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Blog Traffic

December 22, 2007


Do the holidays bring less traffic due to people being distracted and/or not at work?  or more traffic – students, perhaps, who have more time on their hands after arduous papers and finals? or about the same?

Guess, it depends on the kind of reader, huh?

I was just curious…



      and, on that note, I looked up a few quotes on LEISURE TIME:


We give up leisure in order that we may have leisure, just as we go to war in order that we may have peace.  ~Aristotle



The real problem of leisure time is how to keep others from using yours.  ~Arthur Lacey


Wallowing in Post Ideas

December 10, 2007

Once I got bit by the scrapbooking bug, I would snap photos with the thought in mind, “How will this scene crop and present in my scrapbook?!”    I ended up with a lot of interesting (and unusable) shots but also came away with better pictures, too and a lot of variety – with camera angle, lighting, etc. 

NOW…    Now, these days, I do things with the idea of how things will post on my blog!   I really don’t scrapbook all that often and have so many boxes of photos, I may never catch up.   But I do seem to blog every day or at least check in on it.

Which brings me to this moment right here.    Which idea to chat about first?   The kilt-wearing taxi driver who provided tax advice?    Just the fun day (12+ hours) experiencing public transportation in and around the DC Metro area?   My new favorite flavor of beer served cold and doubled at the Pub Dog?  Hot-tubbing while looking out at 3-4 inches of snow, perhaps.   

Bummer.   I didn’t take my camera on this trip…

In just exploring my mood right now, which is contemplative and sort of…  grumpy?  I wonder if I could write about this.    I suspect that this is an ebb in the flow of my goal solidification process for 2008.   (I love to use fancy words when I am avoiding doing what I should be doing!)   I need to DO more, BE more.  

I’ve been living selfishly or too small.    My little world has become this too-big house and I’m not producing much of anything.    I’m embarrassed with the question, ‘so what are you doing?’ and can be especially painful when it’s me doing the asking.   

I do sometimes think our society gives us to many choices.    When there are so many options, none is often the preferable path.    

No where to go and all day to get there.  

My fear is that I’m altering that sentence; swapping day with years.


WOW – I got that wrong…

December 2, 2007


I first typed in a title, “Boy, Am I Wrong”, but there’s no ‘boy’ here in my head that I’m talking to, and then I remembered the ol’ advice to never criticize the child nor self with a label — only point out the BEHAVIOR.   

You are NOT a dummy!  You just did a DUMB thing…

What I got wrong was to connect in a comment the idea that Ernest Hemingway was the guy who penned,

“It was a dark and stormy night.”

Nope, it was Charles M Schulz of Peanuts fame who called attention to this great opening line to a story.   And he was only borrowing from the true originator, novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton.   All this I found by looking it up in Wikipedia… 

Someone commented on one of my posts that my resignation letter, version 1, was ‘Hemingway-esque’.    Short, brief, concise, to-the-point.    Why?!  I’m curious, would I jump to dark-and-stormy-nights from that?

Just a dis-connect of some sort.  Yes, I’ll blame it on that.    But I really did want to create a post with the dark and stormy night theme!   

But, then I ramble on and lose the threads, jump the train tracks to other thoughts…  

like BEER.   Dark and Stormy!     Which only drives me to open another window so I can find a picture of such concoction – photos keep the story interesting, right?   but I found this instead…   fun! 

Until I got this:

 (I attempted to move the pic from the beginning of this post to this spot but IT WON’T LET ME!!   Now I’m upset with wordpress and this silly editor that I can never put my pics where I want them in my text and I wonder how other people do it or is it the template I am using!?!?!??!??!?!??!    ARRggggGHHhh!)

 See what happens when I freestyle a post?   

With me in this mood I’m in right now, it will be DARK and stormy around here.   My spouse better watch out… 


I give up.   See you tomorrow.


If Only

November 30, 2007

I saw this commercial the other night (during ProjectRunway?) and wanted to post about it…   Now, I’m not sure how I feel about this…

Interviewer:   Well, “C”, just how did this make you feel when you first saw it?

CuriousC:   I liked it.   I wanted to swap all bullets, guns, knifes, machetes and any/all instruments used in a harmful manner with pillows.   Let’s have pillow fights instead of bloodbaths!

Interviewer:  And, now, after seeking it out and viewing it again?   How do you feel?

CuriousC:  I loved the music; not knowing French, I wonder what the song is about – great softly upbeat tempo, don’t you think?

Interviewer:   Um, I get to ask the questions.  You answer them.

CuriousC:  Oh, right.   How do I feel?   I’m wondering if the idea they are selling is DRINK VODKA and have a silly pillowfight.    or…   If I do drink vodka, this brand of vodka, I must be one of those SMART non-violent types.      It’s the drinking of CHEAP vodka that makes you violent!   

Interviewer:   And, what is your point about blogging about it here today?

CuriousC:   AH!  THAT is the question of the hour!    Basically, that once I sit and think about stuff, I lose my point.   I think too much and don’t know what it was I wanted to say in the first place.    Can that be my point?     Yep, it’s all about me, once again…

If you are going to drink vodka, keep the pillows handy.  



November 26, 2007

I seem to have run out of whatever that stuff is that stimulates the typing of letters into words in the WordPress Write-Post box…

I could yap about Project Runway, Episode 2 but can’t come up with anything more than 1.  I dislike the unfairness of team play, and 2.  I’m thinking MAYBE I will go to Steve & Barry’s and check on the winning design.   OH, and – shoot, while I’m here…  3.  I LOVED and wished we could see more of the designs pitched to SJP.   In only 30 minutes, not only a design but pretty boards!  in color and organized and some with overlays.    I couldn’t have done it.   I couldn’t have done any design in my head, let alone make a presentable drawing of it without any scribbles.    Guess maybe that’s why I’m not on the show, huh.    I’d be bawling like Ricky is every week and that’s just too much (boooorrrrrring) drama.

I don’t shop Black Friday so nothing to tell there.   

 See?   Nothing.    I’ve lost you to here anyway, dear readers, I’m sure of it.    [tag me for a meme?  not too hard though…]  Check back later in the week?   or later today.   It’s anybody’s guess, really.    I’m off to the coffee stand.  


Friday Stuffs

November 16, 2007

a random collection comprised of miscellani:

Misc 1…     I have a new favorite ice cream:  Dove Chocolate & Brownie Affair.  doveb.jpg   I had decided that today would be an ice cream day.    I ate a salad for lunch to balance out the calories and then devoured this scrumptious delight.  YUM!   The packaging even has purple!  So, it was meant to be.     I love dark chocolate and this is the first I ‘flavor’ I discovered that has the original DOVE Chocolate.   DO NOTE:  it is topped with a Chocolate GANACHE Layer.    Oh my!   Of course, the 4 servings is laughable.    If I wanted the carton to last for 4 servings, I would buy the half gallon size!

Misc 2…    I typically edit my posts of a third of its original exclamation points.   I tend to be over enthusiastic when I write.

Misc 3…   I wonder if I should be a daily blogger or whenever the mood strikes me blogger…   Like with this one, I am teetering on posting this NOW or saving for later – hoping for more comments/viewings of the previous FREE RICE post.

Misc 4…    My mannequin came the other day.      Be watching for updates.  (It’s to be our winter project.)


Misc 5…   I have had a blogger tell me that she didn’t see any woo woo on my blog and she was surprised that I find hers so interesting!     and another fave blog I read talked about how we show so very little of our trueselves, a mere fraction!   how dare we judge or think we ‘know’ someone by their blog!    I don’t know about this.    I  wonder, I do.    I just wonder about it all.    

Misc 6…   a BUSINESS that I refer…    If you’ve read this from the very beginning, you know that I had a crash which really bummed me out.   Car crashes that do not have any physical human injury are extremely annoying.   (ones that do are scary!)   Anyway, I’ve since had the vehicle fixed and was very impressed with the  Auto Collision Repair (ACR) facility that did the work.   I’ve raved and told friends/neighbors about the gentleman in charge, the incredible service, blah-blah-blah.    and then today I get a letter.   It was a thank you letter.    Very nice, very professional.   BUT IT WAS ADDRESSED TO MY HUSBAND and not me.   My name is never mentioned or referred to .   My husband NEVER even dealt with them, never met them, never talked to them, NOTHIN.     It peeves me when a business can’t adjust to the person who is actually the client.   Hub’s name is listed first on the title? insurance policy? (yea?  so?!)   Why can’t  ACR guy change his stupid software that probably generated this letter to include my name?  or – gosh, here’s a concept – change it to ME since I’m the one he was in contact with?     I’m serious.   This crap bugs me.   

Misc 7…    I do take deep breaths when I feel myself getting agitated.    In…..    out…..      What’s it matter in the grand scheme of things?    The new energy is shifting and I must embrace the negative to enjoy the entire experience….   In….. out…..    What’s my lesson here?     Hmmmmm.

Misc 8…   I need to write my grandmother.   Her eyesight is poor and I’ve been yelled at that I’m not considerate enough of this fact.    ‘Yelled at’ might be a too strong term for the rebuke I was given, but its effect has been that I don’t want to write her knowing that the rebuker might read it.    SO, why don’t I just type it and make the font size 28 or 32?   I don’t know.     It’s been on my to-do list for months.


To distract myself from…

October 31, 2007

I have to go back to MoonbeamMcQueen’s list of how to warm up to write  later…   If I keep reading and clicking and LAUGHING,  I would only be distracted from writing my OWN post.   Not that I have anything to say, really.   

I must say that blogging has really helped my typing skills.   Go figure!   I’m not even looking at my fingers right now.  I’m looking out the window to see if any more trick or treaters will arrive on my doorsteop.

(I know, I just saw that I spelled doorstep wrong but it shows off that I only had one error in two lines of type and I’m just so darn proud of myself…)

Hey therey’s an idear!  I’ll tell you who has tripped up the steps to see me so far!    (My neighborhood likes to hit the houses right after coming off the bus so they can then scurry off to faraway playlands and …  parties?)

Bo Peep (yep, she had an adorable sheep!)
Dorothy from Oz
Davy Crocket
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Grim Reaper
and, …. I’ve already forgotten 2!

See why I needed to take notes!!!    But what you really want to know is what kind of candy I’m giving out, right?   sorry – kind of boring:  tootsie rolls and tootsie roll POPs.      

Many a year, Hub and I would turn off the lights and go out to dinner.     I just really think that kids do not need ANY MORE CANDY.   

Happy Halloween!   I’ll have a lull for about an hour; once it gets dark the doorbell will ring some more.


Something Lighter…

October 26, 2007

I was about to type in ‘TGIF!’ but I really love all days of the week.    Fridays only mean TRASH Day to me.   

Which means that Thursday is, by default, ‘Pick Up the Dog-#$%&@ Day’.  

SO… I sit and type.  Ramble.  Just to say anything.   (And secretly?   I hope to POST this and then go to wordpress dashboard and see if I’m on the MOST RECENT POSTS list!    I am really hoping to catch my avator on the dashboard someday!   Of course, I should probably concentrate on putting out a really inspiring/thought-provoking
/interesting/worthy                     but…, hey.    There are no ‘shoulds’ in life.   Only choices and results.)

May you have a blessed and wonderful Friday and continue the “happies” right on into the weekend.   Smiles!   (Go Red Sox?!)

***UPDATE***   It worked!  I posted this and then checked Latest Posts and I was on the list!  Soooooo exciting.   Then I saw that I had not given this post to a category (or is it the other way around?)   BUT that the system (?  “THEY”??!?)  has assigned this to a category that I keep deleting from my list and it keeps haunting me.   so I re-assign to proper cats and think about tags (maybe, maybe not) and go AGAIN for the umpteenth time, delete the “1” category that keeps showing up.   I only need to pay attention.   Always good advice.   GOOD DAY!


Post #102 on BELIEF

October 16, 2007

I’m joining Sibbia in writing a post that the covers the result of challenging one belief!

But since I have had some trouble in making a decision among so many (or so little) beliefs to challenge, I preferred to gather some quotes on “BELIEF”.  

My favorites are:

By Bertrand Russell, one of our world’s most influential intellectuals (say that 6 times fast.)

The point of philosophy is to start with something so simple as not to seem worth stating, and to end with something so paradoxical that no one will believe it. from The Philosophy of Logical Atomism

Everything is vague to a degree you do not realize till you have tried to make it precise.




Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.    Andre Gide

Andre Gide was a French critic, novelist and essayist (probably would have had an awesome blog!) who said more great inspiring things like:

Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself – and thus make yourself indispensable.    

               and                         …Dare to be yourself. 



I gotta keep it light, folks!  Have a fantabulously sunny day and Love,Love,Love it all.


Friend Who “Disappeared” Part I

October 3, 2007

Friend Who “Disappeared”  Part I  (for the Part II, click HERE … )

       Back Story:    I have a friend who is terrifically busy.    Many kids, high powered job, etc.     She doesn’t contact me often and has told me not to expect any predictable contact.    Still, I consider her a very very good friend.   One of those ‘bff’s and/or  “Best Friend From High School”…

I send her kids fun letters.   often.   I haven’t heard from her in a least 6 months.  I sent her kids Easter presents which I recently realized were never acknowledged.     I never kept track of how often we talk.  or email.    I never get letters (but I love to send them.)     She lives many states away.

I am just starting to get some inkling that maybe I need some acknowledgement.   Is she out there?    In the past, when I call attention to ‘Hey!   Haven’t talked to you in awhile…’   I usually get the ‘don’t expect much from me’ speech…..   Kids are sick, she’s in her car ALL the time, works 60-80 hours per week as a consultant, etc.   SO I try not to keep track.   But she also says she SOOO appreciates my friendship!  She tells me that she loves my letters…

It’s been too long.   She usually calls around my birthday and nothing this year.    Am I paranoid?    I want to send the ping out.   But I don’t want the response one more time that I can’t expect much from her.  

Now, as I write this, I am getting the indication that I have to write off the friendship.    or slow it down.    But it feels like giving up.    How much of a one-sided friendship should I put up with?    How do I communicate that I need either to know she prefers I never bother her again or keep it up?    or what?

It’s my parents and friends who ask, “So how is   _r___  doing these days?”   and I don’t have an answer.    I assume they are doing fine?  

SO, I want to write her a letter.   I just don’t know what to say or how to say it.     Am I being needy?   Do I risk annoying her that I am needy?   or am I fool.     Did I offend her in some way.   (unfortunately, it’s likely…  I apparently say things trying to be funny when she isn’t in a humor mood and she gets all grumpy about it; I don’t even realize it…  sigh)

Reviewing my words so far is telling me that this friendship has been extremely one-sided = MY side.    What do I do?    

I was planning Part II to be a draft of my letter to her.     I have a beautiful Hallmark card of a child holding a big sunflower.   The envelope is bright flourescent green.     Inside:    This card is a little visit from someone who thinks about you a lot.

Maybe that’s all I need.   Sign it and send it.