The Search

July 13, 2009

As I sit at the desk and wonder what to do with myself today, as I reflect on an awesome weekend we just had, I recall that one to-do thing that should be on the top of my list is to search for lost money.

I can be, at times, extremely well organized.   I can, at other times, be a bit of a slob.    And, on some counts, I could be accused of being scatter-brained – especially, on issues of fiscal responsibility.

For example, the thing I need to do today.    I can’t remember if I was paid for my last two weeks of substitute teaching.    The school says I was.     I, however, don’t remember picking up my check.   The school says I did.  (They can’t afford stamps to mail and direct deposit must be out of their techno-capabilities.)

So I have to search for the pay stub.    I’ve already checked my deposits at the bank to see if anything fits the time period but I didn’t have any.      That means that I cashed the darn thing – if, indeed, I received it.

I had been SO GOOD in January and February!   I would come home and make a copy of the check before filing it, before taking to the bank.

But by the end of the school year…   Well, I don’t even recall what system I was or was not adhering to.   The amount is approximately $100 – that’s another thing I have to check.   Uh, when exactly did I work?!

So.    What are YOU doing today? Anything fun?  (besides blogging, of course.)



  1. Hello sweetie! I am EXTREMELY unorganized. It’s sick. So, today I was going to write an actual LIST of things we need and things I have to do- so I can cross them off as I go. I need to feel like I’m accomplishing something on my day off- 🙂 I hope you have a lovely day!

  2. I’m just as bad as you are when it comes to losing money. I have direct-deposit now, which has made my life a lot easier. Employers hate it when you lose your check.

    Today I’m writing, as usual. Working on my book and then on the magazine. Sigh.

  3. Oh boo, that sucks! I hate when stuff like that happens. I used to work for a really sketchy gas company, and of course they paid with personal cheques, so there was no really good system of tracking things. And I was juuuuuust getting out of uber-poverty, so I was cashing all my cheques at the Money Mart. On top of that, there was a scary crazy roomie who I’m pretty sure managed to cash one of my cheques and get away with a few hundred, but there was no way of proving it! Can’t they just laser it in to our bank accounts these days?

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