August 7, 2009

So.   I was just coming back from picking up the pup from doggie-daycare when I had to stop and wait for a car to pass.    While I was waiting for it to move out of my way, I noticed its license plate was from the fine state of Nebraska.


Well, we don’t see too many Nebraska cars up here in Massachusetts, so I was quite curious.   Luckily? — or was it just coincidence?   fate, even? — the car pulled into the strip mall which had a store I was planning at stopping at.   So, I did what any midwesterner- transplant to New England would likely do:    I asked the guy driving the Nebraska car, “Where in Nebraska are you from?”

He said, with a European accent, “I’m not from Nebraska.   It’s just a rental car.”

“Oh,”  I said.

“We’re from the Netherlands.”  he explained,  netherlandsbefore I could explain why this nutty American (me) was so curious why he might be from Nebraska (my husband is from Nebraska).

“Oh.  Well, welcome to Massachusetts! ” I said cheerily, and then paused a bit before asking, “Are you lost?”

The Netherlandian responded with a smile and a nod, “uh, is this downtown?”

“For Lakeville, Mass, yes, this is probably what they would call downtown.   Are you looking for Middleboro?   It has a more traditional town center.”

“We are looking for a hotel.”

“Ah, THAT I can direct you to.”    And so I pointed the way to the closest option for lodging, wished them good luck and waved goodbye.

Later, after purchasing bacon to wrap striper in for cooking on the grill and ice cream for dessert (peppermint stick and “The Big Dig”, vanilla ice cream with fudge brownie chunks, caramel sauce and chocolate chunks by Brigham’s, New England’s Premium Ice Cream), I thought about how ODD my encounter was with the car that was from Nebraska but was driven by a guy from the Netherlands.    I was regretting that I didn’t give them a map – I have plenty in my car.    And I was considering that I should have at least invited them to dinner!    or gone even further, invited them to spend the night at our house.   But alas, that opportunity for a truly good deed was done passed.

And then, I had to think, was it a mere coincidence that they were indeed lost and I was the one who happened to be there for them?

Hmmmmmm.    The universe is just one big crazy place, isn’t it.


Have you done any good deeds lately?     Suffered any odd coincidences?    Do tell!


  1. Good deeds. Good deeds. Hmmmmmm. That’s a tough one. Does not hitting a guy in the head with a bat after he dropped a gallon of paint on the ground which I spent the better part of an hour cleaning up count? Or is a good deed something you have to do? I’m going to need some guidelines because this is tougher than you think.

    Does liking The Big Dig ice cream count? I think you did a good deed giving them directions. I don’t think a good deed has to be something like putting on a addition so they can stay the year. Hell, I think giving good directions is an awesome deed. I know because I’ve got pretty crappy directions in my day.

  2. You are a really nice person. The world is a better place for having you in it.

    You probably think nothing of your kindness as it’s normal for you but you’d be surprised at how many people wouldn’t have given the man a second look or the time of day.

    Some people don’t even hold a door for the person right behind them let alone give directions!

    I cannot think of any one “good deed” lately… maybe at the store, a woman who had her legs amputated had been using one of the stores electric carts- as she was about to get into her car with the help of her driver, I asked if she’d like me to return the cart to the store (I was going in anyway!) and she was happily surprised. I also make my kids very aware of elderly people and they have helped out on many occasions.

  3. When I was in high school, one of the students with special needs passed away from an illness, and I had just happened to take a really nice picture of her a few weeks earlier for the yearbook. One of the popular guys who you wouldn’t think would care turned out to be a total mushy sweetheart to her. He would tap her hand, call her name and talk to her until she smiled, which you didn’t often see, and I got a great shot of her. I gave it to her parents as a gift and they loved it. Guess I was meant to go to class that day! 🙂

  4. Indeed it is a crazy place..but divinely so! 🙂

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