotel.”

“Ah, THAT I can direct you to.”    And so I pointed the way to the closest option for lodging, wished them good luck and waved goodbye.

Later, after purchasing bacon to wrap striper in for cooking on the grill and ice cream for dessert (peppermint stick and “The Big Dig”, vanilla ice cream with fudge brownie chunks, caramel sauce and chocolate chunks by Brigham’s, New England’s Premium Ice Cream), I thought about how ODD my encounter was with the car that was from Nebraska but was driven by a guy from the Netherlands.    I was regretting that I didn’t give them a map – I have plenty in my car.    And I was considering that I should have at least invited them to dinner!    or gone even further, invited them to spend the night at our house.   But alas, that opportunity for a truly good deed was done passed.

And then, I had to think, was it a mere coincidence that they were indeed lost and I was the one who happened to be there for them?

Hmmmmmm.    The universe is just one big crazy place, isn’t it.


Have you done any good deeds lately?     Suffered any odd coincidences?    Do tell!


Partial Post

April 21, 2009


I have started and deleted I dont know HOW MANY posts and thought I’d best just put anything ‘out here’.   But nothing has seemed interesting or blog-worthy.  I have been visiting you all and lurking (by ‘you’ I mean all of you who might be wondering what’s happened to me and why I haven’t posted here awhile.  You know who you are, right?!)

Allow me to give you a sample of various thoughts streaming across my consciousness:

It’s raining here today.   

I am addicted to the TV show Bones.   Anyone see it last night?!

I read 300 pages for last weekend’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon.    It may not seem like much but it probably represents about 6 hours of reading time.     So, what was I doing the other 18 hours of the ‘Thon!?     I slept about an hour and half (it was a NAP!)  and I went to yoga class for 2 hours.   Of course, there are some activities that are difficult to do while reading and I did some of those.   and the rest of it, I was blogging!   Reading posts of other readers, participating in mini-challenges to keep us all excited about the Read-A-Thon, and commenting.   COMMMENTING COMMENTING COMMENTING and all the clicks and links and reading posts to comment on.    That’s what took most of my remaining 14 hours:   cheering on the approximately 150 other participants!      It was fun.   🙂

I’m reading The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett;  I’m about half way through the 972 pages.    After I finish, I will continue to read Oliver Sacks’ The Man Who Thought His Wife Was a Hat.     And then I hope to start In the Woods by Tara French.  

If you want to know what I’m up to blogging-wise and don’t know about my book blog, you may want to visit me there by clicking here.     

I’ve made a few pies lately:    Chocolate Pecan, Orange Meringue, Chocolate Cream, etc.    I’ll be baking a Bourbon Apple tomorrow.

Oscar is the most apathetic therapy dog in the universe.    But he’s loved and beloved so I keep dragging him along on my volunteer visits.   It’s not that he is unfriendly;  more like obstinately apathetic in a cooperative kind of way.

I haven’t traveled anywhere lately but I have a trip scheduled to Phoenix in May.

I’m having lunch this Friday with my friend Teeni – looking forward to that!    Maybe we’ll take a photo.    We’ll definitely be talking about Joan

When I logged into this blog today, I noticed that a few days ago, one of my posts had 133 hits.   WOW!    It was one of my Duffy posts…    I’ve been averaging about 20 hits a day here, in case you want to compare stats…

It’s really strange how I have set up such different worlds between my blogs.    Almost like having two different residences – my summer home versus my vacation home?    Totally different neighborhoods, weather, architectural styles…     It’s just odd, in a way.    

A huge happy hip THANK YOU to JavaQueen for granting me some linky-love and giving me an award!   The one called Let’s Be Friends!!   yes, let’s!

By the way, does one’s avatar ‘go away’ with disuse?     I’ve been leaving comments under this ID but my pretty little kite isn’t showing up…

Well, just bookmark this post for when you need to get some sleep.  ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.   But, it’s SOMETHING!



Four Things Meme

December 17, 2008

MusEditions tagged me!   Here goes:

4 places I go over and over:

(1) Oscar’s Doggie Day Care – drop off, pick up, over and over and over.
(2) The Home for the Aged;  Oscar and I visit Wednesdays and Thursdays
(3) TF Green Airport, Providence RI  – MUCH easier place to catch an airplane than Boston Logan.
(4) Borders – I can’t help it!  I love books.   And this is where I tutor since the Library is closed on Mondays.

Oscar and Santa 2008

Oscar and Santa 2008

4 people who e-mail me regularly:

(1) My husband.
(2) My mom’s side of the family is always sending out ‘stuff’:   birthday notices, old photos, jokes, etc.
(3) I get these crazy spam messages designed to look like I sent them to myself and I have 2 spam checkers that they squeak by somehow.
(4) DSW Shoes.

4 of my favorite places to eat:

(1) Wendys – I rarely go, however.  (and Arby’s and Sonic – I NEVER go because they are not in New England.)
(2) Harry’s  in Middleborough
(3) BB’s Lawnside BBQ in Kansas City (Gates is #2)
(4) The Black Pearl – NewportRI

4 places you’d rather be NOW:

(1) Back asleep in bed.
(2) Hawaii
(3) Aruba
(4) Fiji Islands

4 TV shows I could watch over and over:

(1) Third Rock
(2) ESPN
(3) Bones
(4) Friends

4 movies I could watch over and over:

(1) Kill Bill I & II
(2) The Breakfast Club
(3) Philadelphia Story
(4) Moulin Rouge

4 people I hope will respond:

(1)   Wendy – I realize you are having connectivity issues so whatever.
(2)  Elena
(3)  Grace Magazine
(4)  Hallie


Photo Friday: Windows

November 14, 2008
Click HERE

Click HERE

I don’t have much time to play on the PC on Fridays, actually from Thursday evenings, so this will be quick.  I dedicate this photo to Mrs. Nascar!     It’s a view from our rental car of the Kansas Speedway, looking east.     Taken in February 2008.



Cape Cod National SeaShore

November 2, 2008


Essay: What I Did This Weekend

October 6, 2008

An essay in photos.    I had 9 yards of dirt delivered last week and I moved most of it.    We planted a few trees and then celebrated by spending Sunday at the Boston Boat Show.   Good times.   I’m sore;  I’m tired.

         This is where that dirt went.   We built up 2 sides with railroad ties so that we didn’t have to dig as deep a hole for the Cedar tree nor have to buy a more expensive taller tree.   We are hoping this guy (the variety is ‘green giant’) will block our view of the neighbors so we can play naked in the hot tub.

          This is a less caddywompus view.   Anyone know how to spell ‘caddywompus’ correctly?

     Trees were 50% off so we bought this birch tree, too.    This spot should make for very happy tree – lots of wet land here.  And blocks the view of our neighbors playset.

  Then…  BOATS!!!!!

                   Any of these will do.   The one on the right is preferable…   Unfortunately, not as affordable.

  We completed our day with a lovely mid-afternoon meal at Anthony’s Pier4.   I had the Fish Chowder – yum!!   Then back home to watch football.   And the poor Red Sox.