Photo Friday 071709 WATER

July 17, 2009


Author’s choice – Water, rain, puddles, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, tears ~ you choose!




Clouds are vapor, right?


Splash!!!  at the lake in Maine


Me, a beautiful day on the ocean -Narragansett Bay


A different day in Narragansett Bay, with Oscar


A friend’s amazing, soothing backyard pool.



  1. i like the splash pic!

  2. Thanks for joining in! And what a super set of photos you’ve entered. I think my absolute favourite is the rain ~ and the B&W medium adds to it. Fabulous.

    By the way ~ an exchange visit would be great at some time in the future when my leg is sorted out. I’m on a waiting list for surgery currently (then curetage, biopsy, and part of my hip transplanted into the hole in my leg ~ then estimated 6/8 weeks in plaster etc.) At the moment I am not fit to travel or entertain ~ but it’s a nice thought for the future to look forward to.


    • You get better and come visit. 🙂 Always welcome.

  3. I like the rain shot the most. It really captures the moment.

  4. I love the pic of Oscar, he looks so chill. “Yeah I’m out on the lake, what of it?”

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