Why I Do What I Do.

July 28, 2010

OK – this is my FIRST PASS ATTEMPT (supposedly a ‘draft’?) of my possible and required committed-to article for the nursing home newsletter that if you read the prior post will make sense….

Service to others is the payment you make for your space here on earth.

Mohammed Ali

Dear Readers of this Newsletter,

Hi.   My name is _____.   I am a volunteer.

It all started awhile (a while?  I get SO confused when I need to have a space inserted between that a and the w — seriously, let me know somebody which it is?!  thanks) ago when I inquired about the possibility of bringing my Oscar Pup to visit the residents.

My dog is a hunting dog by trade but doesn’t get to hunt.   (I had no idea that when I would tell people that he was a hunting dog that people would freak out like I had a semi-automatic hidden in my belt.  I do not.    I try not to tell people he is a hunting dog anymore.  I say this instead:    “…one of the sporting breeds, like Golden Retrievers?”)    Anyway, he is an active little guy of only 70 pounds and I wanted to find an activity that we both could share.

Therapy Team sounded PERFECT!    We could visit schools and nursing homes and hospitals and CHEER people UP!

Little did I realize that it was going to be ME* (and Oscar) that would be the one(s) getting CHEERED.

I am humbled by the reaction and appreciation I receive when Oscar and I visit _________.   Everyone is so nice!    The residents, the staff, even the Misty the Cat seems responsive to our weekly visits.    I find it very rewarding and have gone on to volunteer time not just as the human part of this pet therapy team but I help re-alphabetize books in the library*, teach computer skills, do odd jobs like clean out the basement, and occasionally accompany lunch outings.

How Oscar feels about the experience is a whole ‘nother story.    Next time?

* You all know, don’t you?  that I am referred to as “Oscar’s Mom”?   Few people really know my name…   Which I’m perfectly fine with.  Really!


Copyright © 2010. CuriousC at Idea Jump! All rights reserved. This post was originally posted by Curious “C” from the Idea Jump! blog.  It should not be reproduced without express written permission.


  1. I hope you keep a muzzle on Oscar when visiting, as a safety precaution, him being a hunting dog and all. 😉 Looks like a nice first posting.

    How nice of you to be volunteering, having Oscar along to visit, and now working on the newsletter. I know you are so appreciated. 🙂

    • Thanks Peter! I do miss this blog…

  2. I like the first attempt better. PF

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