Women Unbound

December 3, 2009

I’m hosting a reading challenge!    OOps, I mean…  My alter-ego is.

Anyway, just had to share over here what I’m up to OVER THERE… and see if any of my friends in this slice of blogiverse want to join in a year long (plenty of time!) event to encourage reading around a certain topic:  Women’s Issues!

The rules are easy and no one is going to follow up and grade you.

So, click here —->  The Women Unbound Challenge <—

and think about it, will ya?     Or just leave a note here and tell me your favorite book that you think I should read for this challenge.   I’m already wanting to read about 75 books for the darn thing.

Also, since I’m a co-host, I’m reliving all that fun and joy of the early days of blogging.   When you would somehow find yourself on a blog and then click on someone who commented and then jump to their blog and the hop-skip somewhere else in blogosphere and discover NEW.  WORLDS.

and new friends.

and at least, extremely interesting people…




It seems that everyone’s Google Reader is so full of MUST-READS that I can’t even find time to read a book let alone comment at all my favorite blogs!  It’s just bad, I tell ya.



OK.  Anyone try any odd pies this past holiday?   I made a cranberry pecan and it was scrumptious.     🙂



  1. Wish I was ambitious enough to join something like this and maybe I still will someday but for right now I just finished The Three Musketeers and need a little brain break. I also need to update my Good Reads list. Yikes. LOL. Mmmm – no new or odd pies lately but I have been craving some regular old blueberry. I may have to go hunt some down or even make my own after the holiday. I hope you are well! 🙂

    • WOW! Three Musketeers is a classic – good for you. I so understand brain breaks… now go hunt down some blueberry pie.

  2. Oh Care,
    I love to read your posts they are so stream of consciousness they make me feel drunk – in a good way. My two favorite books are Atlas Shrugged and Stranger in a Strange Land. I also love the Odd Thomas Series by Dean Koontz – check any of those out if you haven’t read them.

    No odd pies but I did try something new with the Christmas brownies – crumbled candy canes on top before baking. Yum yum – chocolately permint-y goodness.

    Merry Christmad my friend.

    • Hi Annie! I’m glad you like my soc posts. Ya know, I’m not actually surprised that you like Atlas Shrugged – I myself couldn’t get into it but I suppose I should try it again. I just hate long books! I do have Stranger in a Strange Land on my tbr – hopefully someday soon.

      and a big YUM! yell for pepperment brownies! 🙂

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