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Monday Musings

July 7, 2008

I want to establish some more disciplined blogging habits.   I hope to actually visit the “My Comments” section of the dashboard BEFORE I do anything else, then respond to comments here (thank you!) and then visit the bloggers blogs that have stopped by and then visit my must-visits faves, then other blogs in my roll at random (hey – wonder what THEY are up to these days…) and then post.

But I’m not disciplined.

I usually go bounce around and leave a few comments and when I do go visit My Comments, it’s always the comments I just left 2 minutes ago.  

Then I remember my google-reader and get overwhelmed how many blogs I’ve added to this service, how many posts the count is up to, and then I go do some laundry.


Did anyone watch Wimbledon?!    wow.   WOW.      I do admire the male tennis player physique…

While on vacation, no – while on the drive BACK from the holiday to the neighborhood, I was writing in my journal about all the fun things I am inspired to do!     I must be more disciplined to ACCOMPLISH and get the mosaics COMPLETE.  DONE.   I want to get back to scrapbooking.  First I must re-organize my craft room.    I want to sew.   I want to design or take apart a few dresses and recreate in other more fun fabrics!     I have curtains to hem and hang that have been patiently waiting for me for 14 months now.    I have a camera that I really should sit down with the book and understand what the thing is doing (at those times when I get the display chart and can’t get it to go back to ‘next photo ready’ aim.   I always turn it off and turn it back on.  sigh.) 

And, now, I have so much to do today that is just life stuff.   laundry, groceries, my volunteering – I’ve got 4 appts today.  TODAY!

  The latest CAIRN.  Before the 5 year old thought it was cool to knock it down…

I have company visiting later this week and I need to get ready.     Just so you know, I won’t be posting much on the ol’ blug during the next fortnight or so…

Happy July!Yours truly, Curious C


Poetry Wednesday

March 19, 2008


I finally found a poem on a Wednesday!    Written on spiral notebook paper, yellow with age (over 25 years old now, I’m assuming), this is my entry for Poetry Wednesday.     I have no idea who I could have been writing about.   Perfect man?  Biggest fan?   



Love is confusing,

or am I just confused

      that this is love?

Love can be bewildering

Or am I just bewildered

                                           about what it is I’m feeling?

On & on I love to talk

                                  of who I’m feeling for

And suddenly all I can do

                                                  about these feelings is ignore!

Not to jump too fast I say

(Althought he is a perfect man)

It isn’t love – “uh huh, no way”

I’m just his biggest fan






Bits of Amusings… (aka “Hugging Steve Buscemi”)

March 11, 2008

A few tidBITS from a previous journal of mine that I found quite amusing

  Nov 15, 2001:

“Don’t ever live your life with ‘what could have been,’    
but rather with ‘what could be.’                 – some television show.  (lots of Fetzer Merlot…)hhhhhhhh


  Feb 10, 2002:

“How much more fun life would be when you have more fun people in your life.”    Paraphrased from a conversation I eavesdropped while waiting for a plane in Atlanta.        [I didn’t write why I was in Atlanta and I don’t remember.   Must have been PeopleSoft training?]


 Feb 18, 2002:

What has God been trying to tell me thru the events in my life.    [no question mark…]

“It’s not the blessings in your life that’s important; it’s your recognition of these as blessings.”


  May 5, 2002:

Weird dreams of late.  One night, along dry terrain, new construction, a blonde with 3 kids, named Gracia or Barb.   Later, I think it was my friend Deanna.

Last night was a nightmare.  I was having a nervous breakdown in a grocery store:    Cancelling hair cuts, buying a gallon of milk.  Hugging Steve Buscemi.    [I like Buscemi!  I wonder if it was a nightmare for him rather than me?  too funny…]


[the very next entry:  ]   June 13, 2002:

I’ts a T_day.   Can’t think of anything else to write…




Bad Poetry Minute – You’ve Been Warned

January 15, 2008


 Looking out the window

What do I see?

how is it different

       than a mere


Still Waters Run Deep

       still water

reflects like glass.

Glass of a mirror.

Do I even see through

              glass or

is what the mirror

reflects back a

                   perception or


When to reflect,

is a contemplation

go over it once more

go through it

see through it

see – out there.

If I don’t know WHO

                                      I am,

                                                      who is looking

back at me?

from the reflection in my mirror.




More from the past journals of my life…





January 8, 2008

I offer my journal entries from another time, another life.   Early 80’s, my sophomore year in High School…    Beware the bad poetry.

Jan 7

I probably got a B on my Eng speech.  It was 3:56! & I forgot to say the date. —  Forget Robin.  Forget Keith.  Preferably the latter.  but shit Robin won’t let me!  (& I won’t let me either, I’m afraid) but Robin isn’t helping.  We went to a wrestling match tonight wrestling.jpgand Robin sat by Keith, I sat behind Keith.  Well, earlier today, I was talking to Matt and he knows Kendall and started laughing when he heard we are going out.  Matt says Kendall’s weird.  Wishes me luck.  Well, back to tonight:  I was telling Robin the above and later she asked me if I wanted Keith to hear it.  I didn’t realize he could have been listening until after I had started.  Really!  Why would I.  He certainly wouldn’t have gotten jealous.  He didn’t hear anyway, at least I think.  Or am I just trying to comfort myself on that.  And Robin used to say we understood each other so well!  Ha.  Of course, it would be hard to understand me.  I am so wisabe.jpghy-washy.  Another Charlie Brown…  I wish I could erase all my feelings and start over.  Whoever said “Life isn’t easy” sure knew what the hell he (or she) was talking about.  I should put a smile on my face and live with it.  As Abe Lincoln said, “You are about as happy as you make up your mind to be.” 


Jan 8

I’m not mad at Robin anymore.  I never really was mad at her.  I was mad at me and taking it out on her in my last entry.  We had a talk at lunch.  not much was settled except I decided I am wishy-washy.  I wrote Robin a note telling her I valued her friendship and hoping she would be patient with me.  I wish I knew a guy I could get close with.  Tony is starting to be friendly.  I found out John is going with Sherry.  Darn.

Jan 11

This week is National Man Watchers Week!  So keep eyes peeled for people of opposite sex!!!  THAT won’t be hard.  L. told H. to tell me not to call Brett because he was just joking when he said “call anytime.”  She said he would think I was chasing him and he hates it when girls do that.  “Well!!” 

It’s me & you and you & me,
And I need your love so desperately.
It’s you & me and me & you,
Do you need me, too?
the tenderness we shared,
How do you dare,
Just shrug my love away?
You are the sugar in my tea,
But you can’t seem to see,
That I love you.
Please – don’t turn your back on me!
We are perfect together,
You thought it was just a one-night fling,
But this ‘thing’ can last forever,
If you just open the door,
And let me slip inside your heart,
Be a dartboard for Cupid’s dart.
Give it a chance,
Don’t stay away,
For I love you.